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Joe Nocera’s Epic Fail: Lamenting Deregulation of the Airline Industry

Joe Nocera in his New York Times column last week railed against deregulation of the airline industry that occurred in 1978, pointing to its long-term consequences as an example of the alleged evils of the free market, but in his effort managed only to produce self-contradictory nonsense revealing extraordinary cognitive dissonance stemming from his ideological myopia.

The Egyptian Military’s Massacres and the U.S. Government’s High ‘Threshold’ for Violence

U.S. policy virtually guaranteed that the military would follow through on its threat by sending the clear message to the generals that if they did engage in yet another murderous crackdown on protestors, the $1.5 billion expropriated from U.S. taxpayers to be given annually to the Egyptian military would continue unabated, despite it being in violation of the U.S.’s own law, which prohibits the U.S. government from financing any regime that has gained power through a coup.


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