Foreign Policy Journal offers a number of options for you to market your product or service. You can reach FPJ readers through banner advertising, native advertising (sponsored content), or email newsletter advertising. There are also possibilities for an affiliate partnership or other types of advertising.

Learn more about FPJ’s audience and types of advertising and let the editor know what FPJ can do for you via the form below.

Learn More About FPJ Readers

Audience Insights
Foreign Policy Journal delivers about 87,000 page views per month. FPJ readers are relatively young, with about 66% between the ages of 18 and 44. About 25% of FPJ readers are between the ages of 25 and 34. About 65% of readers are male. FPJ has a loyal readership, with about 10% returning visitors.

Readers are highly educated and affluent, with high above the US average for grad school and income greater than $100,000. Additionally, FPJ readers are more likely to have children and be politically active than the US average.

FPJ readers are highly interested in: news and politics, health and fitness, lifestyles and hobbies, green living, media and entertainment, and banking and finance.

They are in the market for financial services, employment, education, travel, career consulting, business and productivity software, and consumer electronics.

While readers are predominantly American, with more than half of visitors in the United States, FPJ content also reaches an international audience. While it varies by recent popular content, for the last quarter, top countries reached were the UK, Canada, Germany, India, Australia, Pakistan, Philippines, Netherlands, and France.

About 57% of readers visit the site from their desktop computer, while 35% are on a mobile device and 8% on a tablet.

FPJ content performs very well in search engine results for many subjects related to US foreign policy and international affairs. 57% of visitors find FPJ through an internet search. Indicating brand awareness, about 28% arrive directly, with additional traffic from social media, external links, and email newsletter FPJ Weekly.

(Based on 1st quarter data for 2018. Sources are Google Analytics and Quantcast.)

Learn More About Advertising Options

Banner Advertising
FPJ offers a variety of placements and size options for your banner advertisements on a CPM basis (cost per thousand impressions). You may narrow your target audience by device (desktop, tablet, or mobile) and geographical location. Your ad campaign can run indefinitely (an op-ended campaign), for a specific number of weeks or months, or for a specified date range. You can also specify:

  • Impressions cap – the maximum number of impressions you’d like FPJ to deliver; upon reaching the cap, your campaign will end
  • Frequency cap – the maximum number of impressions you’d like to deliver to individual readers within a given time frame, e.g., five impressions per unique visitor per day
  • Budget cap – the maximum amount you’d like to spend in US dollars; upon reaching your cap, FPJ will cease delivering your campaign so you don’t go over budget

For a CPM quote, please provide information about the product or service you are marketing, the relevance for FPJ’s readers, and your ad campaign’s goals by completing the form below.

Native Advertising (Sponsored Content)
If you have a product or service that FPJ’s audience might find beneficial, it is possible to inform and educate readers about it through content written specifically for that purpose. This content would appear as any other article on FPJ and be similarly broadcast through social media channels, the email newsletter, etc. Here are the terms for native advertising:

  • Any external links must include the “rel=sponsored” attribute in order to comply with Google’s terms of service. (Note that this is a change in Google’s policy from requiring the “nofollow” attribute. Learn more here.)
  • The content must be clearly identified to readers as paid content (i.e., “Sponsored Content” or “Paid Content”)
  • FPJ reserves full editorial rights, and sponsored content must otherwise comply with the submission guidelines.
  • Content must align with the purpose and values of FPJ (see here)

For a cost quote, please use the form below to provide information about your product or service and its relevance for FPJ’s readers (i.e., what problem can it help them solve, or what obstacle can it help them overcome?).

The price for sponsored content starts at $150, but this is negotiable downward if your provide high quality content with great relevance for FPJ’s readers.

Email Newsletter (FPJ Weekly)
In addition to advertising on the website, you are welcome to inquire about advertising in the FPJ Weekly newsletter, which is delivered to subscribers every Sunday.

Also feel free to inquire about the possibility of connecting with newsletter subscribers with a dedicated email campaign as an FPJ sponsor.

Affiliate or Other

If you have an affiliate program for your product or service, or if you have other ideas about how FPJ can help you connect with a responsive audience, feel free to submit your proposal via the form below. Please be as specific as possible about your proposal.

How can FPJ help you connect with readers?

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