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A beautiful Khmer baby named Ann Marie

Twenty days after Ann Marie was born, her mother passed away from AIDS-related complications. There is a high probability that Ann Marie is HIV positive. It is hoped that she has relatives who may come to visit her one day, but this is not a certainty because none of her relatives know where she is.

ALG Khmer Language Picture Story

Linguist and author Antonio Graceffo uses ALG concepts to learn Khmer language through picture stories. The pictures and an English retelling of the story create a context to make the foreign language input comprehensible. There is no actual translation, but there is contextualization.

Smoky Mountain Estate – Returning to Steung Meanchey Waste Dump

In the wet season of 2008, David Calleja presented A Garbage Diet. This provided an insight into Steung Meanchey, home to hundreds of residents living on a rubbish dump on the outskirts of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. For his second visit in January 2009 during the dry season, David joins members of the recently formed NGO named CHOICE, speaks with children and captures images of the site marked for closure, leaving residents facing an uncertain future.

Van Nat, the Painter of S-21

Van Nat was taken to S 21, where he was also tortured, and where he was still not informed of charged against him. One-day, guards took him from his cell and locked him in a workshop, where he was instructed to paint a portrait of Pol Pot.


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