ALG Khmer Language Picture Story (Part 1)

Linguist and author Antonio Graceffo uses ALG concepts to learn Khmer language through picture stories. The pictures and an English retelling of the story create a context to make the foreign language input comprehensible. There is no actual translation, but there is contextualization. Antonio, the learner, also asks the Khmer native speaker questions. Antonio asks in English, his native tongue, and the teacher, Saiha Kong, answers in Khmer. Picture stories and a retelling explains ALG, Automatic Language Growth, a second language acquisition theory, developed by Dr. J. Marvin Brown of the United States. The method is currently being used to teach Thai, Chinese, and Japanese, at AUA School in Bangkok, where David Long continues Dr. Brown’s research. Antonio took the concepts he learned while studying under David Long and applied them to teaching in Taiwan.

ALG Khmer Language Picture Story (Part 2)

Kong Seiha retells the story in Khmer and Antonio Graceffo asks questions in English. Antonio explains that we shouldn’t translate, because translation puts our conceptions onto foreign words. Often the ideas we have after translation don’t even exist in the other language. So, it is important to simply learn the foreign word and the mental picture that goes with it.


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