Author: Dr. Stoyan Sarg

Nuclear Safety and Hazardous Radioactive Waste

For our expectations of an environment-safe planet, the outcome from the UN nuclear safety meeting in Vienna, 2011, is not a satisfactory solution. The proponents of nuclear power guarantee a safe future, but safety has been guaranteed also in the past. Furthermore, one main issue is avoided: the danger from the growing radioactive waste. The Fukushima disaster is the radioactive contamination that came from such waste. There is no recipe for cure for this man-made radioactivity, other than time spanning hundreds to thousands of years. The radioactive waste grows by 12,000 metric tons per year—a volume equivalent to 100...

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Nuclear Catastrophe: How the lack of fundamental research on alternative energy led to a wrong energy policy

The expansion of nuclear power during the past 60 years was dominated by the opinion that there is no alternative to nuclear energy. Presently it provides about 14% of the total energy. The policy makers even envisioned that this would be the energy of the future. The dangerous consequences, however, were not correctly predicted. They include nuclear catastrophes from earthquakes, terrorist attacks, nuclear weapons acquired by rogue regimes, and contamination from radioactive waste. During the last one and a half years, the average rate of the earthquakes increased 3 times, and this trend continues. The main reason for the...

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