The nightmare scenario of nuclear war may actually be more frightening than you could ever have imagined.

Life on the Earth is in danger of total destruction like never before. An apocalypse caused not by a natural event but from human behavior due to a scientific misconception. What is that? It is the incorrect concept about space, adopted a hundred years ago. Despite the accumulated evidence about this misconception, the status quo is kept by the established authorities in favor of powerful forces so as not to jeopardize their global interests. For people not aware of this issue, it may seem unimportant. However, it leads to a very dangerous strategy taken by politicians and military adventurers. With the new cold war tension and the present nuclear arsenals, life on Earth is endangered from an apocalyptic event that is not predicted by contemporary science due to the mentioned above misconception.

Today, the world is staggered by many growing problems of different kinds: economic crisis, poverty, religion confrontations, moral erosion, local wars and population migration. At the same time, the mass media is largely controlled by powerful financial forces. In this way they are able to influence the minds of the masses in order to keep their own power. Driven by the corporate ambitions for global resources, a powerful venture capital was formed during the past two decades. The power of some united venture capital was raised to the level of national and even international policy. In this way, military power was influenced, which gave an enormous advantage for pursuing some global interests. The signature of this new power appeared in the foreign policy of a few powerful countries by imposing their interests over the interests of smaller or less powerful countries.

In the last few years, the global interest of major powerful countries entered into a conflict. It was raised to the level where negotiations and international rules were neglected and replaced by military solutions. At the same time, confidence between them eroded continuously, while the military opposition grew. Now there are war tension zones in different parts of the globe including the Middle East, but the most dangerous one is in Europe. There is a fast military escalation between Western Europe and the USA on one side and Russia on the other. Since the East European countries are between them, many war strategists think that they will serve as a buffer for eventual military conflict. Presently, in the new cold war, we can hear words from some top politicians that the eventual use of a nuclear weapon is not excluded. However, they are not aware of one dangerous consequence from which they are not immune.

Nuclear bombWith the new NATO plan for installation of nuclear tactical weapons in Europe, nuclear missiles may reach Moscow in only 6 minutes, and the opposite case is also possible in the same time. The question is: how can we be sure that this will not be triggered by a human error or computer malfunction. An adequate reaction dictated by the dilemma “to be or not to be” and the concept of preventive nuclear strike may lead to a nuclear consequence that is difficult to stop. At the present level of distributed controlled systems and military global navigations, this will lead to unstoppable global nuclear war. However, there is something not predicted, of which the military strategists, politicians and powerful forces are not aware. Probably, it will not be a nuclear winter that they hope to survive in their underground facilities. The most probable consequence will be a partial loss of the Earth’s atmosphere as a result of one or many powerful simultaneous tornadoes caused by the nuclear explosions.

Nuclear bombIn a tornado, a powerful antigravitational effect takes place. The official science does not have an adequate explanation for this feature due to an incorrect concept about space. The antigravitational effect is not a result of the circling air. It is a specific physical effect in the aether space that is dismissed in physics as it is currently taught. Therefore, the effective height of this effect is not limited to the height of the atmosphere. Then in the case of many simultaneous powerful tornadoes, an effect of suction of the earth atmosphere into space might take place. Such events are observed on the Sun and the present physical science does not have an explanation for them. The antigravitational effect is accompanied by specific electric and magnetic fields with a twisted shape. This is observed in tornado events on the Sun. Some effects in the upper Earth atmosphere known as sprites have a similar combination of electrical and magnetic fields but in a weaker form. They are also a mystery for contemporary physical science.

At the time of atmospheric nuclear tests, made in the last century, a number of induced tornadoes are observed near the nuclear mushroom as shown in Figure 1.

The strongest antigravitational effect, however, occurs in the central column of the formed nuclear mushroom. The analysis of underwater nuclear tests also indicates a strong antigravitational effect. It causes a rise of a vertical column of water. In the test shown in Figure 2, the vertical column contains millions tons of water.

Thermonuclear bombs are multiple times more powerful. The largest thermonuclear bomb of the former Soviet Union tested in 1961 is 50 megatons. It is 3,300 times more powerful than the bomb dropped by USA on Hiroshima at the second world war and may kill millions.

It is known that Mars once had liquid water and consequently an atmosphere that has mysteriously disappeared. If the scenario described above takes place, the Earth will become a dead planet like Mars. The powerful politicians, military adventurers and their financial supporters must be aware that even the most secured underground facility will not save them if a global nuclear conflict is triggered. Their disgraced end will be more miserable than the deaths of the billions of innocent human beings, including the animal world.