Armed rebels in Syria (Reuters)

Armed rebels in Syria (Reuters)

The big lie concerning Syria is the most significant and outrageous myth that we are living under today.  As previous big lies fade into history, this particular crisis holds the most potential to flare up into a life-ending catastrophe across the planet.  Russia has now approved a shipment of attack helicopters to their ally Syria, and China remains highly skeptical of the western narrative regarding the massacre of women and children in Houla. Iran has offered to come to the aid of Assad in fighting the various Sunni militias, which have opened up multiple fronts across rural parts of the country.

In Military-Industrial-Media-Speak the president of Syria, Bashar Assad, is a “butcher” who massacres his own people, defenseless “activists” and “protesters” who cry out for his ouster across Syria; if only the benevolent western democracies would send more weapons and money to destroy the Syrian army, on their behalf, the world would be right again.  This lie has been exposed numerous times, and yet persists as if previous revelations had never occurred.  This requires a gullible, amnesic public that refuses to dig beyond surface headlines and corporate perception management.

Armed foreign fighters have been perpetrating a coordinated military assault on Syria since March of 2011.

Back in the middle of March, 2011, while the world’s press was enraptured by the uprising in Egypt, clashes in Daraa, Syria led to violence.  Not covered by US news sources, but reported in Israel and Lebanon, are the following facts on the ground:

Seven police officers and at least four demonstrators in Syria have been killed in continuing violent clashes that erupted in the southern town of Daraa last Thursday… On Friday police opened fire on armed protesters killing four and injuring as many as 100 others…  In an uncharacteristic gesture intended to ease tensions the government offered to release the detained students, but seven police officers were killed, and the Baath Party Headquarters and courthouse were torched, in renewed violence on Sunday. (Israel National News, Gavriel Queenann, Syria: Seven Police Killed, Buildings Torched in Protests, Arutz Sheva, March 21, 2011, emphasis added)

Jump ahead to May of 2011 (13 months ago), and Al Jazeera’s reporter in Lebanon runs into blatant censorship by his own employer.  The Qatari media organization disallows the broadcast of video footage showing heavily-armed fighters crossing the border from Lebanon into Syria.  Ali Hashem and other journalists at Al Jazeera, Lebanon, will resign in protest because of this blatant cover-up of a military incursion.  Al Jazeera’s reputation as an impartial news source is forever damaged.

A terror campaign then launches, by the armed opposition fighters, who use bombs, snipers and sabotage.

7/24/11 – Saboteurs blow up and derail a passenger train from Aleppo, Syria

8/14/11 – Report that NATO plans to send large quantities of anti-tank and anti-air rockets, mortars and heavy machine guns to the Syrian rebels

12/23/11  – Syrian government blames al-Qaida after two car bombs kill dozens in Damascus

By December of 2011 Reuters reports:

“The United Nations says at least 4,000 people have died, with about a quarter of the dead from the security forces.” (Reuters, UK, Dec. 8, 2011, emphasis added)

That’s some so-called “protest movement” that can kill 1,000 armed police and soldiers.  Of course it was nothing of the kind.  Protest was the premeditated cover story to launch an aggressive, pre-planned assault against the Assad regime.

Western news media have relied extensively on the impressively named Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. This steadfast organization, according to Reuters, consists of one guy who runs a clothing shop in Coventry, England.  For some reason calling one’s self the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights entices the world’s corporate press to call in 24 hours a day seeking counsel.  That’s how it’s worked out so far for Rami Abdulrahman.

Perhaps I should set up the American Monitoring Station of International Bullshit?  The US press clearly needs the guidance.  Even this week the Christian Science Monitor used Rami Abdulrahman as a “source” of what’s happening on the ground in Syria, printing his speculation as an eyewitness account.  He lives in London.

“[Rami Abdulrahman] said the use of tanks and attack helicopters to smash residential buildings and city infrastructure indicated they wanted to destroy areas, not just chase out rebels.” (CS MonitorUN Monitors find stench of death in Syrian town, 6/14/2012)

The CS Monitor is forced to concede further escalating violence by the rebels as well, even as its language attempts to paint the Syrian government as the party most responsible, relying on unverifiable “activists” repeatedly.

“Car bombings and suicide bombings have become increasingly common as the 15-month uprising against Assad becomes militarized [sic]. Most have targeted security buildings and police buses, symbols of Assad’s regime.”

The big lie that the “militarization” of the conflict is new gets repeated across western media.  The insurgents have targeted government buildings and personnel back in March of 2011.  Despite bombings and shootings being commonplace in Syria for over one year, the western press continually insists that it is just now becoming militarized.  This refrain appears in most U.S. news coverage of Syria.

Operation Syria Well Underway

The voice of the empire, The Washington Post, with its curious Goebbels-approved masthead font, admits:

“Classified U.S. diplomatic cables [via Wikileaks] show that the State Department has funneled as much as $6 million to the [Syrian opposition] group since 2006 to operate the satellite channel and finance other [unspecified] activities inside Syria…  The U.S. money for Syrian opposition figures began flowing under President George W. Bush after he effectively froze political ties with Damascus in 2005… ‘It is unclear to what extent [Syrian] intelligence services understand how USG money enters Syria and through which proxy organizations,’ the [State Department] cable stated, referring to funding from the U.S. government.” (The Washington Post, U.S. secretly backed Syrian opposition groups, cables released by WikiLeaks show, April 17, 2011) (emphasis added)

From the horse’s mouth: “proxy organizations” and “USG money,” since 2005-6.  But we can look back further in time, much further and find some curious Cold War strategic planning from Uncle Sam regarding Syria.

CIA and SIS [British MI6] should use their capabilities in both the psychological and action fields to augment tension,” reads the “preferred plan” for regime change in Syria, dating back to 1957 and approved by president Dwight D. Eisenhower!  Back when Syria was the Soviet Union’s ally on the Mediterranean, the CIA and MI6 studied the problem and came up with actionable options for western war makers.

 “Driving the call for action was the CIA’s Middle East chief Kermit Roosevelt [who overthrew Mossadegh in Iran in 1953]…  ‘Once a political decision is reached to proceed with internal disturbances in Syria, CIA is prepared, and SIS [MI6] will attempt, to mount minor sabotage and coup de main incidents within Syria, working through contacts with individuals…’  The plan called for funding of a ‘Free Syria Committee’, and the arming of ‘political factions with paramilitary or other actionist capabilities’ within Syria.” (UK GuardianDocuments show White House and No 10 conspired over oil-fuelled invasion plan, Sept. 26, 2003) (emphasis added)

Anything sound familiar?  How about this:

“Casualty lists in US newspapers would cause a helpful wave of national indignation.” (Operation Northwoods, US Joint Chiefs of Staff, March 13, 1962)

By February 2012, we have Israeli reports of foreign special forces inside Syria in violation of the UN Charter, a clear war crime:

“British and Qatari special operations units are operating with rebel forces under cover in the Syrian city of Homs just 162 kilometers from Damascus, according to debkafile’s exclusive military and intelligence sources… They are tactical advisers, manage rebel communications lines and relay their requests for arms, ammo, fighters and logistical aid to outside suppliers, mostly in Turkey.” (Debkafile, First foreign troops in Syria back Homs rebels. Damascus and Moscow at odds, February 2012)