The culprit transpired to be a 50-year-old Jewish employee of the center. This writer recalls mentioning this good news to the New Zealand Jewish Chronicle, which had reported the incident as an example of “anti-Semitism,” but which declined to print a correction for the peace of mind of its readers. An outcry had also been caused at around the time when a 23 year old woman claimed to have been attacked by Arabs who thought she was Jewish. She subsequently admitted she had contrived the story.

The collapse of the “affair of the RER railway” embarrassed President Chirac as he prepared to give his annual Bastille Day pep talk to the nation today, with racism and hate crimes among the top subjects. …The President no doubt regrets the way in which he seized on the reported attack last weekend as ministers and the media poured out a torrent of condemnation of mindless, anti-Semitic violence on suburban housing estates. M Chirac voiced horror at the reported actions of the youths who were said to have attacked the woman and her 13-month-old child as they travelled on the RER Express Métro in the Sarcelles area. They were said to have cut off hair and sliced the clothes of the woman and daubed swastikas on her stomach with markers. The woman had told police that they had attacked her after wrongly identifying her as Jewish. They were also said to have thrown her child to the ground….[59]

In Binghamton, New York, swastikas and slogans, including “Kill Kikes” and “Zionazi Racist,” were found inside the door leading to the Jewish Student Union of the State University. The New York Times, November 15, 1989, reported that the perpetrator is the former president of the Jewish Student Union, James Oppenheimer, who led protests in condemning the vandalism.

Such bogus incidences are frequent but are usually undertaken by deranged individual Jews, rather than being Zionist organizational contrivances. However, what is notable is the manner by which Zionists will jump very quickly onto the bandwagon and exploit any such incident without evidence, to maintain the central Zionist myth of pervasive and inherent Gentile anti-Semitism, without which the Zionist enterprise would become quickly bankrupt.


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