Working with Stepankowsky to set up Madole and the NRP were Gordon Hall, a.k.a. Walker and Charles R Allen Jr. Hall worked for the Friends of Democracy, at the time a division of the ADL.[38] Allen was an agent for both the Friends of Democracy and the ADL.  He had written for Jewish Life, an organ of the US Communist Party.[39] Hence all three leading instigators of the USA’s first and most enduring Nazi party were Left-wing agents for the ADL. Without these it is doubtful that the NRP would have ever existed.

When Madole broke with Stepankowsky in 1948, having discovered his communist background, the Animist Party became dormant. Madole renamed it the NRP in 1949. One of the earliest supporters of Madole’s new NRP was Mana Truhill, who issued a crudely anti-Semitic bulletin without Madole’s approval.[40] Truhill, a.k.a. Emanuel Trujillo, was an agent for the Anti-Nazi League (ANL), another division of the ADL. Rabbi Stephen S Wise, the president of the American Jewish Congress, had founded the ANL in 1933. Truhill had studied communist strategy at the Communist Party’s Jefferson School of Social Science. He was funded by ADL functionary Sanford Griffith. By 1954, Truhill was de facto head of the NRP. He was chief liaison with “Nazis,” “nationalists” and “anti-Semites” throughout the world, and wrote the NRP’s anti-Semitic literature, which was distributed via his world-wide contacts, and paid for by the ANL and ADL. He personally ensured that the NRP funds were replenished when short, with money supplied by the ADL.[41] Truhill became the first commander of the NRP’s stormtroopers, which over the course of several decades were to become involved in frequent riots with Jews on the streets of New York City. It is interesting to note that the NRP never really extended beyond New York City, which has the USA’s largest concentration of Jews. The NRP stormtroopers were equipped with Nazi type brownshirts paid for via funds provided by the ADL and the ANL. They were thus the most provocative and visible of America’s neo-Nazis, in the midst of the USA’s largest Jewish population center, until the formation of Rockwell’s American Nazi Party in 1959. It was under Truhill’s direction that the NRP used the swastika, whilst Madole’s own preference was for the lightning bolt.

According to the late H Keith Thomson, whose activity within the American extreme Right spanned decades, writing in an autobiographical series on his life as an “American Fascist” in Expose tabloid, it was Truhill as NRP international liaison officer, who would write to nationalist, right-wing and “neo-Nazi” organizations throughout the world attempting to draw extreme responses on questions relating to Jews, and it was Truhill who would distribute anti-Semitic cartoons. Thomson relates also that when his own activities were quieting he would get a “pep talk” and suggestions from “ADL master spy” Sandy Griffith, Thomson relating that he had yet to learn that the ADL acted as “provocateurs and instigators” and were “the most dependable source of funds.”[42] Thomson added:

On other occasions, Sandy Griffith, who liked the role of a sort of “campaign manager,” urged me into provocative anti-Semitism but I would not take the bait, even when accompanied by a few respectable bank-notes.[43]

Other stalwart “Nazis” who swelled the ranks of the NRP included Ruth Ross, a member of the Labour Youth League, a registered communist front; and Lawrence Sestito and Louis Mostaccio, both members of the ANL. Sestito reported directly to Arnold Foster, director of the ADL, and to Sandy Griffith. [44]

These were the fulltime workers for the NRP. There were other part-time helpers, including John Langord, who assisted at public meetings, an agent for the ADL and ANL. Langord had come from Poland on a diplomatic passport, being the son of a UN diplomat. Richard Hamel, an ADL agent, made anti-Semitic speeches for the NRP. Charley Smith, ADL agent, provided Madole with funds and advice. Even Sandy Griffith himself, under the alias of Al Scheffer, attended NRP strategy meetings to offer advice.[45]

The NRP remained on the verge of obliteration, however. This would mean there would be no highly dramatic neo-Nazi group by which the ADL could continue to scare Jews into providing funds for their “self-defense” against the imminent rise of anti-Semitism and to ensure their subservience to Zionism.

The ADL responded by prompting Sen. Velde of the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HCUA) into investigating supposed “hate groups”. The focus was the NRP. Velde had not shown interest at first, but the power of the ADL and other Zionist organizations, acting through Edwin Lucas, chief counsel of the American Jewish Committee, was persuasive. The chief investigator for the HCUA and his staff dutifully showed up at the offices of the ADL where they were fed information on this supposed rise of neo-Nazism.[46] HCUA Chief Investigator Owens then set up his staff at the offices of the American Jewish Committee where Lucas supplied the congressional staffers with further phony evidence.[47] This typical smear-mongering information supplied by the ADL and AJC formed the basis of the Velde committee’s Preliminary Report on Neo-Fascist & Hate Groups.[48]

The principal target of the report was the insignificant NRP. Congressman Francis Walter, who was due to take over the chairmanship of the HCUA, “denounced the whole procedure today. He charged that the committee had held no hearing relating to the report and had not discussed the subject in executive hearings.” The NRP had virtually ceased to exist, yet the ADL/AJC-contrived congressional report farcically described the NRP as a “menace” whose “activities would destroy the very foundation of the American Republic.”

On the day after the report, The New York Times stated that its reporters had failed to find any trace of the NRP, nor had the local police and FBI.[49] The NRP was thereby brought back to life by a Zionist-contrived publicity stunt using a Congressional committee. However, what scared the ADL and AJC was that the report called for investigation and prosecution of the NRP. Such an in-depth investigation would reveal the manner by which the ADL had birthed the NRP and sustained it. The ADL now urged the HCUA to ignore the NRP, and the American Jewish Committee dissociated itself from the House Committee’s recommendation that the Justice Department indict the NRP under the Smith Act.[50]

But the notoriety resuscitated the NRP, and it endured until Madole’s death in 1979. In 1959, the NRP was superseded by Lincoln Rockwell’s openly American Nazi Party, Rockwell being more charismatic and adept at generating publicity.

Canadian Nazi Party

The Canadian Nazi Party (CNP), followed the same pattern as the NRP, and would not have existed without the support provided by the Canadian Jewish Congress. The CNP, like the NRP, existed virtually as the one-man band of John Beattie over the period 1965 to 1978. Beattie was a regular speaker at Allen Gardens, Toronto, accompanied by a handful of youthful bodyguards. None of these attracted any attention until May 30, 1965, when 5,000 demonstrators, agitated by Left-wing and Zionist organizations, converged on the park to hunt and beat any “Nazi” they could find. On this one crucial occasion when Beattie sorely needed his bodyguards he was alone. This is significant.

The day before the expected “Nazi rally,” the Toronto Globe and Mail reported on May 31, that “more than 30 Zionist and other Jewish organizations had met to plan a protest at the announced Nazi rally.” The result was a mob numbering 5,000, which converged on Allan Gardens. They included a faction estimated by the press at 500 who arrived at the park wielding bats.[51]

Beattie, decked out as usual in swastika armband and uniform, was the only Nazi who was beaten, although a preacher and a few out of town visitors somehow got mistaken as “Nazis” by the mob and were also beaten. Beattie was jailed for 6 months for “public mischief.”