Author: Thomas C. Mountain

USA vs. China in South Sudan

If one asks the question “who benefits from the South Sudanese civil war?” the answer is clear. The USA is presently the only beneficiary of the ongoing horrors in South Sudan, for this latest round of conflict has once again shut down the Chinese run oil fields in the country. The USA has determined that it’s in its “national interests” to deprive China of access to Africa’s oil fields and has succeeded in its goal of again shutting down Chinese oil production in Sudan, the only majority Chinese owned oil field in Africa. What other evidence links the USA to the South Sudanese civil war? Thanks to Wikileaks, we know that the USA via the CIA has been paying the salaries of the South Sudanese Army (SPLA) since 2009. In other words, both the soldiers (“rebels”) supporting Riek Machar and the soldier supporting President Salva Kiir are being paid by the USA, paid to kill each other? Don’t take my word for it, go check Wikileaks. Another question not being asked by the international media is how is Riek Machar funding his army? Where is he getting the funds to pay for his soldiers’ ammunition, the fuel to run their trucks and equipment, to pay for their food? Where is this money coming from in a country complete destroyed by the ongoing fighting? If it’s coming from funds stolen...

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Bleeding Zambia Dry

In the past decade, the central African country of Zambia has exported some $30 billion of copper, yet remains so deeply in debt to western banksters that it spends more in interest on Zambia’s debt that on health and education combined.

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