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Dr. Marco Soddu

Dr. Marco Soddu (Master’s Degree in Political Sciences - Special Field: International Affairs / Ph.D in History and Archives / Ma in Criminology and Legal Psychology) is a Temporary Research Fellow at Cagliari University (Italy) and Visiting Researcher at Toronto University (Canada) and John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library (USA, Boston-MA). His main topics are International Affairs (J.F. Kennedy administration, Cold War, Bay of Pigs, Cuban missile crisis, Berlin Wall Crisis, United States, Central and Eastern Europe) and Criminology and Legal Psychology (Criminal profiling, Situational prevention, Dynamics of international terrorism, Legal and forensic psychology, Deviance, Sex offenders, Stalking, Pedophilia, Techniques of interrogation, Cross-examination, Crime scene investigation, Victimology, Applied behavior analysis and Serial killers).

Kennedy and Macmillan

The so-called special relationship between President John F. Kennedy and Prime Minister Harold Macmillan was an intricate aspect in the formation and evolution of Anglo-American foreign policies during the presidency of JFK.

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