IRI President is Lorne W Craner, former Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor; 1992-93 he served at the National Security Council as a Director of Asian Affairs; John McCain’s legislative assistant for foreign policy 1986-89; and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Daniel W Fisk, IRI Vice President for Policy and Strategic Planning, Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Western Hemisphere Affairs on the National Security Council 2005 –2009; Council on Foreign Relations.[17]

The “Mission” of the IRI includes development of “political parties [and] civic institutions.” Do constituents realize that the party they might be voting for might be a tool of the USA, funded and trained by such outfits as NED, Soros, IRI, etc.? The IRI should be acknowledged for its chutzpah is openly declaring its role in interfering in the internal political processes of what are supposed to be sovereign states. When the USSR was accused of training and funding operatives in other states they were damned for their international subversion and revolutionary agitation, and their perceived agents were often jailed. US Senate and Congressional committees were formed to investigate Soviet infiltration and subversion. How are the US operations any different in practice? When a sovereign state seeks to exclude the activities of Soros’ OSI, NED and other operations there is a hue and cry from the USA that democracy is being suppressed.

“Political Party and Candidate Development”

Since the fall of the Soviet bloc, itself a maneuver that included the impress of outside forces such as Soros, “IRI’s political party efforts have been central to helping the post-communist countries of Europe consolidate their democracies.”[18] The first area of interference IRI specifies is Macedonia:

In Macedonia, IRI has worked to strengthen political party structures since the country’s independence in 1991. The Institute’s work helping parties communicate more effectively, strengthening branch structures, and developing youth and women’s organizations have made IRI an honest broker for parties of both the left and right, ethnic-Macedonian and ethnic-Albanian.[19]

What can be discerned from this is that IRI has seemingly reconstructed the political process of Macedonia to suit its globalist objectives, and has laid down the foundation for what the political party rules of play are to be. It has delineated what the “Left-Right” dichotomy is to be, and that dichotomy will be thoroughly bogus, designed to ensure there is no genuine alternative opposition to American globalism from either “Left” or “Right.” The IRI/Neocon version of the “Right,” the definition of which has now been widely accepted by media and academe, is synonymous with “Free Trade,” which was never a doctrine of the “Right” historically. IRI continues to describe its strategy in Macedonia, presumably as a prototype for its role in the political process elsewhere throughout the world:

The 2006 parliamentary elections marked a watershed in Macedonian politics, when both the incumbent Social Democrats and the opposition VMRO-DPMNE parties relied on IRI polling data to construct their messages and strategies. Both sides waged a highly issue-oriented campaign giving the voters are real choice between ideas.[20]

Interpreting the Orwellian doublethink, what the IRI-contrived political campaigns provided was no real alternative; just the phony IRI “Left-Right” dichotomy, in a win-win situation for Neocon aims. The IRI, on its own account, delineated the limits of “opposition.” The “real choice” orchestrated by IRI and their allies is about as meaningful as the “one party list” of candidates in former totalitarian states such as the Soviet bloc, a crucial difference being however that at least one was under the former regimes more likely to get candidates who were not beholden to outside ideologies, money and advice.

The IRI “civil initiatives” are the same as those of Soros, NED and others, and since the aims are the same, all these networks work in tandem. The “Civil Society initiatives”[21]being referred to here by IRI are those in Iraq, where IRI sponsors “coalitions” of women, ethnic minorities, religions and youth.[22] Presumably the Baath Socialist Party need not apply.

IRI has a special division focusing on using women in politics, called the “Women’s Democracy Network,” which works in 65 countries. One of the rewards for dutiful service to Neocon ideals is the chance to win the “Jeane J Kirkpatrick Award. Women are also a major focus of Soros’ “civil initiatives,” especially in promoting feminism as a means of thwarting any resurgence of tradition and religion which are anachronisms in a globalized free market economy.

Another prime focus is youth, who are providing the vanguard for the “color revolutions” throughout the world. The example provided is Afghanistan, where IRI set up the “Afghan Youth National and Social Organization (AYNSO).[23] Hence, should the USA ever leave Afghanistan and a regime not to America’s liking somehow emerges, one can expect a “spontaneous revolt” (sic) of Afghani youth to serve as the vanguard for another “regime change.”

There are however still vestiges of regimes that do not conform to the “brave new world,” and Belarus is cited as an extant culprit. Here, “Europe’s last dictator” has been marked by IRI. A front called the “Unified Democratic Forces,”[24] is backed by IRI for the purposed of “regime change.”

In December 2007, IRI hosted a delegation of the UDF in Washington, DC, where they met with President George W. Bush and U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and received widespread support for their democratic struggle.[25]

IRI alludes to “cracks” appearing in the regime, so one can expect a “spontaneous revolt,” a “color revolution” to “suddenly appear” as if by magic, not that anything had been planned well in advance.

World Capitalist Revolution

IRI operates on a regional basis with regional directors, like other globalist operations.[26] Naturally, at the moment IRI is greatly interested in the unfolding events in North Africa and the Middle East where, we are told by media and political pundits, the region is being engulfed by “anti-American” (sic) sentiment fomented by organizations and individuals which, based on the sources of training and funding, seem to be, rather, mere lickspittles of the USA.

One might well ask: why have IRI, NED, etc., been so avidly involved in training and funding “activists” for years to foment the very unrest that is now unfolding, if the “revolts” are really against staunchly pro-American regimens that are being sustained by the USA?

Commenting on what it calls Egypt’s “deeply flawed” elections in 2010, IRI boasts of what seems to have been the virtual creation of political opposition against Mubarak:

In preparation for these elections, IRI focused on providing Egyptian political and civil society activists with training on strengthening political parties, conducting broad based advocacy efforts, increasing oversight of local councils and sharing information about the value of public opinion research. IRI seminars have been conducted in Morocco, Dubai and Jordan, drawing trainers from Canada, Europe and the United States.[27]

IRI has been sponsoring “activists” from Egypt since 2005. The present “spontaneous revolt” has presumably been at least six years in the making, with a “robust training program… exchange visits for Egyptian activists to see firsthand working models of political participation and the role of civil society in elections.” In 2010 IRI “launched an online Democracy University web portal to make training materials and other information available to a wide audience within the Egyptian activist community.” The Egyptian Government, like some governments in the former Soviet states in regard to the Soros operations, saw the subversive nature of IRI and others and, “in 2006, the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs requested that IRI and similar U.S. democracy organizations [to] halt program activity within Egypt pending official registration (which remains pending).” IRI simply used the expedient of “training programs for Egyptians outside the country.”