The use of Khashoggi’s villa, furthermore, can be interpreted as corroboration of this. A 1991 DIA report listed numerous Colombian traffickers and their associates, and included: “69. Adnan ((Khashoggi)) — An international arms trafficker who allegedly has sold arms to the Colombian drug traffickers, especially to the Medellin Cartel.”[22] This is of course consistent with the report, transmitted by Dunlop, that Alfonso Davidovich of Far West Ltd “is said to be responsible for laundering the funds of the Columbian [sic] left insurrection organization FARC.”

Many have observed that the military incursions used by America to fight terrorism in Asia are contributing to, not reducing, the threat to this country. My own conclusion is both more severely critical, and also in the end more optimistic. It is that America has been drawn into these conflicts by forces it failed to understand, some of which it is sustaining from the public trough. What is needed more than a change in Afghanistan or in Pakistan is a change in Washington itself, to cease subsidizing the predators who have been profiting from our discomfort and casualties abroad.

It would be nice to think that understanding of this folly would lead to its termination. But what we are witnessing is precisely the progressive erosion of the power of the public state to control the billions of activities that are conducted, in its name, for private profit. Neither the President nor the Congress appears capable of reversing the tide of corruption that is overwhelming both them and us.

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