The second part of your question is about reasons for the U.S. double standard regarding implementation of UNSC resolutions against Iran and Israel; I might venture to say the reason is quite obvious. Not only does Washington dare not ask Israel to respect more than 60 legitimately issued U.N. resolutions to behave responsibly in its treatment of human beings in the region, but the United States has prevented the issue of many more resolutions on the basis of the slogan “America is committed to the security of Israel”.

In reality however, as I put to the U.S. President in my said letter, America has proved that it is obligated by the force of Zionist lobbies to commit itself blindly to supporting all Israeli excesses in the Middle East. But in respect of resolutions illegally passed against Iran as a result of U.S.-EU pressure, they cannot be enforced properly because there was no real commitment to it from the beginning by such powers as Russia, China and some of the E.U. states as well as the largest number of nations around the world who consistently demanded a peaceful settlement to the imposed crisis on the issue of the Iranian nuclear energy program, a demand that has culminated eventually in President Obama’s vision of settling problems with Iran through negotiations.

I referred to UNSC resolutions against Iran as “illegal”. My argument is based on the facts that although the IAEA investigations of the country proved that no evidence was found indicating an Iranian intention of using its nuclear industry for strategic purposes, the IAEA decided, on the instructions from Washington and Tel Aviv, as well as the European Union, to refer Iran’s dossier to the U.N. Security Council by invoking Chapter VII of the U.N. Charter,  whereas Chapter VII of the UN Charter specifies that a country can be referred to UNSC under that chapter only if it threatened the peace, has broken the peace, and/or has undertaken acts of aggression. Not only did the IAEA not accuse Iran of any of those, but the documents the IAEA included in the dossier in support of its referral consistently confirm that no evidence had been found that would incriminate Iran of trying to use its nuclear industry for strategic [military] purposes.

Hence, by trying to put Iran’s nuclear energy program on trial in a process legally unjustifiable, the U.N. Security Council has indeed put on trial its own integrity and credibility. This has made the international community emphatically demand a peaceful settlement of Iran’s nuclear energy crisis through diplomacy.

However, Iran is not the only country to pursue nuclear “ambitions”, as the American media has termed it recently. Brazil, Turkey, Argentina and even the tiny Arab nations of the Persian Gulf are looking to develop nuclear technology. Why is all of the American pressure set against Iran?

The answer to this is quite simple. The reason for U.S., U.K., and French media’s obsession with Iran’s nuclear program is what I described in my answer to your first question; and that is, unlike Iran, those countries do not have an enemy like Israel that is obsessed by Iranophobia and fanatically wants to wipe Iran off the map of the world.

To do so, they have done their best to make use of President Ahmadinejad’s ideological remarks that the state of Israel ought to be wiped off the pages of time, to justify their practical acts inside Iran in trying to enforce the disintegration of that country, while what Ahmadinejad had uttered was but an expression of ideological desire which was not supported by the state or people of Iran; neither was it supported by any practical plan or policy to be carried out. It was just ideological rhetoric that had been repeated many times before him in the world of Islam without having caused such a fuss. Israel makes no effort to hide these Iranophobic acts. It constantly threatens to invade Iran and on at least one occasion a former Israeli defense minister who spoke Persian threatened on the Persian Voice of Israel to start a nuclear war on Iran.

The Western media have been propagating the idea of an imminent war against Iran over the past years. What’s your idea about that? Aside from the rhetoric of Israel, which was apparently psychological warfare, are they going to launch a real campaign against Iran under the extremist Netanyahu?

Although Israel has great influence on the process of U.S. Middle East policy decision making, I do not think it is up to fanatical leaders of Israel to decide on war or peace on behalf of the West. You talk about Netanyahu as if he is the only fanatical Zionist leader in Israel and others might be less fanatical. To be frank, I do not see any difference of real substance between any of them. I do not see any difference between Netanyahu and people like [Ehud] Olmert, Ariel Sharon, Shimon Peres and [Ehud] Barak, etc., when it comes to Islam and Iran. They all want war with Iran for the destruction of the Islamic Republic much the same way they managed to get the United States of neo-cons to do their dirty job in Iraq.

On the other hand, we all know very well that the talk of war against Iran has been conducted by the Jewish Lobby and Zionist circles, especially in the United States. People like Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, John Bolton, Lieberman etc. have been promoting war with Iran in close consultation with these warmongering circles. The same was done in respect to Iraq and the United States has experienced its devastating consequences. And I don’t think once bitten is not twice shy.

I do not think Israel is at all in a position to declare war on Iran without risking its own survival, and this fact is very well recognized in the West. Therefore Netanyahu and other Israeli warmongers’ threats of military invasion of Iran is in reality a tactical war to get the United States to do their dirty work. We know that they know that in order to prevent a major catastrophe arising from an Israeli military operation on major Muslim countries like Iran and Iraq, the United States must sometime decide to do it themselves. This was the reality in the case of Iraq and as I have explained this reality taught America a lesson that I do not think can be forgotten in the foreseeable future.

Let’s switch over to other Iran issues. What, in your view, is the reason for Iran’s passive stance toward the hypocritical and unfriendly manner of Arab neighbors? They threaten the national security of Iran by questioning its territorial integrity, ridiculing the foreign policy of Iran in their remarks and so forth. Why doesn’t Iran take decisive action against them?

In my opinion, the reason for the current Iranian government’s display of tolerance towards Arab intrigues against her is to be found in its geopolitical perception of its position in the Middle East as the umm-al-qura or the venerable centre of an Islamic campaign against the evil of “anti-Islamic” forces that oppress those Muslims who fight for their homeland and their national dignity and integrity.

This view directly clashes with the position of many Arab leaders who are deeply involved with the United States and Israel on the idea of the so-called Arab-Israeli peace process that had started from Camp David and other agreements which in practice, from the Iranian point of view, have sold out Arab groups like Hezbollah of Lebanon and Hamas of Palestine. Iran sees these groups as legitimate organizations democratically elected to lead an Arab and Palestinian campaign against Israeli occupation of Arab lands, and their activities have been endorsed democratically by their Arab nations.