Ron Paul: Propagandist or Prophet?

Ron PaulRon Paul is “the best-known American propagandist for our enemies”, writes Dorothy Rabinowitz in a recent Wall Street Journal hit piece. To support the charge, she writes that Dr. Paul “assures audiences” that the terrorist attacks of 9/11 “took place only because of U.S. aggression and military actions”. It’s “True,” she writes, that “we’ve heard the assertions before”, but only “rarely have we heard in any American political figure such exclusive concern for, and appreciation of, the motives of those who attacked us”—and, she adds, he doesn’t care about the victims of the attacks.

The vindictive rhetoric aside, what is it, exactly, that Ron Paul is guilty of here? It is completely uncontroversial that the 9/11 attacks were a consequence of U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. The 9/11 Commission Report, for instance, points out that Osama bin Laden “stresses grievances against the United States widely shared in the Muslim world. He inveighed against the presence of U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia, the home of Islam’s holiest sites. He spoke of the suffering of the Iraqi people as a result of sanctions imposed after the Gulf War, and he protested U.S. support of Israel.”

Notice that Rabinowitz doesn’t actually deny that the 9/11 attacks were motivated by such U.S. policies as these. Rather, Ron Paul’s sin is that he actually acknowledges this truth. The fact that other political figures choose to ignore or deny this fact hardly reflects poorly on Dr. Paul. Refusing to bury one’s head deeply up one’s arse, as Rabinowitz is so obviously willing to do, is hardly a character trait to be faulted.

From this position of willful ignorance, Rabinowitz then implores her readers that “a President Paul” would “be making decisions about the nation’s defense, national security, domestic policy and much else.” The conclusion one is supposed to draw is that anyone who could actually acknowledge the ugly truth that 9/11 was a consequence of U.S. foreign policy isn’t fit for office; only someone who is willing to delude him or herself that the U.S. was attacked because “they hate our freedoms” is worthy of the presidency. Anyone who wishes to change U.S. foreign policy is unfit; only a person who is willing to continue the status quo should be allowed a seat in the Oval Office.

Rabinowitz warns that “The world may not be ready for another American president traversing half the globe to apologize for the misdeeds of the nation he had just been elected to lead.” It’s not clear who she has in mind with the “another”, but it’s by now a familiar refrain. “I’ll never apologize for the United States of America. Ever. I don’t care what the facts are,” President George H. W. Bush declared to the world after a U.S. warship had shot down an Iranian civilian airliner in Iranian airspace, killing all 290 passengers aboard, including 65 children. Surely, any president willing to apologize for the murder of innocent children must not lead the nation. The horror of the thought!

And then there is Dr. Paul’s position with respect to Iran. He recently urged his host in an interview “to understand that Iran’s leader, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, had never mentioned any intention of wiping Israel off the map.” Here, again, it’s notable that Rabinowitz doesn’t actually dispute this. Dr. Paul is, of course, correct. The claim that Iran has threatened to acquire nuclear weapons to “wipe Israel off the map” is a complete fabrication of Western media propaganda, and mainstream corporate news agencies know it is a fabrication, but repeat it obligatorily anyway.

Rabinowitz presumably does, as well, so instead of challenging Dr. Paul on the facts, she quotes him saying “They’re just defending themselves” and writing, “Presumably he was referring to Iran’s wishes for a bomb.” In the interview referred to, Dr. Paul had said, “I don’t want them to get the nuclear weapon”, but pointed out that Israel’s defense minister, “Ehud Barak said that they’re acting logically, and they’re acting in their self-interest, and if he was an Iranian, he would probably think the same way” (Dr. Paul is correct on this, also; it’s true that Barak has “quipped that if he were an Iranian, he would take part in the development of nuclear weapons”).

Rabinowitz also disinclines herself to point out what Dr. Paul said next: “But there is a gross distortion to this debate that they are on the verge of a nuclear weapon. There is no evidence that they are on the verge of a nuclear weapon, and we shouldn’t be ready to start another war” (Dr. Paul is correct on this, too, and has rightly drawn parallels to the current propaganda about Iran and the lies that preceded the war on Iraq).

So, once again, we see that Ron Paul’s true sin is his failure to jump on board with the war propaganda. A further sin is that he said after 9/11 that “there was ‘glee in the administration because now we can invade Iraq.’” But is the contention that those policymakers responsible for the war on Iraq were not happy that they now had the opportunity to do so sustainable? Is Rabinowitz unaware that in 1996, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, and David Wurmser coauthored a document prepared for the government of Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, which made the case for overthrowing Saddam Hussein’s regime? Or that the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), whose membership was a virtual who’s who of so-called “neoconservatives” calling for war on Iraq, had a manifesto calling for regime change and stating that the “process of transformation” of the U.S. military into a force to “preserve American military preeminence” around the globe “is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event—like a new Pearl Harbor”? That PNAC director Robert Kagan acknowledged that the 9/11 attacks were the “Pearl Harbor” he and his ilk were looking for, writing in the Washington Post that 9/11 must be used to “to launch a new era of American internationalism. Let’s not squander this opportunity”?

Yet again, it becomes evident that Ron Paul’s sin is that he is too willing to be honest with the American people and speak the truth about U.S. foreign policy. Just as Dr. Paul predicted and warned about the housing bubble and financial crisis of 2008, so did he predict and warn prior to 9/11 that U.S. foreign policy would result in what the intelligence community terms “blowback”. Ron Paul has a long record of speaking truth to power and making predictions that have come to pass.

Rabinowitz concludes, “It seemed improbable that the best-known of American propagandists for our enemies could be near the top of the pack in the Iowa contest, but there it is.” That Ron Paul has emerged in Iowa as a frontrunner is a hopeful sign that Americans are waking up to the realities of U.S. foreign policy and are tired of crude propagandists for U.S. wars and empire insulting their intelligence, as Rabinowitz—who is a member of the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board—does so well in her column.

Forget what you think you know about the Israel-Palestine conflict

Jeremy R. Hammond

Jeremy R. Hammond is an award-winning political analyst, editor and publisher of Foreign Policy Journal, and author. His new book is Obstacle to Peace: The US Role in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Read the first chapter FREE at! 

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  • Ben H

    You have been added to the list of honest journalists. Thanks for the Christmas present!

  • resimc

    excellent article. Very patriotic.

  • tex567

    It boggles my mind that, after being at war for almost an entire century due to our aggressive foreign policy, it is considered ‘dangerous’ to try something different. Go Ron Paul!

  • Java McPhearson

    Finally, logic and truth. Well written and intellectually honest.

  • BlueBlues

    Wow!!!! Jesus Christ!! I can’t believe that finally I am reading something based on facts. Wow!! You made my day. Merry Christmas and an exceptional New Year!

  • Donchi

    Yes, this was a brilliant article written by a true American patriot and honest world citizen.

  • Thank you for speaking some truth here! Go Ron Paul!

    It is dangerously naive to think that we can continue to police the world at our own expense without destroying the economy!

  • Karizmata

    Bravo to the writer of this article. I could not have said it better myself. I appreciate the cogent analysis and the planning of this argument. Though I think there is a fearful anti American presence in this world, from China to the shores of Tripoli, the Americans foreign policy leaders (aka PNAC Neocons) are responsible in the last so many years. None dare call it conspiracy, or treason.

  • Jeff Willbanks

    How refreshing it is to read something honest and factual these days, something that doesn’t support the perpetual war machine.

  • Choi

    Great honest article, thank you for the truth, keep up the good work.

  • John Bullard

    Finally an unbiased article on Ron Paul. I write from Australia, (a friendly country)! If the rest of the world could vote it would be overwhelmingly for Ron Paul. Americans need to understand that countries like Iran want a nuclear weapon at least in part because it is the only real safeguard against a potential US invasion-North Korea as a case in point. We want to believe in America again and only Ron Paul can achieve that. How can you possibly even consider low-lifes like Gingrich or the wall st candidate Romney ! Please-we beg of you for the sake of the planet-Ron Paul MUST be elected President. There is NO other choice !

  • Art villarreal

    Excellent points. Good to see a straight journalist circulating some truth for a change.

  • Rayetta Croft

    Great article! Thank you!

  • A Ron Paul suppoerter

    Thank you for your fair report!
    Ron Paul 2012!

  • Thank you for responding to Rabinowitz. I only wish I had the writing sKills to do it myself. Hopefully she will read you article and learn the truth about Ron Paul. It is he that is a friend to Israel. If Israel were to become a constitutional limited government and give all citizens individual rights, Israel could become the first truly free country in the world.

  • Winston

    Thank you for being one of the few brave souls to speak the truth! Happy holidays! America may have a future after all.

  • Blasius

    Professional Journalism has returned on this page. Thank you!

  • Mack

    I’m awake!
    55 years old and I just might get to vote for an honest man.

    Vet/Grandfather for Dr. Ron Paul CaC 2012

  • I don’t know what to say. I have read as much as I can of what has been written about Dr Paul everyday for the last several months. Never once was there honest reporting of the facts. I have spent hours researching and referencing the facts that you’ve pointed out here in comments sections, including the WSJ, Rabinowitz hit piece, in every news organization that is online. I had to join them to leave comments. I would say I know more about Ron Paul than I know about my own brother, as a result of my hundreds of hours watching, reading, and listening to everything Ron Paul. I commend you for putting forth here, an honest representation of the facts. You are the first. I ask at the end of most of the comments I leave, Why? Why would the main stream media want to misrepresent the facts surrounding this man? What has he done to deserve such blatant disregard of the truth? I came to the conclusion, through research, that there are no investigative reporters anymore. It is cheaper for news organizations to subscribe to a news service and reprint it as their own than pay reporters salaries. When this is done, there is one thing that is for certain, as said by Rupert Murdoch in an interview available on You Tube, “it makes it easier to promote an agenda.”

  • Koby in Detroit

    Thank you for not just defending Dr. Paul, but for defending REALITY. The Establishments Foreign Policy MUST BE REVERSED. The way i see it, this is the MOST IMPORTANT election in modern US history. It will determine whether we continue on the path to our own destruction, with endless war on a METHOD, regardless of the truth that the policies the Feds have pursued for 50 years have CREATED the enemy THEY now fight, and use the fear of “terrorist attacks” against our own people to shackle and destroy civil liberties and the right to dissent. Dr. Paul has been aware of this possibility FOR YEARS, yet no one has listened. I urge each and every one of you reading my words, whether you support Dr. Paul OR NOT, to go to Youtube, and type in “Ron Paul Neoconned”…its a speech Dr. Paul gave on the floor of the House in 2003, during Special Orders, where he lays out IN STUNNING DETAIL….the people who were to bring us to where we are RIGHT NOW, and what their ultimate goal is. RON PAUL 2012

  • K D Tunstall

    Definitely passed this one on to others. Kudos for your journalistic integrity.

  • Koby in Detroit

    oh yeah, and when youre done with that, please take a look at what US Foreign Policy can do to a Pakistani child’s face. Enjoy.

    • LibelFreeZone

      You and your stupid “Enjoy.” Stuff it.

      • Mrs K

        Sarcasm, methinks.

  • Excellent piece. An antidote to neocon poison. I am only sorry to say I don’t expect to see the author replacing knot heads like Hannity on Fox News.

  • Nicholas Scott McKimmy

    I will going to visit Ron Paul on Christmas day in Coldwater, MI and am proud to be a supporter of his! Superb writing and please continue to be an advocate for the truth in America.

  • js290

    Who the fudge is Dorothy Rabinowitz? The media continues to insult the intelligence of their audience. Oh well.

    • Google.It.


      Second suggestion behind Google News,

      Are you trying to insult us?

      Don’t know how to use google?
      Click here:!

      • Ryan834455

        I think the point js290 is trying to make is that this Dorothy girl stuck her foot in her mouth with that recent article, and he thoughts, given their gross errors are like weeds .. Worthless. She might have won an award at some point in he Life, but clearly has no concept of foreign policy. The idea that talking about motive in a crime is equal to or in any way similar to propaganda is not a thought a rational person would have.

  • ArashK

    Great piece! Thank you for your honest journalism. The press is going into overdrive with the smear pieces against Ron Paul. It’s nice to see some sense and reason in the midst.

  • Greg

    Outstanding article Jeremy R. Hammond! It will be interesting to see how this impacts your career. Anyone who speaks truth to military-industrial complex Neocons and Zionists risks being discredited by mainstream media. This would include anyone who dares to discus the unprovoked attack by Israel on the U.S.S. Liberty; Israel’s apartheid assault on Palestinians; Mossad’s spying on the United States and infiltration into electronic voting machines and intelligence software used by the United States; questions about Larry Silverstein and his, “Pull Building 7” revelation; the Federal Reserve / Goldman Sachs cartel; the inordinate influence Jews have in media, entertainment, banking and politics. How many veterans do we have on the U.S. Supreme Court? Zero. How many Jews serve on the court? Three. How is it so many dual-citizens who have an Israel-first agenda can be allowed to serve in the highest levels of government security apparatus? Michael Chertoff is one of many. Congress is composed of over 8% Jewish members, although Jews represent just 1.7%, so they index at over 470%. Their index in television and entertainment is much higher. We send Israel foreign aid, and they in turn buy our politicians. It’s a cycle that has corrupted many of our political office holders.

  • GoogleIt


    Do you not know how to use Gooogle?

    Second suggestion behind Google News,

    Are you trying to insult us?

  • Justin Freytag

    This article is a great Christmas present. The only frustration I feel is that it won’t be read by enough people, especially amidst this horrifying and cowardly smear campaign that is being currently waged by the major media outlets against Ron Paul’s integrity. As an Australian I love the concept that was the USA, liberty and the supremacy of the individual as embodied in The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution. My country was founded on similar principals (although not explicitly). Ron Paul is a beacon of hope to people worldwide who value freedom and goodwill to all. America, stop the wars and the world will show you some goodwill. Merry Xmas

  • Ryan834455

    Some look at fault divided among players as totaling 100% (ex. 30% + 45% + 25%) But that is more of a drama game and isn’t helpful. Imagine you leave $100 on the ground and someone steals it. It would be more helpful to take 100% blame because you could have 100% chance avoided the theft. Obviously the thief is at fault 100% also. Acknowledging that it isn’t beneficial to actively inspire hated toward America does not reduce in any way the responsibility of the terrorists for what happened.

    Nice Article

  • A Kiwi

    Sad that there were only 24 comments for this great article. The article gives us hope for America but the lack of readership suggests that Fox lies dominate your country. My condolences.

  • Derek

    Excellent article! The war on the neocons and the establishment finally seems to be taking off, but it’s up to us to spread the word and enlighten others, as long as people only hear one side of an argument they have little choice to believe anything else.

    “Another term for preventive war is aggressive war – starting wars because someday somebody might do something to us. That is not part of the American tradition”

    Ron Paul

  • falsedilemma

    The title is a false dilemma. Moving on.

  • falsedilemma

    Oops sorry, I’ll admit I didn’t read the article *blush* =)

  • falsedilemma

    But I don’t really consider him a prophet, I just consider him someone who is trying to do what he thinks is right.

  • Brian58

    Thank you Mr. Hammond. Your honesty is as refreshing as Congressman Paul’s. Please keep up the good work.

  • David Robertson

    This comment may be somewhat tangential to the focus of the article but it struck me that Miss Rabinowitz says that Dr. Paul is ““the best-known American propagandist for our enemies” .

    The “our” in the phrase “our enemies” could well be understood to refer to Miss Rabinowitz’s personal cabal of neo-conservative warmongers and Dr. Paul would then be speaking for the American People as their “propagandist”. This strikes at the very heart of the matter.

    Four star general Wesley Clark is on record as stating that a foreign policy coup took place at the end of the 1990’s. The people who carried out the coup, the neo-consrvatives at the Bush supported Project for A New American Century, changed the thrust of US foreign policy from non-interventionist to a nation building and constabulary role for the US in the world, the euphemism used for empire building.

    Since then anyone speaking out against this policy has been described as un-American when in fact the opposite is the truth. This cabal needs to be outed and a good place to begin is the speech made by General Clark at the Commonwealth Club in California:

  • William

    Very well said, thank you for the honesty and your correct I am awake and far from stupid but its hard to get across to the total ignorant.

    Ron Paul has my vote the same as he did in 2008

  • Banksters_Rule_the_World

    I liked this article. I didn’t know about PNAC manifesto. I browsed through the first 20 pages, but it is not quick read. I’ll need a bit more time to read through the entire manifesto.

    Just from what I’ve read in the manifesto, I am bit concerned about the need to expand our global military presence to protect American interest and widen a security perimeter. No mention of how we can pay for this continual military expansion with our current economic situation the way it is.

  • Demi


  • Jenn

    This woman needs a Xanax….. and a 6 pack….

  • Jenn

    Wait she already did that when she wrote it…

  • dbeall


    Just Do it.
    Be There, or, Be Square.
    Do it for the KIDS !!

  • Nite Lite

    Well with a name like “Rabinowitz” you know we will be treated to an objective viewpoint. If Ron Paul does not fit in with all the other mainstream politicians because he says what the people need to hear, then its all the more reason to follow this man. We are getting sick and tired of hearing the same old political regurgitation coming from all the “others” to include the Manchurian Candidate currently employed as president of the USA. You have nailed some very important points Mr. Hammond. “They” will of course label you as “Fringe”. Well done…

  • Thomas

    To what do I owe the pleasure of this article.Can we like copy and paste this everywhere please ??preferrably on huffington post and CBS or fox .
    REP 2012 can’t stop the wave !!

  • Robert Fallin

    It is appropriate for Rabinowitz to have a column, a “fifth column,” as she is clearly an agent for Israel. It is also appropriate she writes for the WALL STREET JOURNAL, as Wall Street bankers are clearly to blame for most of our ills, including the horrendously corrupt government.

    I wish the “fifth columnists” who espouse the “Israel can do no wrong line” were smart enough to acknowledge Ron Paul’s courageous vote against condemning Israel for her attack on Saddam Hussein’s nuclear facilities. Nonetheless, it appears that anything less than knee-jerk support for EVERYTHING Israel does brings condemnation from the entire “Israeli Lobby.”

  • jeff

    The attacks on the truth and Ron Paul are heating up.
    But nothing can stop it now! The people are awakening.

  • Bob

    Wonderful article! Great job!

  • karl

    Excellent article here. Please help get more like this out for Paul. People can draw on excerpted facts here and write in OPED pieces into there hometown letters. Now if we could only get something like the Libertarian News Network (LNN) started to compete with CNN, MSNBC and FOX.

  • Steve Shitwitz

    Fuck neocons.

  • John Paul

    “Rabinowitz concludes, “It seemed improbable that the best-known of American propagandists for our enemies could be near the top of the pack in the Iowa contest, but there it is.”

    The answer to the question is always in the rhetoric. Rabinowitz has identified herself with a group threatened by “our enemies”. The operative word is “our”. No Ms. Rabinowitz, American citizens who put their God, their Nation and their Neighbors first…..don’t have enemies in common with you.


    We won’t get fooled again! (The Who) Ron Paul 2012

  • jodi

    Great article! A Revolution is coming!!!

    Ron Paul 2012!!! you got them running scared Dr.Paul Great job!!!

    We love you in Texas!!!

  • Superb article! Way to expose that NWO tool! I liked your article so much I felt compelled to send you some chipin money for your new servers.

  • mgginva

    Mr. Hammond I am so impressed that you are willing to do the work and tell the truth. Ms. Rabinowitz is a flat out liar and should be ashamed to show her face. Instead she’ll be rewarded for her attack on Dr. Paul as there is a very misguided belief among the press and amongst certain groups of people that we aren’t watching and are just too stupid to understand their misuse of power. A terrible thing has happened in this country. Special interests have managed to buy up virtually the entire media and they are using this position to spread lies and to attack Dr. Paul because his beliefs are not in step with their agenda.
    This will create a blowback that will spread and these special interest groups will pay a price that they don’t currently understand. They’ve made us aware of their manipulations and their obvious contempt for the rest of our society. That something very ugly is afoot is obvious. That it will cause a lot of problems in years to come is also obvious. One more fundamental freedom we thought we had – freedom of the press – has obviously been either lost or seriously impaired. It will be yet another challenge to our liberty that will need to be fixed.

  • qukk

    Are you kidding me? Propaganda from Ron Paul, I guess, yes, propaganda supporting liberty and individual rights. Propaganda to end a war that is solely based on propaganda and lies. Where are the articles analyzing the American war propaganda machine? We as citizens are more lost in this crap than the Germans were with Nazism. The American government has used fear and “spreading democracy” as complete war propaganda to brainwash us to send our children to die and to dwindled our currency to a meaningless piece of paper. This article is propaganda for the unstoppable American war machine. Lets take over more countries! The only way to get rid of enemies is to kill them all! We need to own the middle east because they do not have the intelligence to run themselves! Screw you, go suck off the establishment and get your measly paycheck.

  • qukk

    That was towards Rabinowitz, no offense Hammond =]

  • Ron Paul is the only candidate that understand­s the limits of military power and is able to discern when foreign policy dressed in reasonable sounding pronouncem­ents ends up being nothing more than the mass exterminat­ion of humans the other candidates laughingly refer to as peace.

    War is the biggest centrally-planned and counter-productive government program ever devised. I have served as an officer in the military for 28 years and understand Army operations. These plans are always counter-productive and involve massively profound unintended consequences that sequence and branch into results that destroy the social fabric of society and pervert every democratic institution upon which civil society rests, not just of the country that is being attacked, but also of the country that is doing the attacking.

    The house of cards the U.S. creates by installing puppet governments only remains standing so long as there is a never-ending commitment of U.S. foreign aid and American blood. The end result is that we fracture and atomize a society that eventually solidifies into one where the people are violently anti-American. Eventually you reach a point of diminishing returns of what advances American interests and begin to cultivate an anti-American movement that expands with exponential growth.

    We have truly seen the end results of American foreign policy on 9/11. Ron Paul is also the only one who seems to understand that by doing more of the same we will end up with more terrorism, not less. Take this advice from someone who has studied history, economics and war for 28 years. If we maintain our present course we will end up destitute and living under an oppressive police state, but I surmise at this point I am stating the blantantly obvious.

  • Don Coyote

    Really great rebuttal to the Rabinowitz hit piece . . uh, editorial. I shared it with many of my friends and acquaintances who have expressed concern about Ron Paul’s foreign policy. As long as we continue to allow the media to manipulate us, we will never be free.

  • Renee

    Propaganda for our enemies is ignoring their sovernty, killing innocent Muslims in our adventures to spread “peace and democracy,” sanctioning entire ethnic groups to starvation, occupying their holy lands and making a joke out of their religion. Giving “aid” to the people of the country only to buy off their leaders who keep the money for themselves, flying our drones into their airspace to provoke them when we can see what they are doing with satallites.

    If China or Iran or Venezuela did ANY of this to us we would band together against them too. Look at 9/11. It brought our entire country together as a force against the perpetrators. 3000+ people died. Imagine seeing continual raids by a foreign military and their contractors and deaths of innocent people in the 10s of thousands. Tell me you wouldn’t fight against it, liberty or death, for your fellow Americans.

  • pj McFlur

    I’m with Steve Shitwitz

  • Great article, well written and configured in a way that the reader has no choice but to submit to the truth and to logic.

    I will link to this article in my series, Understanding Ron Paul in both the foreign policy and defense section.

  • Don Coyote

    Israel was created largely out of guilt arising from the Holocaust. The mere fact that we’ve had over 60 years of tension in the Middle East is a direct result of the post-WWII decision to carve out a Jewish state from lands occupied by others. Believe me, I am not anti-semitic and I don’t hate Jews but I am pragmatic and I do see a situation whereby we continue to largely ignore the concerns of over 1 Billion Muslims around the world for the benefit of approximately 8 Million Jews and the hate just continues to grow. Unfortunately, there are no easy answers to a very complex situation. However, you can’t ignore the fact that people of the Jewish faith are grossly under-represented in the U.S. Armed Forces and they should not be calling on the sons and daughters of others to defend Israel if they are not willing to defend Israel themselves. RON PAUL 2012!

    • Frank

      Muslims consider any land they conquered in the past as still theirs. They consider Jews occupier even though Jews habitated Palestine thousands of years before the Muslim religion came into existence.

      • Julian Alien

        Sephardic Jews maybe.To suggest that the land was ever a Jewish homeland would be ignoring history or rewriting it.

      • Frank, this is tangential to my article, but in case you didn’t know, the Zionists ethnically cleansed 750,000 Arabs from Palestine and under international law, all of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and Gaza are “occupied Palestinian territory”.

        • carlc55

          Mr Hammaond can you please clarify your statement about Israel “ethnically cleansing” Palistine of 750,000 Arabs. Most people associate that term with killing and mass murder. I believe the Israelis forcibly removed/relocated these Arabs from the territory. I am not condoning this action or trying to justify Israeli policy regarding it. I’m just looking for clarification so that others do not misconstrue the meaning.

  • Carl Fischer

    Mr. Hammond,

    I am in awe of your understanding of the situation here, and how you dissected each point to unravel the manipulation of Rabinowitz’s text. People twist words and leave key points out, like she did, and it takes someone with the knowledge and courage to objectively bring her bias to light. Thank You.

    THe campaign is so much about getting people riled up, using portions of facts and scarey words – that it’s refreshing to know people like you and Ron Paul exist.

    I look forward to reading more articles by you.

  • Steve Wilks

    I like Ron Paul enough to vote for him, and to suggest to others I know to consider his candidacy. Like so many voters, I can’t find much to recommend in any other candidates. I found the above article interesting and appreciate what appears to be an example of accurate reporting.

    This association with the “newsletters” is going to hurt. It won’t change my mind, but most voters aren’t going to be objective enough to research the truth. I agree with the observation that our media sources are biased and frequently flat out dishonest. But I believe this to be the case since the beginning of “media”.

    I recently read the biography “John Adams” by McCullogh. During George Washington’s first term as president, the republican vs. federalists party politics and the Philadelphia newspapers (the capital was in Philadelphia) exhibited the same types of propaganda that we’re seeing today. Apparently Alexander Hamilton, of the $20 bill, and Jefferson/Madison were particularly disreputable in pursuing their political agendas.

    It will always be challenging for an honest candidate to overcome the defamation presented by our media. I had to dig to find this article. The relative honesty/freedom of the internet will be corrupted shortly. This particular moment in history may be a rare chance to have a truthful investigation of US politics.

  • Cynthia Stark

    Bravo! Truth from a journalist! As refreshing as Ron Paul is.

  • Candace

    Thanks for disputing the false claims. Great article with obvious media bias people get confused we have to rely on each other to spread truth. Ron Paul 2012 freedom is getting popular again!

  • chuck

    Dorothy Rabinowitz

  • Alex

    Very good article. It is refreshing to see the fight against the neocons and their fake propaganda.

    Veterans for Ron Paul

  • Donovan

    You are awesome! I shouldn’t be amazed that a talented journalist finally does their job right, but that is the age we live in. I find myself constantly surfing the web for unprofessional attack’s like Dorothy’s and stepping away from my talent (and livelihood) by writing the wrong in my own unprofessional way. (my theory being 2 writes for a wrong?)
    See!? We, the American people, desperately need your professional talent to continue and appreciate your efforts correct those that err with your mighty keyboard.

  • LibertyBelle

    Thank you, Sir, for responding to her distortions. Money and power is at stake and the corruption that is drawn to this is getting very nasty at the light of truth being shown on their manipulation and lies. This same corruption virturally owns the media and the flow of information to us serfs, who they actually need on board to continue their agenda. In that kind of environment, it takes courage, principles and fortitude to write the truth. And I thank you again!

    I am a truth seeker, it is what led me to Ron Paul and now that I have found you I will read regulary.

    Truth is treason in the empire of lies. -Ron Paul

  • Peter

    Every nation deserves the government it elects. Should Americans chose to go with a thieving, mass murdering Obama’s regime (by electing either “acceptable”, meaning not Ron Paul, Repulsive party candidates or the Despicable party candidate) they will have chosen more war, more destruction and killing of innocent people all over the world, more attacks on what’s been left on liberties at home, and more economic depression.

    Should they chose to support the current puppet in the White House or to place another puppet mass propaganda serves them, they will have deserved what they have.

  • jon

    Ron Paul is unstoppable. The American people are waking up despite of the unfairness of Mainstream Media. Ron Paul will be the next POTUS!

  • Steve

    Awesome article. So refreshing to read some truth finally.

  • Gavin

    Bravo!! The truth set to music, a brilliant prose of logic!!

  • dom youngross

    You nailed it. Rabinowitz’s only problem was that Rep. Paul dared to speak truthfully, and so pointed out what one-sided war-whores Romney, Gingrich, Bachmann and Santorum are.

    And how about this gem from Rabinowitz:

    “Most of Dr. Paul’s supporters, of course, don’t actually imagine he can become president.”

    What a major disconnect from reality Rabinowitz suffers.

    It’s apparent that when Rabinowitz says “our enemies” the ‘our’ refers to her and the entrenched republican party machine — not the United States of America.

  • David E. Connolly, Jr.

    The American people are beginning to see the truth of what their government has been doing behind the scenes this past century, and it wasn’t nice. We are meddlesome and unethical to a high degree, and when things turn awry, as they invariably do, the public is caught off guard because no one has been privy to the classified actions the government has been taking in foreign countries. We should not be in the business of regime change; instead we should strengthen the authority and power of those global institutions designed to insure human rights. There is a big difference between true conservatism and neoconservatist corporate cronyism, and the people are just getting exposed to these stark differences in listening to Paul’s positions, which are of course old school conservatism in the mold of Buffet and Taft. The people have much to learn about politics and their own country, but seem to be enjoying the education; I salute them for their open mindedness and common sense.

    • Drew

      A condescending post, considering many of us know far more than you do.

      Ron Paul 2012

  • KEN C

    Excellent article. It’s great to find actual information in an article. Thank you for your well thought out informative piece

  • bv

    Dorothy Rabinowitz is clearly defending the Elitist Jews’ position of power over American foreign policy. Someone has to step up and reclaim America’s sovereignty – and RP is the only politician with the nerve to do it.

  • Great article! I’ve been following the WSJ’s coverage of Ron Paul and they seem to be initiating a coordinated campaign to disparage and discredit him, no doubt to push support to the establishment’s anointed pick, Mitt Romney – who is basically indistinguishable from the current POTUS. It’s a win-win for the financial system that supports the WSJ.

  • jasmine

    Well, Ms.Rabinowitz writes for the WSJ.
    Since Wall Street will no longer be on Easy Street under a Ron Paul presidency, of course the WSJ is tirading against him. The mere fact of WSJ vitriol directed against Dr. Paul should rally millions of voters to his side.
    Ron Paul 2012!!!

    • jose villavicencio

      Amen times infinity!!!RON PAUL 2012!

      • Lee Crocker

        Agreed. Patriots Unite! Ron Paul 2o12!

        • Mike Wilson

          It’s at least good to know that one experienced politition still wants the US to be a free country. Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!!!!

    • Bobby

      EXACTLY! The 1% (like Romney, Bush, Obama, and their Banker friends) are SCARED SHITLESS about Ron Paul. Every time they attack, more and more THINKING PEOPLE wake up to what RP stands for. These people realize that they’ve been LIED to by their (beloved) FAUX NEWS, and their pissed.

      Ron Paul is the one you can TRUST.
      (You may not agree with him on everything, but you KNOW he’ll do what he says he’ll do. Period.)

    • Joe

      That’s right big TV and Big Newspapers do not report the unbiased news anymore. They report what keeps there pockets lined with tax payers money. How many presidents wanted to abolish the federal reserve which we can not control yet gives trillions of our tax payer dollars to other countries. How many presidents want to abolish income tax? Ron Paul does.

  • Santa Claus

    Thanks Jeremy and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    Honesty is the best policy was what we were taught in
    schools circa 1950s

  • Santa Claus
  • BettyLiberty

    I thoroughly enjoyed this article. It is true, the same war propaganda that got us into Iraq is back and gunning for Persia.

  • Nate Henderson

    Love it! Great job, Jeremy!

  • David

    Excellent article. At first I confused this Foreign Policy Journal with Foreign Policy Magazine. After reading the article, I KNEW it wasn’t that Establishment Foreign Policy Magazine. (LOL!!)

  • professorjoe

    “Of more worth is one honest man to society, and in the sight of God, than all the crowned ruffians in the world” Thomas Paine- Ron Paul 2012

  • nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney baldwin ventura sheehan perot carter
  • Erik

    If you want biased propaganda, continue watching FOX, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC. Continue reading Politico, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, New York Times.

    This election has cost the reputation of all of these so-called “news” organizations and exposed them for what they really are, sources of propaganda, almost overnight. The American people no longer trust them.

    If you want the truth, listen to Ron Paul, the only candidate who can’t be persuaded by monetary or other incentives.

    • Welcome to Sanity not Hannity

      Watch RT .com

      Programs Max Keiser And Alyona

      You would never see this on networks or Cable

  • Captain Obvious

    Of the one million Iraqis the US has murdered, how many of them were actually terrorists? How many were so-called “freedom haters” ? This mass murder is nothing short of a Muslim Holocaust.

  • Welcome to Sanity not Hannity

    st Thursday — which happened to be the 220th anniversary of the ratification of the Bill of Rights — the Senate passed a defense bill that demonstrates just how cavalier Congress can be with our fundamental liberties.

    Given the opportunity to clarify existing law and confirm that American citizens are not subject to indefinite military detention at the order of the president — Congress punted.

    After a debate in which key members seriously contemplated empowering the president to “Gitmo-ize” Americans suspected of terrorist activity, the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 leaves the question open. Maybe he can, maybe he can’t, so let’s let the courts sort it out.

    Gene Healy is a vice president at the Cato Institute and the author of The Cult of the Presidency: America’s Dangerous Devotion to Executive Power.
    More by Gene Healy

    The legislation is ready for President Obama’s signature, the president having caved on his earlier veto threat. Happy Bill of Rights Day!

    It could have been even worse. An earlier version of the bill would, according to one of its cosponsors, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., have allowed the president to use the U.S. military to seize American citizens on the home front and ship them to Guantanamo.

    • carlc55

      “It could have been even worse. An earlier version of the bill would, according to one of its cosponsors, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., have allowed the president to use the U.S. military to seize American citizens on the home front and ship them to Guantanamo.”

      I believe those provisions are still part of the bill that passed. The whole world (including the US) is declared a battlefield and anyone (even US citizens) who are (just) suspected of associating with known “terroists” can be detained (by the military) and held indefinitely.

  • it’s ron paul or serfdom

    Very intelligent article. But since Speaker Grinch (the Lobbyist) has found Virgina Primary trouble, I’d like to see Team Ron produce a 10-second commercial showing just an expensive, empty suit hanging on an isolated hook, or perhaps an extremely loud suit worn by some furtive, Runyonesque character. This I think represents Mitt Romney, lock, stock and barrel. Barack? Universally vulnerable except for gays in the military and child health to age 26. Virtually his entire 2008 agenda was a lie.

  • carlc55

    MR. Hammond you are obviously just another apologist for that evil Ron Paul – How dare you state truths, how dare you point out the feeble logic of Ms Rabinowitz, how DARE you malign the honor of that venerable institution the Wall Street Journal. Ron Paul can NOT continue to buck the establish, what will become of our country if he does? I can’t stand the way you all speak the truth, it makes my head hurt. STOP PLEASEEEE !!!!!

  • Eve

    Americans want truth from their government.
    They want to be safe without giving up their liberties which they should be able to enjoy.
    They want to live economically free, without unnecessary burdensome taxes.

    As a new year approaches, most Americans only want peace, happiness and prosperity.
    These are simple things to ask for in life.

    So now that we know who wants these things, the question to ask is:
    Who wants war, taxes and restricted liberty?

    Answer: Certainly NOT American citizens.

    May peace and happiness find you.

  • TheRightRadical

    The candidate would know Americans are more worried about their jobs and their savings than abstractions like ‘big government.’ “”

    The Republican who wants to win would avoid talk of the costs that our spendthrift ways, particularly benefits like Social Security, are supposedly heaping on future generations.””””
    D.Rabinowitz WSJ 6-3-11

    Ms Rabinowitz is just more proof that the mouthpieces for the establishment either are flat out stupid, or nothing more then lying shills.
    Like Judas she talks her six pieces of silver, and uses her position, to stay firmly on the rock.
    This authoritarian, and economic fascist should be tried as a traitor to the Constitution, and deposed. She’s the Alger Hiss of our times.

  • denk
  • lester

    “our enemies” I think she means washington’s enemies. America’s enemy IS washington.

  • John Taurus

    Any politician in America must be willing to be a slave submitting to the Zionists. The capital of America is Israel. Israel is also the capital of Europe, Canada, and most all other nations. The Arab countries are being taken over to secure a clear zone around Israel. Next comes the slave thinning….war. The population of slaves (Us) is too high and must be reduced. To accomplish this we will have world war and civil war! Ethnic diversity is used to create race war. The Zionist media demonizes Whites so as to create animosity between the races. Introduce a little starvation to go along with the homelessness and the race war will start. In Europe the Zionists opened the borders to Blacks and Islamists. In America the borders are open to Blacks, Hispanics, and muslims. It is in the best interests of the world that Israel be destroyed.

  • John Taurus

    The bringing back of a truly “FREE” press should be Ron Paul’s first Presidential act. Take the media out of the hands of the Zionists. Let the sheeple decide for themselves what to think by giving the sheeple the “TRUTH”.

    His second act as President should be to bring charges of treason against most of the Congress, Senate, and especially the President.

    • I K Xora

      “The bringing back of a truly “FREE” press should be Ron Paul’s first Presidential act.”

      I am from Great Distance, far far away in the “Far East” (am a nonwhite, apolitcal, cant be bothered about Al quada,communist, or fasist.
      I am too old to care.
      But Ron Paul causes me an awakening. His relevation was shockingly realistic and frightening. Yes, his first presidential act should be to bring back free press.

  • Kenneth Meints

    I voted for Ron,last time & plan on voting again ,My thoughts & prayers are with You ,Ron ,lets turn this country around,Kenneth.

  • Jan1970

    Are you people serious? Thousands of innocent Americans lost their lives to the vendetta of Bin Laden, not the people that put us in the position to upset him.
    Iran supplies weapons for terrorist attacks on Israel. Innocent people are being killed and Ron Paul is excusing it because of our foreign policy. Hey here is a clue, we need to change our policy but there will never be an excuse for terrorism or supporting it.

    • conalmc

      You seriously need to start doing your research and stop falling for the MSM war propaganda. If the US foreign policy wasn’t mucking things up over there in the name of “democracy” there wouldn’t be so much dissent and hatred. There wouldn’t be terrorists wanting to kill Americans. Look at what US intervention did in Egypt. US foreign policy threw out a democratically elected leader in Iran in 1953 only to replace him with a totalitarian Shah who repressed his people for decades. No wonder the Iranians feel the way they do. You should get your head of that hole and try to understand people instead of trying to blow them up. As for Israel, did you even read the article? Israel has a well trained army and more weapons then anyone in that region. You probably never spent a day overseas or in the military. Do yourself a favor and keep your thoughts to yourself, cause you just make yourself and other chick hawks look like idiots.

      • good job brother, in trying to help educate someone who just believes everything they hear.. I too was in the service (army) and coudnt believe the things I was being asked to do…If we are being attacked cause we are free? then why isn’t Sweden or the Swiss or the Aussies being attacked? just this question alone should start to wake people up from there coma’s..REVOLUTION 2012

        • Nina

          thank you!! the only two countries that were even the target of the attacks were USA and GB because together, they do all kinds of evil around the world.

          war is never an answer and as a child of war i must say this – american people today have never experienced war on their own backs and i never wish for that to happen to us americans or anyone anywhere but, we keep taking wars and murder to the soils of our “enemies” and the rest of us sit at home and cheer while innocent people suffer and die. wake up Americans, our only enemy is our lying government that’s in the hands of corporations like HALIBURTON. and to think that i almost took a job offer from those bastards…

      • Nina

        I agree with you entirely! the terrorism they speak of is not even real – it is an american invention. what is really taking place is those who are weaker than us are being bullied by us and they have no other way to defend themselves than to do isolated attacks, isolated bombings, and even give their own lives because they are sick and tired of us. we exploit middle east for its resources and the only reason we went to iraq was because its president said ‘we wont drink oil. we will give it to you, but at a fair price.’ and the only reason usa supports israel is for the same reason – to upset middle east, keep unrest alive and well so that the whole region can never be left in peace to grow and prosper because you know what?? with all that oil, they would reach our potential and even surpass us and we want to continue to be the force of the world.

      • Nina

        thank you so much for every word that you wrote. i am glad to see american people respond to ron paul as you do. we have a chance to live in peace at home and with the rest of the world if we continue to spread the message. God Bless!

    • Jan1970, it’s curious you should make a comment like, “Are you people serious? Thousands of innocent Americans lost their lives to the vendetta of Bin Laden, not the people that put us in the position to upset him” when not a soul who has thus far commented has ever said otherwise. Likewise, “Innocent people are being killed and Ron Paul is excusing it because of our foreign policy” is a mystery. When has Ron Paul ever excused the killing of innocent people? As for your comment, “Iran supplies weapons for terrorist attacks on Israel,” please let’s see your evidence. Also, it shouldn’t go without saying that the U.S. supplies Israel weapons for terrorist attacks on Palestinians. Finally, “Hey here is a clue, we need to change our policy but there will never be an excuse for terrorism or supporting it.” Certainly. But, again, acknowledging the motivations of terrorists is not “excusing” or “supporting” them.

      • Tpain

        man who paid you to write this bullshit .. fucking sellout.

        • Stevedave

          Your incredibly insightful comment shows exactly the problem with America today.

          You eloquently state your point with relevant and updated sources and provide the reader with a logical, flowing statement of purpose in your argument.

          I wish we all could be more like you – I honestly have something to strive towards.

          You really should read up on some ‘non-standardized, anti-establishment’ history. It would be an eye opener.

          • Nina

            haha! thank you :)

    • Dennis

      Are you kidding me? Where are you getting your facts… Ron Paul is the only one that makes sense in this matter… The USA bombs a country for 10 years after the gulf war killing 1000’s of people, but I guess that is ok to do since it didnt happen on our soil…if it wasnt for the oil we wouldnt give a shit for Iran, Iraq or any other middle eastern country, we proved that in Darfur, Sudan Africa…

      • ron paul supporter

        “The USA bombs a country for 10 years after the gulf war killing 1000′s of people, but I guess that is ok to do since it didnt happen on our soil”

        It’s worse than that. The US has killed OVER A MILLION of men, women and children over there. We’ve lost so many ourselves.

        Those who doubt the reasons why the u.s does what it does just google Military Industrial Complex. Then go watch the movie “Team America” (Yea, the one with puppets. I loved that they used puppets because that’ what our representatives are and apparently what presidents are… PUPPETS)

    • Gil

      Don’t you know? The U.S.A. is the Great Satan and no other country comes close to being as evil therefore the human rights violations of other countries need not be examined.

      • segmentis

        What on earth is wrong with taking a look at the beam in one’s own eye? Seems prudent to me. And acknowledging the flaws in our own foreign policy as well as those in other countries’ are not mutually exclusive, nor does Dr. Paul or the author of this article appear to say it is.

    • Jan1970, wake up to 2011. Ron Paul has a greater understanding about foreign policy and it’s constant foibles than you and I. If the truth hurts, you should bury your head in the sand. He speaks the truth. It’s a fact that constant wars have crippled our great nation. It wasn’t like this just fifteen years ago. We don’t need to feed the giant US military/industrial complex. They’re fat enough already. We need to cut the size of government, bring all of our boys home and correct the bad situation our economy is in before there is no Americza. Only Ron Paul has a consistent, conservative, workable plan to do so. And it doesn’t include business as usual. Everyone who wants us to keep on bombing isn’t living in the real world, and they know nothing about how wars get started and seem to go on and on and why. It’s because monied interests, banks and internationalists, see a dollar in it for them at the expense of our kids who end up fighting their wars. Our last two presidents lied to us numerous times. At least with Ron Paul you get an honest man who will tell it like it is. And if you want to make up fairy tales about how his words suddenly help the enemy, then go ahead. Hide your head in the sand. But for me, I will go with a true patriot, Ron Paul. I know more about this man than most Americans. I studied him and his books. He will wind up ending the wars and the Fed. Of course people are going to be mad at him. Their incomes will start to dwindle. Don White “Patriot Call of Ron Paul” available in ebook at Barnes and Amazon now.

    • I was in the U.S. Navy mid 1970’s till 4/82. We supported Iran,Iraq and Bin Laden. I outfitted planes and pilots with U.S. made gear. Soldier of Fortune featured the “Afgan Freedom Fighters” as they was so warmly refered to in the media.
      This country lead the coop headed by Kermit Roosvelt CIA who let Eisenhauer believe at the insistence of the Lime’es that the commies were taking over Iran after the Iranians tossed BP oil out.

      So who started the crap, England again. Where did FM investments money go, London.
      Who shipped the Jews to Palastine, England.
      Follow the dots, you don’t piss in a person well and expect them to shrug it off.

    • Ricky

      I can’t believe Jan1970 actually read the article. We need a new foreign policy that sounds like this, “If you attack the USA or ISRAEL we will wipe you out and not spend one dime to fix you up. We will not interfere in the internal workings of any nation but our own”. We have to power to wipe out anyone in the world in seconds, so if a nation harbors terrorist (even a nuke nation) and those terrorist attack the USA, we nuke them and dare anyone to come to their defense. Every nation knows if you nuke a US city the whole world will be destroyed so they will restrain themselves. That is where our defense is. Not in preemptive attacks around the world.

    • carl

      The American sheeple just keep on getting
      dumber. When are we going to wake up and
      realize our republic is history.

  • Grey

    More proof the statists, the mad dog leftist and the warmongering neocons are no different on foreign policy. Both aggressive warmongering chicken hawks.

  • Michael Carver

    I haven’t seen nor heard him “excuse” anything. All I see is him saying that if you crap in your neighbors yard enough….sooner or later, they are going to throw it back over the fence.

    • Eric

      That is a great way to put it, hahahaha =D
      not that funny when you substitute crap with bombs though =/

  • Jordan Bourne

    To speak the truth about why we’re hated isn’t excusing the fact that we were attacked. It’s opening up the lines of communication so we can better ourselves as a nation and stop another tragedy such as 9/11 from happening again. Having armed troops patrol our streets and steal our god given freedoms isn’t going to make us safe. What will make us safe is to stop killing innocent people all across the world in the name of freedom and democracy. If we want to be a safer nation then we need to become a smarter one. I’m a veteran and I support Ron Paul. There is nothing more important than our freedom .

  • vet_81

    Dr Paul has been talking about the same things for 30+ years….and they are now happening before our eyes. A simple reading of the founders and constitution can demonstrate the wisdom he’s tapping into. Not something he made up.

  • ugo

    how much sense does it make to go into iraq to revenge the 911 attacks, lose another 3000+ americans in the process and a trillion dollars to boot. sounds to me like RP should be getting the support of every man woman and child walking the face of this earth unless you prefer more of the same distortion of the truth shoved down your throat like the latest round of presidents have done

  • Gary

    Now…. there is the truth, right there in your face, in writing! Thank you for posting!

  • Joseph

    I served in the military for 10 years. I was deployed to Iraq as a truck driver. I remember when the invasion first started in Iraq me and my buddies in the military all used to joke about the war being over oil. I really didnt care because I figured ‘hey i’m sure there’s more at stake like some secret intelligence on Al-Qaeda that can’t be shared with us or the population for security sake. The people in gov’t know better than me. What struck me as strange was when ok now we captured Saddam Hussein, he’s been executed why the f*** are we here. There were never any WMD’s found. The whole thing was a f***ing lie from the gov’t. There is no way in hell anyone is going to convince me we have to go to war with Iran. If neo-cons want to go to war with Iran they should just tell the f***ing truth and say ‘hey, we want to start a war in Iran so we can have a stable region to protect our oil interests, just in case the dollar is no longer the reserve currency or in case China and Russia decide to invade first.

  • ugo

    you got it right joseph. they conjure up all these reasons for going to war but it isn’t cuz they attacked us. it’s political or religious and i want nothing to do with it. how much money has been passed through the hands of these war mongering contractors. trace it back and you’ll see how close the contractors are to the politicians.
    we are being robbed and told to accept it cuz they are so smart and we need them to protect us. i’ve traveled the world and never felt threatened. americans are very well misinformed by those who want your daily bread. STAND UP AMERICA! RP is our last hope

  • denk

    harry browne

  • tony stephens

    Tsun Tsu told us many thousands of years ago, it is more important to know your enemy than to kow yourself. He wrote the Art of War and is studied in all military swchools and the War College.
    I was in the US Infantry for twenty years. Every operations order is in five paragraphs with several subparagraphs. It is a template for the orderly dissemination of information.

    The very first thing in the operations order is the enemies motivation and intent. It is in the first paragraph, first subparagraph.
    Situation: Enemy Situation. After that comes the freindly situation and all other information.

    This is basic. It is War 101. Anyone who glosses over the enemy’s motivation and intent isn’t fit to command a broken down jeep, let alone be Commander-in-Cief of the largest military on Earth.

    This is the very point which caused me to look at Ron Paul in the first place. I am gad I did. He is the only sane one in the bunch.

  • Aaron

    9/11 was an inside job anyway, forget the media garbage about needing to respond with war. The war is a civil one that has been going on behind the scenes for decades. How clueless are people to not realize that the patriot act and homeland security act are the real motivators for 9/11. Not only were the towers professionally demolished but the so called terrorists that were on the planes aren’t even dead and until they saw themselves as most wanted criminals didn’t even know they were apparently involved. There is a reason no person has been criminally charged for 9/11. Bush, Cheney, Rockefeller’s etc have never stood trial.
    Ron Paul wouldn’t stand for the internal corruption within the U.S that is why every media outlet and politico extremist is trying to shut him down.

  • Sk3rzzo

    I hear comments such as “Ron Paul doesn’t care about the victims of 9/11 attacks if he supports a non-interventionist foreign policy.” What? The family of the victims of 9/11 should be happy that somebody like Dr. Paul is telling them the truth. They’ve been fed lies far too long; it’s time someone cared enough to let them know the reality of the matter.

  • Soldier

    Jeremy R. Hammond…….NWO sellout. You’ve been added to the list. Payback is coming.

  • a free bird

    Mr. Hammond: Thank you for your excellent article. People, including Muslims and Arabs must vote for Ron Paul.

    Saad Abulkhalil is a suspicious person and many think he is an agent who sided with the ‘colored revolution’ in Arab world. He attacked Ron Paul and is asking Muslims and Arabs not to vote for him. People should not be fooled by his claim as a’leftist’. He behaves like CIA consultant Juan Cole and cannot be trusted. Here what he wrote:

    {This should be made clear. Ron Paul should not be supported by Arabs or by supporters of the Palestinians. He may have said things against Israel (although his spokesperson yesterday asserted to the New York Times that he is a “friend” of Israel), but he is a racist and a reactionary and a homophoebe. This is another example that we can’t apply one litmus test only to candidates and people. A critic of Israel who hates blacks and gays (or who hates Jews for that matter and I don’t know if Paul is anti-Semitic or not) is not a friend we need in the pro-Palestinian community.}

    Tell Abulkhalil go to hell and everyone vote for Ron Paul.

  • Lenny

    Fuck you Jeremy R. Hammond stop trying to destroy the future of our country with your ignorant slander. You cannot sell out the people and allow corporate America to continue to control our government. Your slander cannot stop the peoples will to be free, people like you cannot control us anymore, America is sick of failed promises. Where is Obama’s change? higher unemployment, bailing out wall street, selling out the people.

    • Lenny, what are you talking about? Did you read the article before replying too it? Seems not.

      • Mike

        Hilarious, I was wondering the same thing! lol

  • Diane Martin

    “The only thing we have to fear is fear”

    I thought this may help all of us to clearly see what has taken place and what will take place if we do not understand what really has happened .

    Propaganda is a form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position so as to benefit oneself or one’s group.
    As opposed to impartially providing information, propaganda, in its most basic sense, presents information primarily to influence an audience. Propaganda is often biased, with facts selectively presented (thus possibly lying by omission) to encourage a particular synthesis, or uses loaded messages to produce an emotional rather than rational response to the information presented. The desired result is a change of the attitude toward the subject in the target audience to further a political, or other type of agenda. Propaganda can be used as a form of political warfare.

    Bias, a highly reseached area by psychologists, and our emotions considerably enhance our susceptibility. Fear, for example, either present or created by the propaganda, can be extremely important to our level of susceptibility. The best example here is the terrorism of 9-11, which may have been emphasized for nearly a decade and kept us at a high level of susceptibility for the entire period.
    Another important characteristic is that the processes of developing and maintaining false belief(s) presented by a system of propaganda are generally unconscious, at least in part. The less we understand about our susceptibility, the easier it may be to manipulate us.
    While the term propaganda has acquired a strongly negative connotation by association with its most manipulative and jingoistic examples, propaganda in its original sense was neutral, and could refer to uses that were generally benign or innocuous, such as public health recommendations, signs encouraging citizens to participate in a census or election, or messages encouraging people to report crimes to the police, among others.

  • For a mainstream media that couldn’t or wouldn’t vet our current “Constitutional Expert” I find it laughable but not surprising that Ron Paul is now under their review.
    The message is clear, however, you (the general public can’t be trusted) therefore our “presstitutes” will bombard you with disinformation and highly questionable polls and steer you to the leader you so richly deserve.
    During the Great Depression they had a saying (which I think applies here as well), “The big boys aren’t as smart as they think!”

  • Neo

    Great read Mr. Hammond! thank you.