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Yvonne Ridley

British journalist Yvonne Ridley is the West European Asst. Director-General of the International Muslim Women's Union.

End Secrecy Laws

Well, the tabloid media is going to have a real feeding frenzy over the next few days, after international soccer star Ryan Giggs was dramatically revealed as the figure behind the so-called super privacy injunction. Now that...

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Porn in the USA

I wonder what the US Administration makes of the idiom that includes the words pot, kettle and black. The reason for this recent musing comes from revelations that a stash of pornography was found during the infamous Abbottabad...

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Obama’s Hollow Victory

It was such a seismic event that, like many people of her generation, my mother’s point of reference for most things is the Second World War. And while I’m quite sure she and her friends registered their approval...

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Playing the Sectarian Card

Every time I sit down to write an article, another expression of people power erupts somewhere within the Arab world, so it’s hard to know where to begin. The most exhilarating thing for me has been the unity displayed in these...

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