About the Author

Sigurd Neubauer

Neubauer has six years experience in strategic communications, public diplomacy and research focusing on American foreign policy towards the European Union and the Middle East from both the U.S. defense industry and from the NGO sector.Currently, Neubauer prepares customized business intelligence reports for top-level corporate and government decision makers for a northern Virginia-based consulting firm. Previously, Neubauer covered global defense and Israeli security related developments for SOS International Ltd., a privately held operations support company providing information engagement, intelligence solutions and stability operations support to U.S. government and commercial clients. From 2007-2010, Neubauer successfully managed Young Professionals in Foreign Policy's diplomatic relations program. In that capacity, he moderated/supervised high-level discussions with ambassadors posted to Washington, DC and to the United Nations on issues related to bilateral dialogue and multilateral engagement. Neubauer is frequently invited to address international conferences and has lectured at universities across the United States on issues related to Mideast security. In 2012, he presented a paper on Gulf security at a NATO Maritime Security Workshop in Marmaris, Turkey. In addition to various scholarly publications, Neubauer has also contributed to leading international media outlets, including ABC News, CNN, Fox News and the Huffington Post. Fluent in seven languages, Neubauer is a graduate of Yeshiva University in New York where he studied Jewish history (MA), political science (BA) and French literature. Neubauer is a member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, is married and has two children.

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