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Raymond E. Karam

Raymond E. Karam is a policy analyst for EWI's Regional Security Initiative. A native of Lebanon, Raymond lived, studied, and worked in the Middle East for several years. He obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Political Science and International Affairs from Hofstra University, followed by a Master’s of Science in International Relations and Transnational Security from New York University’s Centre for Global Affairs. Raymond also obtained a Certificate in International Law and European Studies from the University of Amsterdam and worked for The Hague-based Global Human Rights Defence, compiling a report on Human Rights in South-East Asia. Raymond has also worked for the Synergos Institute’s Arab World Social Innovators Program. He is fluent in English, Arabic and French and has a working knowledge of Farsi.

Decision Time for Lebanon

Syria’s downward spiral toward civil war is weighing heavily on Lebanon, and although most political and sectarian groups have a clear interest in stability in Syria, there is no consensus on how to encourage security and handle relations with Syria’s regime and its opposition.

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