Mexico’s Foreign Policy towards Israel-Palestine and Iran (2006-2012)

This paper examines the foreign policy of Mexico under the Presidency of Felipe Calderón Hinojosa (2006-2012) towards the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and Iran. Ignorance and indifference are singled out as determinants of the prevalence of ideology in Mexico’s stances, depending on its combination with other variables. To support this argument, I focus on the ends and purposes, and on agency, in order to assess the relationship and combination of ideological solutions with a pragmatic stance vis-à-vis these two Middle Eastern political files. Mexico’s apparently pragmatic stance is best explained by Mexico’s dependent relationship with the United States and the articulation of both countries’ interest groups. However, such pragmatism does not in itself escape the ideological logic in that its assumptions and judgments seem to have been particularly guided by value-oriented preferences of the foreign policy leadership, foremost President Calderon himself.

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