About the Author

Frank Legge

After obtaining a Diploma of Agriculture (Longerenong, Victoria), Frank Legge spent his early years as an agricultural employee, then a contractor, in Queensland. He then obtained a “conditional purchase” block of virgin bush in Western Australia which he cleared and developed as a sheep and grain farm. On completion of this, he moved to Perth and enrolled at the University of Western Australia. After graduating with a Ph. D. in chemistry, 1983, he worked as a research officer for the Department of Agriculture for a number of years. This included research into the manufacture and use of biodiesel. He was also involved with the Australian Merino Society in development of their sheep breeding index. He and colleague then formed a company, Solar Track Pty Ltd, and embarked on a project manufacturing solar tracking devices, based on a patented concept they developed in conjunction with the Department of Agriculture. Lastly he moved to consulting. His understanding of the events of 9/11 are set out in his website: http://www.scienceof911.com.au/. This includes links to the papers he has written and co-authored. In short, the evidence for explosives in controlled demolition of all three buildings is both compelling and obvious, hence the failure of NIST and the 9/11 Commission to consider this possibility is prima facie evidence of corruption.

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