Web censorship is a serious problem in China, but there are ways to get around the government's "Great Firewall of China".

Just in case you weren’t already aware, China is a country that takes internet censorship very seriously. It makes use of a huge web traffic filtering system commonly known as the Great Firewall of China, and it is the largest of its kind in the world.

Many social media platforms and web services simply aren’t accessible for people who live in or are visiting China. But thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way. Getting around the restrictions is a plain and simple process if you follow the necessary procedures. With that being said, you should always be cautious, as being caught viewing or downloading content you shouldn’t get you into a lot of trouble with the authorities.

The ideal method for getting around the Great Firewall is by using a VPN service. This allows you to effectively bypass the restrictions which are in place. But, just bear in mind that only a handful of VPNs work for users in China. ExpressVPN just happens to be one of them—one of the highest rated services out there according to this review at VPNpro.com.

So, let’s not delay things any further—it’s time for you to find out more about China’s Great Firewall and exactly what you can do to get around it.

What is the Great Firewall of China?

Known officially as the Golden Shield project, the Great Firewall of China is a system put in place by the Chinese government which allows them to regulate and censor the internet within the country. Blocking access to various foreign websites and services, you’d struggle to use WhatsApp, Google Maps, Uber, Facebook, and a whole host of others while in the country.

Using policies such as IP address blocking, URL filtering, and corporate censorship, the Great Firewall of China is a vast and intricate system which can be very frustrating for tourists who are visiting China. This is because all of the services and websites they could access at home are strictly forbidden.

Thankfully, there are ways in which you can bypass the strict policies which are in place—made easier through effective planning. This will be discussed in more detail later in the next section. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Bypass the Great Firewall of China

Now that you’re aware of exactly what the Great Firewall of China is and how it works, you’re probably wondering how you can bypass the restrictions, right? Well, the following section will delve deeper into exactly what you need to do.

In short, the perfect solution for bypassing the restrictions is to get a VPN (Virtual Private Network) up and running on your device. If you do exactly that, you’ll be able to connect to a server from another country and away you go—you’ll soon be well on your way to enjoying all of your favorite websites and services just as you would back home!

However, it is safe to say that not all VPNs are created equal. So, you certainly shouldn’t go ahead and purchase the first VPN service you come across. As with many other walks of life, you should do your research before you part with your hard-earned cash. If you fail to read up on your chosen VPN service before you hit the buy button, you might just end up with a VPN that’s useless for use within China.

Services such as NordVPN and PrivateVPN are tried and tested within China, with each of these VPNs enabling you to bypass the strict policies of the Great Firewall. There are also a handful of others which work effectively within China too. If you’d like to find out more, simply head on over to the best VPN for China page and you’ll discover all that you need to know!


You should now be aware of just how strict China’s stance on web censorship is. After all, their Great Firewall prevents millions of people from accessing the internet which is usually open and free for all. Some of the world’s most popular websites and services cannot be accessed in China without taking the necessary steps to bypass the restrictions.

Luckily, there is an answer to your prayers—this comes in the form of a VPN service. As we mentioned earlier, there aren’t many you can use in China. But, there are a select few which work without a hitch. ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and VyprVPN are just some of the options at your disposal.

Either of these VPNs will allow you to make China’s strict internet restrictions a thing of the past. But, just be aware that you’ll still need to take care when using a VPN in China. If you are caught using one for unlawful purposes, you might just find yourself in hot water with the authorities.