"Are we safe yet? We dropped 20,000 bombs, shouldn’t we be safe by now?”

“I’m offering a different path…part of that is to be smarter, the other part is to make sure we get the right message out which is that this Fundamentalism is killing us. It’s killing us throughout the world. It’s time to take that on,” Cenk Uygur says as he makes the case for a different approach to targeting ISIS.

A number of politicians are using the terrorist attack on Brussels to pound the war drums. Uygur criticizes this strategy since the U.S. Air Force has already dropped over 20,000 missiles and bombs in Muslim countries to no progress.

“How is that working for us? Has it stopped the bombing? Is the West safe now? Oh right, we’ve had all those bombings anyway: Paris, Istanbul, Brussels, San Bernardino shootings. Are we safe yet? We dropped 20,000 bombs, shouldn’t we be safe by now?”

Uygur explains why the U.S. needs to change the approach toward these bombings.

“We’ve dropped so many bombs on so many Muslim countries…that the United States of America is starting to run out of bombs. And yet we are told by the right wing in our country who love war and violence, war and violence is the answer.”

Uygur questions the efficiency of these bombings, “ISIS still has the same 30,000 fighters…any chance that we may be killing more than 6 civilians? Any chance that that’s counter-productive and turning people against us?”

“You don’t fight Fundamentalist Islam with Fundamentalist Christianity.”

“Those same easy solutions have led to the results we see today.”