Cenk Uygur slams Greece’s ‘dumbass’ creditors for irresponsibly loaning Greece money

The Young Turks Network — Greece voted against austerity measures and a bail out on Sunday, but the consequences aren’t clear after Greeks voted against European rules.

In this video, Cenk Uygur slams the creditors who ‘socialized’ the losses and put it on the people who made this “a German versus Greek problem rather than a Greece versus ‘dumbass’ creditors who lent them money they shouldn’t have lent.”

The private banks ‘screwed’ it up, “…but they’re off free,” Uygur adds. The answer is not to crush the Greek people. “What we need instead is a reasonable compromise, which is what usually happens when people cannot pay their debts,” Uygur explains.

“By the way, whenever they go bankrupt, big banks love to do this, but when it comes to Greek people all of a sudden ‘it’s not aloud, we need to crush them further and they need to bend to our will.’”