This attack, if accepted by Congress, and if acted upon by the military, is pure insanity as the consequences could and with all probability will be severe and “unintended.” Unfortunately, Congress appears to have reversed the positive synergy of groups and arrived at collective stupidity. I put “unintended” in quotes as one can never be sure if chaos and disorder are perhaps the desired goal. That would allow the U.S. to argue that it needs to continue to support Israel, needs to keep fighting the war on terror, needs to keep its military engaged in the region in some manner or other, and finally to argue that it needs more homeland surveillance because surely these people are going to be attacking the homeland anytime now.


Israel is very much a part of any military action in the Middle East. This has been direct as seen with Lebanon and other border countries and with all the Palestine territories where the army rules with full authority and attacks with all the brutality a militarized country can muster. It is evident in its manipulations, interventions, and support of U.S. adventures in the region and its advocacy and support for the ongoing terror wars.

Israel is an undeclared nuclear state, its attempts at ambiguity and uncertainty cloak a military mind that would use its weapons quite readily if they scared themselves into the ultimate threat of annihilation by the much weaker more poorly armed Arab states on their borders. The only state that remains overtly hostile to Israel is Syria. Jordan has signed a peace treaty with Israel, preceded by Egypt.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has always been an enigma in its relations with Israel and the U.S. Roosevelt provided some form of verbal protection/non-aggression agreement with the House of Saud. The Saudi’s were involved with Bush Sr. and Jr. in the savings and loan bust of the 1980s and 90s recycling petrodollars for military goods and lining a few political pockets along the way. Of the 9/11 hijackers, 15 of the 19 supposedly came from Saudi Arabia, and it was a pre-eminent clan, the bin-Ladens, whose son supposedly led the attacks from the mud huts and caves of Afghanistan.

The Saudis supported and aided al-Qaeda and continue to do so in Iraq and Syria, overtly offering armaments and money to its acknowledged militant fighters in Syria. They suppress their own people, aid Bahrain in suppressing its protesters, and support the ongoing division between Sunni and Shiite. It is a wonder they continue to survive, but as allies of Israel and the U.S., their position is fairly secure—as long as they do not antagonize Russia too much in Syria.

Palestine/Israel again….

Palestine has become less and less visible in the public eye, especially in North America and the EU. AIPAC still manages to instill in Congress the necessity of supporting Israel, aided by the fundamentalist and ignorant right wing Christian apocalyptic visionaries. Media control and political support for Israel at the highest level ensure that Palestine remains quite well hidden within the rest of the Middle East chaos. While this chaos reigns, while the peace talks reincarnate then quickly wither and die, the Israelis continue with their settlement expansion and their slow gradual ethnic cleansing of Palestine. The brutalization of the Palestinian people continues, with the quisling Abbas doing his best to help Israel control the West Bank, while the Egyptian military, with the support of U.S. money and military equipment, keep the Rafah border of Gaza pretty much under lock and key.

Should Syria escalate into a broader regional conflict, Israel probably could not be happier. As the strongest state, the only military power with nuclear weapons, more war with Syria works to Israel’s advantage. At its minimum, it destabilizes another country that is hostile to it, with good reason as it has illegally annexed a significant portion of Syrian territory. At its maximum, a full scale ethnic cleansing and the use of nuclear weapons could proceed in the inexcusable chaos created with all the unknowns that war delivers.

From here on…

There are some readily evident truths available from all the analyzing and synthesizing from many different sources around the world.

What I have presented above is my understanding of where those truths are. It is not a pretty picture. Humanity faces environmental, economic, and political-corporate-military threats that are all intertwined.

My voice alone means nothing. I have no power whatsoever. I no longer have any expectation of saving the world. But maybe combined with millions of other voices that speak about the reality of our world, the ideas for environmental protection, democratic humanitarian laws, and an equitable and sustainable economic system may be carried forward to some day when a much more positive human condition can be realized.