Of the 193 voting states at the UN, a meagre nine states opposed recognition of Palestine. Amongst the states that approved recognition of Palestine were the world’s two most populous countries (India and China), and the world’s largest democracy (India)! In fact, nine of the world’s ten most populous countries supported Palestinian recognition. Amongst the nations supporting the motion were communist (China), totalitarian (North Korea), and emerging democracies (Russian Federation). Of the meagre nine nations opposed to the recognition of Palestine, were the USA/Israel/Canada/Czech/Panama unilateral alliance, and the US “satellites” Micronesia, Palau, Nauru, and the Marshall islands. Intriguingly, of these nine nations, four are amongst the world’s least populous! Surely this sends a strong message to opposed nations: namely that The World would like to see an independent Palestine, and the nine detractors are hopelessly out of touch with (or worse, disinterested in) world opinion? The US and Israel are starting to look rather silly and isolated, and their action reaffirms what the rest of us already believe: that neither the US nor Israel are viable partners in building an independent Palestine, or indeed, peace in the Middle East. Perhaps these nine detractors should emerge from their naïve, self-imposed ignorance, and listen to what The World has to say about the matter? It is time now for the next step: full recognition of a Palestinian state.

Dr Rory E. Morty

Giessen, Germany