The nomination of Ambassador Susan E. Rice as Secretary of State would be a monumental mistake by the Obama administration. Ambassador Rice has repeatedly embarrassed the USA at the UN with her princess-like attitude to dialogue, temperamental walk-outs, and strategic outbursts of indignant (and misplaced) outrage. Indeed, Ambassador Rice’s conduct is rather more representative of the arrogant, alienating approach of Republican administration, and her actions at the UN are chillingly reminiscent of those of her predecessor at the UN, the Bush crony John R. Bolton. Ambassador Rice alienates and angers people; she does not bring people together, and has achieved little or nothing during her tenure at the UN. Ambassador Rice can only fail at mediating disputes and at promoting the interests of the US abroad.  As such, Ambassador Rice would be a terrible Secretary of State. The Obama administration should think very carefully about the implications of having Miss Rice as the nation’s key diplomat.

Dr Rory E. Morty