And a possible remedy for it from the U.S. Constitution


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[37] Much evidence can be adduced with regard to this matter, but for the moment just one example should suffice.  And it is a classic.  I refer to the “Downing Street Memo,” the leaked minutes of a briefing that Richard Dearlove, the then-head of Britain’s M16 (foreign intelligence service) gave Prime Minister Tony Blair and other top national security advisors regarding his assessment of the Bush Administration’s preparations for war against Iraq.  Dearlove had visited the US and met personally with Administration officials prior to the briefing.  He reported categorically to the Prime Minister, that in his view, with respect to the case for war, “the intelligence and the facts were being fixed around the policy.”  (“Text of the original Downing Street ‘Memo’, as originally reported in The Sunday Times, May 1, 2005),

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