Dear Editor,

Support for Palestine’s bid for membership in the UN can be expressed by signing the petition on the White House website. If enough people sign it, Obama will respond.

Why should one support the Palestinians’ bid for membership? Former Presidents Carter and Clinton support it, since neither is running for election and therefore is not concerned about the all-powerful AIPAC (American-Israel Political Action Committee), which supports the current Likud government in Israel. Indeed, everyone who believes in the two-state solution—Israel and Palestine—should support Palestine’s bid for UN membership, since that is the only way at present that the two-solution can progress. Former Prime Minister of Israel Rabin would have implemented the two-state solution, but he was assassinated by a radical settler who wanted the West Bank to be annexed to Israel.

Prime Minister Netanyahu cannot implement the two-state solution, because his Likud Party would bring down his government since Likud opposes the two-state solution and opposes withdrawing from any territory occupied during the l967 war. However, he calls for negotiations, since, as the Palestinians know, he can negotiate forever without coming to an agreement on the two-state solution.

What is the proof that Netanyahu will not negotiate in good faith? He refuses to follow the roadmap that Bush recommended, the US supports, the Quartet (US, EU, UN and Russia) advocate, and Israel and Palestine agreed upon. The roadmap states that the Palestinians will eliminate terrorism in the occupied territory and Israel will freeze settlement construction in the occupied territory. The Palestinians have succeeded so well that Netanyahu asked the US Congress not to cut financial support for Palestinian Security forces, because they are doing a good job of keeping peace. But whenever the US or EU asks Netanyahu to freeze settlements, Likud Party responds by announcing new construction there. In the past couple of weeks, Obama asked, and 1000 new houses in the settlement of Gilo were the response. Ashton, Foreign Minister of the EU, asked and 3 new apartments in the settlement of Pisgat Zeev were announced. The Palestinians are well aware of Likud Party’s rejection of the two-state solution and they therefore have turned to the UN to request membership as a state, thereby gaining world acceptance of their statehood.

Since 69% of the Israelis accept the two-state solution, since a leading settler rabbi, Rabbi Froman, wrote an article in the Jerusalem Post newspaper advocating the two-state solution, and since the US has long advocated it, it would seem logical that the US would support the Palestinian bid for UN membership and recognition as a state. However, Obama is running for re-election and therefore he makes obeisance to AIPAC and Likud not to peace and justice. He threatens to veto Palestine’s bid for membership and he threatens to cut aid not only to Palestine but also to the UN or its committees if any should accept Palestine as a member! And yet a large majority of American Jews also accept the two-state solution. But Likud Party and AIPAC do not. Therefore, a petition showing Obama that his constituents support Palestine’s membership in the UN is one way to help the two-state solution—and peace—happen soon. Please sign it at


Ellen Rosser