Dear Sir,

Russia and China today vetoed a proposed UN Resolution targeting the unacceptable treatment of protesters by the Syrian regime. The United States – rightly – expressed “outrage” at this veto. However, the inappropriately childish behavior of the US Permanent Representative, Ambassador Susan Rice (again) actually embarrassed the UN more than the veto did! Remember, in February, Ambassador Rice vetoed a draft resolution condemning Israeli settlements on Palestinian territory while  all other 14 members of the Security Council unanimously voted in favor of the resolution, making the US seem disturbingly out of touch with events on the ground, and horribly disinterested in the desperate plight of the Palestinian people. It seems she continues the downhill slide, by petulantly walking out during an address by the Syrian Ambassador, who himself has respectfully faced a tirade of criticism by Ambassador Rice. Ambassador Rice makes the US look like a spoilt, bullying child, who sulks when it doesn’t have its way.  Ambassador Rice’s petulant behavior echoes back to the dark days of the Bush administration, where John Bolton, then acting US Permanent representative to the United Nations was renowned for his tirades. His term did not last. I suspect that if Ambassador Rice continues to embarrass the US on the international stage, neither will hers.

Dr Rory E. Morty

Giessen, Germany