A Case Study in Zionist Methodology & Academic Corruption

In 1993, Joel Hayward completed an MA thesis on the literature of holocaust revisionism. Hayward was of Jewish descent, was a member of the New Zealand Friends of Israel, and a co-founder of Opposition to Anti-Semitism. Yet in the course of his studies, he had come to regard holocaust revisionist literature as making some valid points. It was a controversial conclusion that nonetheless garnered Hayward First Class Honors. When in the year 2000 a University “embargo” on public release had expired, the NZ Jewish Council, and Professor Dov Bing of Waikato University launched a campaign to have Hayward’s Masterate revoked. The matter was made public by Bing, presumably on the safe assumption that the news media could be relied upon to mindlessly smear Hayward, which it duly did.[1]

Although Bing, et al, failed to have Hayward’s Masterate revoked on the grounds of “dishonesty” (because there was nothing of a dishonest nature in the thesis – obviously) the Working Party Report agonized over Hayward having been permitted to undertake that course of research in the first place. The citadels of “Higher Learning” are apparently intended to be of limited enquiry.

Hayward was harassed, threatened, and had several nervous breakdowns. He had to resign from his position as lecturer of defense at Massey University, Palmerton North, and became unemployable in New Zealand.[2] A few years later he went to the UK and obtained a prestigious post in academe. As for Dov Bing, he was not about to let the matter drop, despite Hayward’s retraction of some of his conclusions in the Thesis. Over the course of more than a decade Bing has continued to milk the Hayward matter for all its worth.[3]

This paper deals with the Zionist clique that targeted Hayward and others, in relation to the experiences of this writer with the same interests, for the purposes of examining a common modus operandi. The opinions are intended as hypothesis.

Hayward – Muslim Convert – Again Draws Wrath

Move forward to the present, and Hayward is again being pilloried in what appears to be another campaign to have his academic career wrecked. A feature in The Daily Mail is provocatively entitled: “Ayatollah of the RAF. Academic University Head is Muslim convert. Who claims Nazi gas chambers were British propaganda and criticizes Libya air strikes.”[4]

The article claims that Dr Hayward, Dean at Cranwell College, where British pilots are trained, is a convert to Islam who has taken a critical line on the NATO and UN bombing of Libya, and questioned whether the British air force should be placed at the service of a rebel army. Hayward is reported to have written in a magazine article that: “The West runs the risks of its good intentions (and inconsistencies) leading to distrust,” in its bombing of Libya.[5]

The Daily Mail claims that Hayward’s views have caused disquiet among “senior officers at RAF Cranwell, Lincolnshire,” where Hayward is the senior academic and was involved with the tutoring of Prince William. From here the article proceeds with smears that I believe lack plausibility:

In a letter to The Mail on Sunday entitled “The Air Force Ayatollah,” one senior officer expressed concern that Dr Hayward was focusing more on ‘Islamist activities that are nothing to do with the RAF’.

He also accused him of giving Muslim cadets preferential treatment and making other students take a ‘softly, softly line when writing about Muslim terrorists/Islamist extremists’.

Another officer claimed cadets and lecturers ‘are in fear’ of expressing anything that might be construed as anti-Muslim sentiment. ‘Anyone who fails to follow the line that Islam is a peace-loving religion is hauled into his office for re-education,’ he said.

Last night Dr Hayward said he did not ‘recognize’ the allegations.[6]

The article states that,

Dr Hayward was appointed to RAF Cranwell in 2007, but was investigated the following year over complaints of ‘harassment and bullying’. It is not clear what became of the investigation. He is employed not by the RAF but by King’s College, London, which runs academic courses at Cranwell.[7]

The questions that should arise are not in regard to the dubious claims against Hayward’s character, but about whether complaints that started the year after his appointment to Cranwell were motivated by his having displeased certain interests in New Zealand? Given what this writer personally knows about those involved in the harassment of Hayward in New Zealand, I feel that it is a legitimate question.

Hayward is presumably in a good position to try to mitigate the anti-Islamic propaganda that is feeding the “clash of civilizations.” Having been hounded for years for his thesis on holocaust revisionism, knowing that he is under constant scrutiny by Zionists, it takes courage for Hayward to have his views on Islam published. He has set up a website called “Islam & War” which includes an essay by him entitled “The Qour’an and War: Observations on Island Just War.”[8]

Dov Bing & Dennis Green

Dr Hayward’s predicament goes back to his student days at Christchurch, New Zealand. Dr Dennis Green, later to serve as a religious studies lecturer at Waikato University, Hamilton, and now touring the world engaged in something he calls “anarchaeology,” had been a student with Hayward at Canterbury University. They had formed a group, Opposition to Anti-Semitism. The Christchurch Press reported at the time of Hayward’s thesis debacle:

In May 1992, the university received a letter from an organization called Opposition to Anti-Semitism Inc (OAS). The group, based in Christchurch, was concerned about the direction Dr Hayward was taking in his then half-completed thesis.

Ironically, OAS had been formed a year earlier by Dr Hayward with Yossie EtzHasadeh (previously Philip Woodfield of Christchurch, now in Israel) and Denis Green.

The organization’s goal was to monitor anti-Semitic groups in New Zealand and warn people about Holocaust revisionism. Several members were converting to Judaism. Joel Hayward resigned from the group before he started his thesis.

He says he left OAS because of a personality clash.

OAS members soon became worried about the path Dr Hayward’s thesis was taking and arranged to meet him. Dr Hayward says he went along on January 30, 1992, to what he thought was an ordinary afternoon tea with friends. As they talked about his half-completed master’s thesis a video camera hidden behind a hollowed out book recorded the entire conversation.

Dr Hayward says a selective 13-minute transcript was made of the three-hour conversation by the OAS. “They only included statements that cast me in the worst possible light.”

The group sent Canterbury University registrar Alan Hayward (no relation) parts of the transcript with a letter detailing concerns about Joel Hayward’s views on the Holocaust.

Dr Hayward did not find out about the video until two months after it was made. He considers the taping dishonest and unfair and says he nearly had a breakdown as a result.[9]

It was as a religious studies lecturer at Waikato University that Green is acknowledged by a certain R W Van Leeuwen as being “the man who planted the seed” for a fraudulently contrived Masterate thesis that Van Leeuwen completed in 2008. Furthermore, Van Leeuwen’s co-supervisor was Prof. Dov Bing, lecturer on Political Science and Public Policy at Waikato University.[10]

Hence, enter again, two primary characters involved in the Hayward affair.

Dov Bing is a very active Zionist and apologist for Israel. He has been involved not only in the Hayward matter, but in the debacles concerning German student Hans Kupka, and Auckland Herald cartoonist Malcolm Evans.

It is in the matter of the Van Leeuwen thesis that I know something personally of the nature of Bing’s attitudes and tactics. The events acting against Hayward, Kupka, and starting from 2008 against this writer, follow similar scenarios.

Dr Hayward wrote on his “old website” of what he endured in New Zealand:

Most of the garbage I received was unimaginative and only semi-literate, and phrases like “hope you die,” “you’ll get yours,” “die scum!,” “rot in hell,” and “we’ll be waiting for you outside your work” seemed so common that, had the calls and mail not come from different parts of New Zealand or been sent from many different email addresses, I probably would have concluded that they came from one small group of hate-filled people.

Some of this mail even came from a senior academic at another New Zealand university, and, with full specifics, I reported that academic’s behavior and mail to the Working Party. I felt so distressed by some of the mail that, in a letter to the Head of the Working Party, Sir Ian Barker, dated 1 August 2000, I pointed out my concerns. Sir Ian told me during our interview on 10 October that he shared my grave concerns.[11]

The Working Part Report on Dr Hayward referred to this matter of vindictive e-mails, stating:

2.47: On 2 October 1999, Dr Hayward received what he describes as the first of many e-mails from Professor Dov Bing, Professor of Political Studies at the University of Waikato…. Dr Hayward claimed that he had received several nasty e-mails from anonymous persons and was concerned at what action might be taken by Professor Bing and NZJC [NZ Jewish Council]….[12]