The political theatre that is Washington, D.C. has reached a point of truly ridiculous proportions. The recent and on-going squabble between Republicans and Democrats over raising the debt ceiling has shown the world that America has devolved into a schizophrenic third-world mess. Both parties are acting as if a deal won’t get finished by August 2nd, all the while pretending that there are substantial and major ideological differences that won’t allow for a compromise.

While true that minor disagreements over social policy may exist, both parties are vociferously committed to the American Empire, as well as to the class war that has plagued us in recent years. Both serve the same masters who wrecked the financial system and then profited from its implosion, all the while the honest, hard working Americans were forced to suffer through foreclosures and unemployment lines.

If ever this country needed a third party candidate to break the stranglehold of the two-party system, now is the time. We need a candidate who will stand with the American people, not sell them out for campaign contributions. If only one, would stand up in public or in a nationally televised debate and say:

I recognize that the defense of a ruthless and corrupt minority, at the expense of the innocent and uninformed majority, is inconsistent with the beliefs and values that have defined our country for over 200 years.

I recognize that protecting fraud, deception, and the wholesale fleecing of the American people by Wall Street is a counterproductive exercise, and can only lead to more pain and suffering among the innocent of society.

I recognize that having our currency monopolized and controlled by the interests of a small group of banking interests actually subverts our democracy and destroys the value of savings among the population.

I recognize that when the government fails to hold individuals and organizations accountable for outright fraud and extreme violations of the law, it makes the rule of law invalid and illegitimate for all.

I recognize that wars of aggression actually make us less safe, and only sow another generation of hatred and mistrust towards our descendents.

I recognize the propensity of our own government to incite terrorism, both at home and abroad, to satisfy the geopolitical objectives of the narrow minded few that run our government.

I recognize that the small few that benefit and profit handsomely from illegal wars, crony capitalism, and outright manipulation will never willingly cede their power; it must be taken back from them and restored to the public where it belongs.

I recognize that the only industry protected by the Constitution, journalism, has been co-opted by corporate blood money, and no longer seeks to inform the American people of the truth.

I recognize that those claiming to deliver fair, balanced, and unbiased news are nothing more than propaganda for their respective parties.

I recognize that these are not partisan issues affecting our country, and the divide and conquer strategy of labeling dissenters as Communists, Socialists, Libertarians, Anarchists, etc., will no longer distract us from stopping the corruption of our elected leaders.

I recognize that a vote for either a Republican or Democrat will inevitably lead to the same disastrous and failed policies that have taken us to the brink of collapse, as both parties are bought and paid for by the same interests.

I recognize that continuing to do nothing is no longer an option.

I suspect that most all of the current candidates would not dare speak those words, nor would they show the genuine leadership that this country craves. In these modern times of corporate public relations and Orwellian doublespeak, understanding the false political paradigm that has plagued America is a monumental achievement in and of itself.

However, breaking free from ideological bondage is only the first step towards ending the rampant corruption from our two-party system in Washington, D.C. It was once said that all it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing. Every American, whether Republican or Democrat, can feel it in their soul that corruption has become a pandemic in this country and has reached the breaking point.

As we have seen from countless examples both in the US and other nations, the corrupted elite will not hesitate in using divisive tactics to keep the masses subdued, letting them retain their power over society. Although the founding fathers of this great nation were by no means perfect, they understood that laying out those principles and realizations in our founding documents would give us a path towards a more equitable and just world. It would hold future generations accountable to a set of principles that were loftier than what they could provide at our nation’s inception. It is because of these realizations that our founding fathers threw off the chains of bondage and declared that ideas such as equality, justice, and freedom are more than just words on paper; they are perspectives to live by.