Lakki BombingWho: Pakistani Taliban.

What: A suicide bomber has struck a police station, killing at least 19 people, including four school children and 11 policemen. Reports said 34 others were injured in the attack.

Where: The terror incident took place in Lakki Marwat, a restive town in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwah province, northwest of Pakistan.

When: The attack occurred on Monday, 6 September, in the afternoon when kids left the school for home.

Why: Pakistani Taliban are waging a bloody campaign which has claimed the lives of thousands of innocent civilians to topple the government in Islamabad and impose Shariah in the country. They have threatened more attacks and warned the government not to take action against the terror group. The government has failed to stop the string of suicide bombings during the last few weeks that have claimed the lives of hundreds of civilians.

How: Eye-witnesses said the bomber collided with a school van while on course the police station. The blast reduced the police station into rubble. Burned-out cars were flipped on their sides with injured people trapped in them.