US protests at Israel’s transfer of advanced military systems to China rings hollow. Those typically lame protests from the world’s leading Israel-fawning state are of the kind typical for public consumption, since the USA was itself engaged at the time in the same relationship with China (as well as having long since approved the secret arms deals with Eisneberg) one report at the time stating of the Clinton Administration:

Unlike his predecessors Democrat or Republican, Mr. Clinton transferred primary legal authority for approving export licenses for advanced U.S. technology from the security-conscious State Department to the politically conscious Commerce Department for the purpose of making such exports easier.

Mr. Clinton is also the first and only president to approve an export waiver authorizing two companies — Loral Space and Communications and Hughes Electronics — to transfer technological secrets in the face of a criminal investigation involving their prior alleged export violations. Mr. Clinton approved personally the export of their data relating to satellite- and missile-launch technology to China over the objections of his secretary of state, the Pentagon and others.[18]

After a deal between China and Israel on advanced weapons technology became public and resulted in cancellation, Israeli and Chinese diplomats met to overcome difficulties. A Jewish newspaper reported:

JERUSALEM — Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer met with Chinese Ambassador Pan Zhanlin in Tel Aviv Monday to discuss the cancellation of Israel’s sale of the Phalcon advanced radar system.

Ben-Eliezer appraised relations between the two countries and glossed over the affair. “We have to see it as an incident inside the family and not as a crisis between two states,” he told Zhanlin. Ben-Eliezer promised to work to strengthen the defense ties with Beijing.

Zhanlin told Ben-Eliezer that he believes China knows how to overcome the difficulties and strengthen the ties, according to a statement issued by the Defense Ministry. China is fully prepared to cooperate with Israel.”[19] [Emphasis added].

The deal only fell through because of public concern expressed in the USA. Note the fraternal relations expressed between the two; “an incident inside the family.”

In 2009 a new Israeli consulate was established in Guangzhou, capital of the flourishing Guangdong province, where much trade between Israel and China is undertaken.[20]

Against such a background of Sino-Israeli relations, that a major Chinese documentary on the wonders and glories of Israel is to have such an extensive airing among the Chinese people and over such a duration of time, launched with much ado by leading Israeli and Chinese luminaries, it seems pertinent to ask whether there are major developments afoot in regard to extending Sino-Zionist collaboration.

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