Israel’s subversive role in the Mediterranean region is indicated by the Israeli backing of the Red Brigades in Italy which were causing havoc during the 1970s. The strategy was to destabilize Italy to increase US dependence on Israel as the only “stable” state in the region. In 1982 Red Brigade leader Prof. Senzani and others were arrested for planning to massacre the leadership of the Christian Democratic Party at the party’s council meeting. Magistrate Ferdinando Imposimato, who had headed the investigating into the 1978 kidnapping and murder of Prime Minister Aldo Moro by the Red Brigades, was reported by Il Giorno as stating:

…At least until 1978 Israeli secret services had infiltrated the Italian subversive groups. He said that based on confessions by jailed guerrillas who turned police informer, there had been an Israeli plan to destabilize Italy. The plan aimed at reducing Italy to a country convulsed by civil war so that the United States would be forced to count on Israel for the security of the Mediterranean, the judge said.[38]

This is not to say that Zionism is “Red” per se; Zionism is whatever complexion serves Zionism. The attempted alliances with Fascism is better known than the relationship with Communism, including the effort of the Stern Gang to establish a military alliance with Nazi Germany,[39] before settling on a pro-Soviet orientation. The wartime Nazi rebuff did not dissuade Zionists from lending support to neo-Nazis in more recent years, however, the Canadian Nazi Party of the 1960s being an example of a project that was to a significant extent the creation of the Canadian Jewish Congress.[40]

Israel’s long connection with street gangsters[41] also provides a good background for dealings with gangsters who can capture entire states, Gen. Manuel Noriega of Panama being particularly close to Israel. Noriega’s chief adviser was Michael Harari, who had been funded with $20,000,000 by Israel according to an ABC News report. Narcotics were sent under the name of “Dr Harari”, marked vaccine. He is referred to by ex-Mossad agent Victor Ostrobvosky as second only to Noriega in Panama.[42] Initial reports that Harari had been caught when the US invaded Panama in 1989 were apparently incorrect, or something was amiss shortly thereafter, as Harari was able to escape back to Israel. Noriega had been trained in Israel, owned a villa in Tel Aviv and sent his children to a kibbutz.

Israel’s associations with arms and narcotics marketing in the Americas is extensive and involves the infamous Colombian drug cartels and more, just as Israel itself is a major source of narcotics[43] for worldwide distribution while attention is focused on Afghanistan.

Israel has presented itself before the world as a “bulwark of democracy’ in the Middle East, first during the Cold War –after relations with the USSR soured, and now in the battle against “Islamofascism,” a term coined by the neo-trotskyite-neo-cons. An alternative view is that the state is a center of pestilence from which emanates a world-wide subversive network, based around an ideology that has sought alliances with communists, nazis and fascists, and with narco-peddlers and street gangsters such as Meyer Lansky and Bugsy Siegel; whose luminaries saw no evil in dragooning the USA into World War I to secure the Balfour Declaration[44], thereby extending hostilities, where previously Zionist efforts to secure Palestine had centered round a pro-German policy. The perfidy represented by the Balfour Declaration brought an end to the goodwill of the Arab people towards Britain and the West generally that had been heroically cultivated by T E Lawrence; abruptly ended, moreover, by back room deals among corrupt statesmen, and neo-messianists. That is the legacy from which the “West” has not only not recovered, but is further removed than ever from doing so.

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