Last month I sent out the video that I wrote the script for, “Be nice to America.  Or we’ll bring democracy to your country.”

I of course received the usual right-wing frothing at the mouth, but I also heard from five or six people on the left who expressed political criticism of it, two of them asking to be removed from my mailing list.  All of them were upset for the same reason –- The video makes no mention of Israel. More to the point, it makes no mention of how Israel is the driving force behind (most/almost/all) U.S. foreign interventions.  I sent each of my critics the following letter:

So, let me see if I have got this right. Is it because of Israel that the US:

* invaded Grenada in 1983

* tried to overthrow the government of Suriname in 1982-4

* overthrew the government of Fiji in 1987

* invaded Panama in 1989

* overthrew the government of Afghanistan in the 1980s-90s

* suppressed the left in El Salvador 1980-92

* overthrew the government of Nicaragua in 1990

* supported the overthrow of Aristide in Haiti in 1991

* overthrew the government of Bulgaria in 1991

* overthrew the government of Albania in 1992

* invaded Somalia in 1993

* has supported the right-wing government of Colombia for the past 20 years

* bombed Yugoslavia for 78 days in 1999

* suppressed a leftist coup in Ecuador in 2000

* invaded Afghanistan in 2001

* has tried to destabilize the Chavez government in Venezuela for the past 10 years

* overthrew the government of Haiti in 2004

I have received no reply from any of the comrades yet.