ISLAMABAD, July 8 — Nine militants wre killed by suspected Drone-fired missiles in South Waziristan early Wednesday.

According to a Miranshah based Journalist Haji Pazir Gull, drones have been frequantly flying over South and North Waziristan agencies for the past few days. Yesterday, they targetted a training compound of militants in South Waziristan. Today, early morning missiles were fired at Karwan Manza region, killing 9 militants.

On Tuesday, suspected U.S. drone-fired missiles in Mikin village of South Waziristan killed 12 people, official sources confirmed.

Officials said militant training compounds were targetted.

Former Director General of the Federally Administered Tribal Agencies (FATA) Directorate, Brig. Mahbub Shah, told a private channel,”This time drones targetted sanctuaries of rebel Baitullah Mehsud. But I do not approve of the U.S. directly violating Pakistan’s airspace.”

The Pakistan military has initiated fresh operations in South Waziristan, mostly using air power to track and kill militants there.

Meanwhile, authorities in Malakand Division relaxed the imposed curfew.

According to Dir Media Centre, a search operation has begun in Rahimabad and Qambar areas in suburbs of Mingora.

Clashes have been reported between national lashkar and militants in the Dogdarra area of Upper Dir. However, no loss of life was reported.

Dir media center announced the curfew would be relaxed from 6:00 am till 8:00 pm in tehsil Maidan and Adeenzai in Lower Dir. The curfew has been relaxed in Shangla.