“In Shanland: Poppies and Oppression,” the latest video in the series In Shanland, shot in the war zone of Burma, by Antonio Garceffo is now available on YouTube.

At the last outpost. On the frontlines of the war in Burma, Antonio Graceffo shows us a Burmese government Opium production facility and a village of Shan people, enslaved, living under threat of death, forced to grow poppies. Follow Antonio’s camera lens as it peeks into an outpost of the Burmese army (SPDC) as well as outposts of the United Wa State Army (UWSA) a proxy force supporting the Burmese government’s opium trafficking. Around the Shan State Army (SSA) headquarters of Loi Tailang Antonio takes us on a tour from the defensive fighting trench system to the clinic and orphan dormitories where volunteer medics render much needed medical aid. Soldiers train in hand-to-hand combat alongside children who were born into war and have never known a safety of a life without the constant threat of death.