American Policy on India with Modi at the Helm

Narendra Modi (Photo: Mayur Bhatt/Wikimedia Commons)
Narendra Modi (Photo: Mayur Bhatt/Wikimedia Commons)

Persona non grata

In 2002, shortly after outspoken Hindu Nationalist Narendra Modi became chief minister of Gujarat, a Muslim attack on a train in the province that killed 59 Hindus sparked a retaliatory strike that resulted in the deaths of over 1,200 people, mostly Muslims. According to many, Modi had not done enough to prevent the attack, and subsequently did nothing to find and prosecute the attackers. Though a legal tribunal last year in Gujarat cleared Modi of all charges surrounding the massacre, he had already become something of a pariah around the world, including in the United States. He was ultimately the first foreign dignitary to ever be denied an entrance visa to the U.S. under the provisions of the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998. For all practical purposes, Modi was forever banned from entering the US, a status in which he apparently takes great pride.

Forever doesn’t exist in politics…

Meanwhile, in India, memories over the incident were short, especially among the majority Hindus, many of whom had a none-too-favorable view of the West, anyway. Modi was also gaining favor with powerful business interests. He was reelected to his position twice, and during his three terms in office, has managed to oversee an increase in Gujarat‘s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of over ten percent, far better than other provinces or the country as a whole. As his popularity has soared, Modi has found himself being touted by many Indians as the best candidate for India’s Prime Minister, and at this writing, his victory in the election to that office is all but a foregone conclusion. Should he win the election, the U.S. would find itself in a political conundrum, to say the least. As for Modi, he must certainly realize that the “badge of honor” he has long paraded needs to be put away on a shelf somewhere if he is to be considered seriously as Prime Minister and afforded the political perks that are typically bestowed upon heads of state.

The game changes for the US

If and when he assumes the position of Prime Minister, Modi, as head of state, will no longer come under the provisions of the International Religious Freedom Act that had resulted in his earlier ban as a diplomat. He will, of course, be the same person who allegedly tolerated the slaughter of ethnic Muslims in Gujarat province, but as head of state, cannot be denied an entry visa. Given the apparent trend in his popularity and the fact that no case could be made against him in his own province, the U.S. has already begun looking at and dealing with Modi in an entirely different light.

The U.S. State Department tried to schedule a meeting in New Delhi between Modi and Nancy J. Powell, U.S. Ambassador to India, but Modi, keenly aware of his growing clout in the world’s most populous democracy, insisted that the meeting be held in Gujarat’s capital, Gandhinagar. On February 13 of this year, the meeting was held, and according to Modi’s wishes. State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki’s statements during a press briefing indicated that the meeting was “not a reflection of anything changing regarding our long-standing and strong advocacy for human rights around the world”. Yet it was obvious that the U.S. realized that a softening of their earlier stance was not only necessary, but inevitable, especially since a number of the United States’ closest allies, including the United Kingdom and Germany, had already made it clear that they were willing to deal with a Modi ministry. The fact that the U.S. has a significant Indian population only adds to the pressure.

With the U.S. emerging very slowly from the recent recession, American lawmakers are feeling intense pressure from business lobbies to promote trade with India, as well as from human rights groups that remain unsatisfied with the 2013 decision by the Indian courts not to prosecute Modi. And while President Obama does lean favorably toward the human rights groups’ perspective, he is also keenly aware of his primary responsibilities, the restoration of the U.S. business climate being at or very near to the top of the list.

It is likely that relations with India will thaw considerably, and that additional trade agreements will be instituted between the two countries, but at the same time, there will likely still be discussions concerning human rights, especially regarding how a Modi-led India will act toward that country’s Muslim minority. How these conflicting agendas will ultimately manifest is anyone’s guess, but it is safe to assume that even in moments of heated rhetoric between the two countries, the effort to build a strong economic and strategic alliance will continue.

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Rebecca Gray

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    (April 17 ‘14) The voter turn-out in Bangalore was 35% (itself inflated from the actual figure) and the high turn-out in the rest of India was electronically fabricated using microwave signals from satellites (see IndianAirForcePilotsMurderDOTblogspotDOTcom ) though the actual turn-out was a half or a third or a quarter of the figures given out. CIA-RAW will assign these fabricated votes to whomever they choose. CIA-RAW began fabricating the high turn-out figures to counter my “The opinions and votes of India’s slave population suffering from mass-psychosis (below) do not matter” after media reports of very low turn-outs late on April 7 — the first day of polling.

    (April 15 ‘14) Bharatiya Janata Party is a Goonda Party which chases a Goonda (Modi) instead of worshipping this Avatar who can make India the supreme military and economic power in the world immediately (see below); it must be destroyed. Regarding the BJP president’s statement about not changing the “no first use” of nuclear weapons: what these Goondas (including Goondas like K. Subrahmanyam; see ‘Offer to Me by CIA Director and K. Subrahmanyam‘: HaydenSubrahmanyamDOTblogspotDOTcom ) working for the CIA say does not matter, only what Satish Chandra says matters. I have made abundantly clear India’s plans (see below) for the first use of nuclear weapons against the United States without itself suffering a single casualty. And see what I have said below about the Goonda M. K. Gandhi.

    (April 9 ‘14) Azam Khan says India’s Muslim soldiers won the Kargil war for India. I have said for years that the Kargil war was started by Pakistan’s army chief Musharraf on the CIA’s orders to make Vajpayee win the election that was pending after he had lost a vote of confidence as prime minister; that Hindu-Muslim conflict before 1947 was created and managed by the Intelligence Bureau leading to the partition of the country and its Indian and Pakistani successors (RAW & ISI which cooperated in the Kargil war & terror attacks such as the November 26, 2008 attack on Mumbai, etc.) continue to do so after 1947.

    (April 4-6 ‘14) The opinions and votes of India’s slave population suffering from mass-psychosis (below) do not matter; only nuclear weapons matter — to simultaneously destroy Washington, New York, RAW headquarters, South Block and North Block with a warning that additional U.S. cities will be destroyed, with nuclear warheads already emplaced in them, if there is any retaliation or sign of retaliation. In a letter dated July 27, 1982 to Indira Gandhi as prime minister I referred to an act, by American Jews, that was “the equivalent of an annihilatory nuclear first strike on India”. In her reply dated July 29, 1982 she wrote “Dear Mr. Chandra, I have received your letter dated July 27, 1982 and am passing it on to my Principal Secretary to deal with it. Sincerely, Indira Gandhi”. In December, 1982 I wrote to her “There was sudden, terminal, overwhelming violence against me during a seminar at Harvard University and rather similar occurrences earlier… India can expect sudden, annihilatory violence … with nuclear weapons … against its population … unless it can mount a decisively superior force to stop it”. Following my advice, India’s strategic program, including the Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme and the Centre for Advanced Technology, was started to give India victory in a nuclear war with the United States and because of my influence on her, Indira Gandhi as prime minister was assassinated by CIA-RAW and later when Rajiv Gandhi realized the truth of what I had written to her after the American invasion of Iraq which was the first Gulf War, he was also assassinated by CIA-RAW. In the past few years, I have had India’s nuclear forces emplace nuclear warheads in Washington, New York and other U.S. cities and India is now in a position to destroy the United States without being destroyed. In fact, India is in a position now to destroy the United States without itself suffering a single casualty by triggering its nuclear warheads emplaced in Washington and New York with a warning that additional U.S. cities will be similarly destroyed if there is any retaliation or sign of retaliation. Note that Vajpayee could not have done that because of his relationship with the CIA which brought and kept him in office. The same is the case with all other Indian politicians because of their participation in the CIA’s crimes against me which the CIA can threaten to expose.

    This is what I said when asked if India is just a pawn. “Yes, it is a pawn, a slave, a society suffering from mass-psychosis. Despite the recent revelations about M. K. Gandhi being a homosexual who reveled in his “slavery with a vengeance” to the white man, who engaged in a fake ‘freedom struggle” with the British managed by the Intelligence Bureau, the entire Indian government went to his memorial on his death anniversary this January 30, 2012 to pay tribute. India is a very sick society. (I had urged that all his portraits in government offices, etc. be burned). … By saying that India is suffering from mass-psychosis, I am being generous and kind of giving it the excuse of being ill (of the several hats I wear, I am also a mental health professional) but a country of 1.2 billion people being so terrified of much smaller numbers of people from half way around the world cannot really be excused. … ” (see RAWsTraffickingOfIndianChildrenDOTblogspotDOTcom ).

    (The above is about one-fifth of my comment; the full comment can be found at IndiasLegitimateRulerSatishChandraDOTblogspotDOTcom ).1

    • Dude…are you for real!!!? stop day dreaming.

      • Someblah

        No he is bonkers. I once had a misfortune of actually stumbling on his blog.

        I suspect, he either uses huge imagination power, or perhaps, large amount of weed.

    • Amit

      You are a pig-dog crossbreed.

  • manofsan

    As a lifelong atheist and a supporter of Narendra Modi, I feel that Modi has been the victim of a smear campaign by spin-doctors attempting to impose an ethnic caricature, seeking to repeat and to spread a slanderous picture which has been authored by a corrupt socialist kleptocracy.

    The word “Hindu” was itself coined by Muslims – it was Muslims (both trading and invading) who slapped the label “Hindu” onto the myriad ethnic groups which inhabit India. It has the same meaning as “pagan”, “infidel”, “kaffir”, “non-believer”. This is no different than how Columbus slapped the label “Indians” onto the various Native American tribes of North America. Eventually, Native Americans themselves got fed up enough of this label to do away with it.

    India’s ruling Congress Party kleptocracy has brought the country to ruin through decades of misrule, and is desperately trying to hang onto power by labeling any challengers to its power as “fanatics” and “fundamentalists”. This is no different than how the Mubarak dictatorship in Egypt hangs onto power, projecting itself as the valiant stalwart for democracy and “secularism” surrounded by a fanatical populace. Corrupt regimes do this in order to court international support to offset their domestic unpopularity, as well as to justify imposing a police state which keeps its boot on everyone’s necks. India’s ruling Congress Party seeks the same, and has been steadily encroaching on domestic freedoms and committing ever greater abuses of power in the name of “secularism”. Dictatorial regimes in Egypt and Syria likewise go out of their way to whisper into the ears of minorities, telling them “the bulk of the population here are fanatics who want to wipe you out! Support the regime, because only we can protect you! If we fall, you will also fall!” Likewise, the Congress Party crudely and crassly does the same thing, in order to sew fear among particular ethnic groups and cultivate them as loyalists. Short of raising their own orphans like Ceaucescu did, the Congress Party kleptocracy will stop at nothing to cultivate loyal minions who can be rallied to defend the corrupt ruling regime to the bitter end.

    In 2002, a train full of Hindu pilgrims was torched by a Muslim mob, burning 59 men, women and children alive. This triggered rioting between Hindus and Muslims in which 750 Muslims and 250 Hindus were killed. The predatory opportunists in the ruling socialist Congress Party and their Left-wing allies quickly sought to portray this event as “proof” of a “Hindu fascist mob threat” to India. Since then, they have worked tirelessly to project this “Hindu fascist threat” as the main reason why the prevailing socialist kleptocratic rule should continue unendingly. The Indian electorate have voted for decades and are fairly cynical towards the longstanding grandstanding of India’s traditional left-wing populist political demagogues. It’s time to boot these bums out, and no hyper-dramatic scare-mongering about “the rise of fascism” is going to fool the Indian electorate.

    Godwin’s Law, anyone?

  • Desk

    Its unfortunate that western governments were trapped into believing
    that Modi violated human rights. That was a big conspiracy by the
    opposition party that wanted to damage his reputation. They were
    insecure of his growing popularity because of his progressive views, no
    nonsense policies and anti-corruption stands.
    Modi was cleared and
    was given a clean-chit by all the courts including by the Supreme Court
    of India – that too when the same opposition party was ruling the
    country. Since 2002 riots, he was elected three times by both muslims
    and hindus of his constituency . People of India are tired of Dynasty
    Politics. Modi is a self made man who was born in a low income family
    and worked hard to become successful. He is a visionary and a firm
    believer of democracy and secularism.

  • Subrata Ghoshroy

    To paraphrase an oft-quoted statement, there are neither permanent friends nor enemies, just permanent interests. Despite some recent hiccups the so-called “strategic” (read business and profits) relation between the US and India will only grow driven by the global military-industrial complex.

  • sangeeth

    What manofsan mention is right. Modi has been victim of a smear campaign mainly of congress. Congress has invented a religion called Hindu and this religion is born and exists only in the pages of Indian constitution.No less than Nehru says Hinduism is nothing but Brahminism who came from Iran and forced the rest of the Indians to become untouchables, landless, eneducated and poor and converted a great nation with a vibrant economy and knowledge leadership to become backward and weak so as to suffer under foreign yoke for centuries.

    British for administrative reasons considered all as Hindus like the Arabs did. Congress knowingly adopted this social set up for India knowing fully well that this generalisation was the basic reason for partition of India.

    Today the so called seculars insists that Hinduism is a religion where BJP says it is not. Now since when telling a lie is seen as secular I do not know.

  • SM

    Unless the American are about to take over the responsibility of the 160 million Indian Muslim population over from the Indians, I think they should mind their own business. I think a country that invaded two Muslims countries in the last decade, one on manufactured lies, which caused the death and destruction of countless Muslims cannot and should not have any moral authority to speak for any group of Muslims, Indian of otherwise. India has a secular constitution, which Indians gave to themselves, therefore its citizens, Muslims or otherwise are not at the mercy of Americans benevolence. Americans should worry about its wars, specially on, how not to invade another Muslim country this decade, and thereby take the first step to improve its popularity in most Muslim countries from its current single digits. There is a reason India has fought tooth and nail for the last 65 odd years not to come under any foreign pressure on foreign or domestic policy, so that its citizens can elect its own leaders, and even though I dont speak for all Indians, I will be damned if I let anyone bully me out of my right to vote for any damn candidate.