Uncle Ruslan Tsarni’s Organization May Have Funded Terrorists

Why isn’t the Boston bombing suspects’ uncle Ruslan Tsarnaev/Tsarni considered a “person of interest” by the FBI?  Or, heavens forbid, a “suspect” in the Boston Marathon bombing plot?

Is it because of his work with State Department and CIA connected USAID around the Caucasus region?  Is it because he was formerly married to the daughter of a very high-ranking CIA official?  Is it because this high-ranking CIA official, Graham E. Fuller, was deeply involved in “Islamic extremism,” for which he is a noted author and strategist?  Or that Graham Fuller was CIA station chief in Kabul, Afghanistan?  Could it be because his former father-in-law, Graham Fuller, “served 20 years in the Foreign Service, mostly the Muslim World, working in Germany, Turkey, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, North Yemen, Afghanistan, and Hong Kong. In 1982 he was appointed the National Intelligence Officer for Near East and South Asia at CIA, and in 1986 Vice-Chairman of the National Intelligence Council at CIA, with overall responsibility for all national level strategic forecasting.”

Could it be related to Fuller’s paper that launched the Iran/Contra activities?  Or could it simply be Graham Fuller’s role in “strategic forecasting” both then and now?

Whatever the reasons, the Federal Bureau of Investigation should surely be interested in a little organization that Mr. Ruslan Tsarni set up in 1995 called the “Congress of Chechen International Organization[s].”

Why should FBI care about an old “Congress” of Chechen organizations?  There are several reasons known so far, perhaps many more, to look into this group and its activities.

America’s Rottweiler, Daniel Hopsicker, has sunk his fangs into Ruslan Tsarnaev’s history, and he doesn’t appear to be letting go any time soon.  Uncle Ruslan became the darling of the US press by immediately denouncing the two brothers as “losers” and even claiming that their brains were “stolen” by some radical Islamic cleric whom he had never met or spoken to.

But Uncle Ruslan Tsarni/Tsarnaev’s work for USAID and his close connections to one of the top CIA strategists and a boastful expert on “Islamic extremism,” should cause us to take a very close look at his own actions.  A quick search of USAID’s longtime ties to the CIA turns up this gem of a document, which once was “top secret,” but now declassified tells us:

Memorandum For: Deputy Director of Operations

Subject: Joint CIA/USAID Terrorist (Technical) Investigations Course #7 (English Language)…

1. This effort is a joint CIA/USAID training program for foreign police/security personnel…

This was dated March 7th of 1973 and is hosted right on the USAID website (at least at the time of writing).

Bloomberg told us that Ruslan Tsarni “was a legal consultant to a U.S. company contracted under USAID in a program of economic assistance for Kysrgyzstan.”  Hopsicker exposed that Uncle Ruslan Tsarni is also a Halliburton connected oil man who profited generously from Kazakhstan’s oil fields.

Well, don’t the coincidences just keep piling up around this guy?  Are we in the trillions to one range yet?

Two students from Kazakhstan were charged Wednesday morning for “destroying” evidence related to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, including fireworks without the gunpowder.  Destroying evidence?  Or planting?  They don’t seem to have “destroyed” it very well.

What would motivate some “friends” to go and tamper with evidence on the biggest terrorism case since 9/11?  This seems out of the ordinary activity, to say the least.  A third man is also facing criminal charges in this evidence tampering and Obstruction of Justice.

Be that as it may, the US media has gone dark on Mr. Graham Fuller and his undeniable relationship with Mr. Ruslan Tsarni/Tsarnaev.  Not one corporate news outlet has covered this Hopsicker initiated piece despite it being incontrovertible.  Fuller wrote about Ruslan in his memoir, Three Truths and a Lie.  Not only does Mr. Fuller’s name link directly, by marriage, to the Tsarnaev clan, his home address links directly to a Chechen front organization used to funnel funds to named terrorists.

Here is where the plot coagulates.  Hopsicker was not satisfied with a failed marriage.  He went deeper.  The Congress of Chechen International Organization[s] assisted one Shaikh Fathi in 1996 by using a “charity” called Benevolence International to get “aid” to the Chechen freedom fighters.  All fine and well, except for a couple of years later we have 9/11, and then American prosecutors like Patrick Fitzgerald begin turning over stones.

One of those slimy, moss covered stones leads to Shaikh Fathi.  The Fitzgerald indictment reads: “Sheikh Fathi was a major conduit for providing material support to the Chechen rebels.”  The indictment was against Benevolence International.  That “charity” was shut down after the US Treasury Department determined that they were “financiers of terrorism.”

The document that Hopsicker acquired, on Congress of Chechen International Organization[s] letterhead, is potentially the Achilles Heel of the entire covert war in Chechnya against the Russians.  Beyond the Boston bombing, this exposes a Chechen front group created by the son in law of a top CIA official that used this same CIA official’s home address on the official application when Ruslan set up the front!  This may be considered “poor tradecraft.”  A bad decision in 1995 may have just exposed the entire CIA connected terrorism nexus to the world.  And not one US “news” outlet will say one word about it.

Dozens of reporters gave open microphones to Ruslan Tsarni/Tsarnaev when he denounced his two nephews as “losers” and that he wished they had “never existed.”  But what a contrast in news coverage now that this man Ruslan Tsarni himself is found to be very close to the Central Intelligence Agency, since 1995.

It seems as though the name “Graham Fuller” cannot be published in connection to this case, in any corporate media organization in the United States, nor in Europe.  This is essentially Orwellian manipulation of the public, and should be considered the top censored news story of the year, and perhaps of the decade.

Another international terrorist threat warning concerned Tamerlan Tsarnaev, this time in 2012 from Saudi Arabia.  A Saudi official told Daily Mail UK about a letter to US intelligence and that they wouldn’t even allow Tamerlan Tsarnaev to enter Saudi Arabia last December, 2012, for his desired pilgrimage to Mecca.  The Saudi intelligence did not just repeat what Russia had said, and instead the warning was “based on human intelligence developed independently in Yemen.”  Apparently the Saudi Foreign Minister and National Security Chief then met with Barack Obama in the Oval Office to discuss it early in 2013. Denied, denied, denied.

The usually reliable Israeli intelligence website DebkaFile suggested two things about this Boston Marathon bombing case that were not readily apparent at the time.  These were 1) that the brothers (or older brother) were recruited by US intelligence, and that 2) they turned on their recruiters as double agents for Jihad.

The second part is speculative.  But the first part suggests more detailed knowledge of the Tsarnaevs and of covert activities in the Caucasus.  Most of the data concerning Uncle Ruslan were public and accessible, just waiting for someone like Hopsicker to piece it together.  The freakish response of the FBI to Tamerlan Tsarnaev, despite international terrorist threat warnings, suggests something odd about this case.  While double-agents are not unique and this has precedents, such as Ali Mohamad, we still have no proof that the brothers actually committed the bombings.  They are being tried in the media, piece by piece, without legal recourse to challenge the accusations or the so-called evidence against them.

Russian news outlet Izvestia provides another piece of the puzzle, and it supports the Israeli claim that the brothers were recruited by US intelligence.  On Tamerlan’s trip to Russia in 2012 (Jan. to July), there is a report by Georgian intelligence that Tamerlan Tsarnaev attended “training” at the Jamestown Foundation, connected with the Caucasus Fund.  All have ties to CIA.  As for Jamestown Foundation, guess who gave a keynote speech in 2008 there called “Turkey & the Caucasus after Georgia”?

Only your favorite “strategist,” the man whose name US media dare not speaketh.  What a little tiny world we’ve inherited.

[Editor’s note: A previous version of this article said that Tamerlan Tsarnaev had entered Georgian territory and attended “training” at the Jamestown Foundation; however, Izvestia article from which this was sourced didn’t say he entered Georgia, only that Georgian intelligence was aware of the training. The error has been corrected.]

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Joe Giambrone

Joe Giambrone is an American writer and filmmaker whose articles appear at Counterpunch, Globalresearch.ca, Opednews and elsewhere. He also edits The Political Film Blog, and his novel "Hell of a Deal: A Supernatural Satire" is available online, including at Amazon. 

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  • I have submitted one correction, to the 2nd to last paragraph. The Izvestia report does not state that Tamerlan Tsarnaev “entered Georgian territory” only that Georgian security was aware of his training at Jamestown Faoundation. The location is not specified. The new sentence should read:

    “On Tamerlan’s trip to Russia in 2012 (Jan. to July), there is a report by Georgian intelligence that Tamerlan Tsarnaev attended “training” at the Jamestown Foundation, connected with the Caucasus Fund (corrected 5/3/13).”

    Izvestia article:

    “Tamerlane Tsarnaeva recruited via the Georgian Foundation”

    (Translated at Google Translator)

  • joaquina

    See and this is why so many including myself believe that the boys were framed. When i watched the bombing myself i was amazed at how fast they found these boys. One reason is that the FBI and CIA has a drill on the same day. According to reports it would 1 in a billion that you would have a drill on the same day that an actually attack would happen. Second was that reports of Tamerlan being on the FBI watch list and lord and behold both him and his brother were seen on video at the marathon. My theory was that and still is that the FBI drill went wrong and they seen Tamerlan on video and they had there man. Second after reading a report about the first person of interest was the son of the Saudi Foreign Minister a friend of Obama. Also was did Michelle Obama visited this person of interest in the hospital than all of a sudden from being a person of interest to a victim. I just hope that they truly let this young man go. If this is all a setup please set the record straight. We as american deserve the TRUTH and the Whole TRUTH

    • Joe Giambrone

      Response to joaquina:

      “One reason is that the FBI and CIA has a drill on the same day. ”

      What is your source? What specifies that drills involved FBI and/or CIA? This could be misinformation or speculation. The drills have been covered up and not talked about by authorities. The issue needs to be investigated further.

  • MaryLynn Ritch

    This article and the premise behind it area terrible.The man lost family and is going through something we cant comprehend. I know it’s pointless to post on something where people have made up their mind about him and tell us “to think” and “open our eyes” because “it’s all a conspiracy” cause by “the government” or Whatever the hell yall make up but I have to admit this is really pathetic. Feel bad for this guy and I hope he doesnt come across this nonsense on the internet after putting on such a brave face for his family.

  • So MaryLynn, the emotion we are to have for this man should cloud our analysis of the evidence? Got it.

    In other developments, read about and watch new videos concerning the CIA/NATO Operation Gladio.

  • Jean Serps

    There are not a lot of people in the us that think these two fools were framed.
    Once you take the time to read the indictment, any educated person would normally conclude that these two are the prime suspects in the case, allowing a court to officially render a legal decision.
    I really grow tired of these calls of conspiracy theories from eneducated, radical people. You sound like the witch of a mother, a convicted criminal.

    • Joe Giambrone

      Response to Jean Serps.

      Whether the two brothers were involved or not is not the only question, nor even the crucial question. How did this happen, and who else were involved? That is much more relevant to us right now and into the future. It’s not about what most people believe. It’s about the actual truth.

  • Alex Postallian

    graham fuller–graham fuller–graham fuller–graham fuller,graham fuller–IS THAT ENOUGH F.B.I. THEY ARE turks–fullers friends,that he has mentored.Why is this trash over here.The uncle with Halburton,another dodge..YOU BETTER INVESTIGATE THE uncle,graham fuller,rest of the dirty mess.Also graham fuller was with the c.i.a.in jerky turkey.ARE ALL YOU STUPIDS GOT THE POINT—–OUCH…

  • Alex Postallian

    Your column practices YELLOW JOURNALISM–HIDING THE TRUTH….

  • Joe Giambrone

    “Your column practices YELLOW JOURNALISM–HIDING THE TRUTH….”

    In what way?

    You post seems to practice vapidity. If you have a fact to dispute, you should specify what it is. What you did was called “ad hominem” attack, an empty, hollow logical fallacy.

  • UPDATES: 5/10/13

    Exactly 1 (one) European newspaper covered the Graham Fuller revelations. That is the Daily Mail UK:

    I added this link for “Ali Mohamad” which I believe is important to understand. The context provided by the Ali Mohamad case shouldn’t be overlooked:

    I have also posted about a 2nd CIA link to the Boston bombing suspects. A professor at Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s college is a CIA operative who specializes in — wait for it — “Suicide bombers.” This man, Brian Glyn Williams helped instruct Dzhokhar in his Chechen heritage for years, sending him propaganda through email 1 on 1. He claims they never met in person, even though Dzhokhar lived at the college where he is a noted professor and authority on the “War on Terror” as well as Jihadis, terrorism and suicide bombing.


  • Carol Burt

    I would like this to serve as a public retraction of my accusations concerning Ruslan Tsarnaev(Tsarni) and his connections to any terorrist or mafia groups. These allegations were based on misleading info i retrieved from public records sites regarding a business incorporated in Md in 1995.I personally have no idea what he used the business for and it was a grave error to assume something and slander and commit libel against a person i do not even know.