US State Department’s Reprehensible Hypocrisy

On July 19, 2011, in a briefing at the State department meant to bring attention to the drought and famine conditions afflicting over 11 million people in the Horn of Africa, Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Johnnie Carson reprehensibly stated “there are many more in need in Eritrea, where a repressive regime is refusing to provide data on the humanitarian needs of its people”. That statement is not only inflammatory and entirely self-serving but completely politically motivated.

To begin with, how can Mr. Carson ascertain with certainty “that there are many more in need in Eritrea” when he doesn’t even know the true facts on the ground in Eritrea? It’s reprehensible that Mr. Carson and the State Dept. would use the current conditions in the Horn to try to take political pot-shots at the Eritrean government. It is worth pointing out that there are currently tens of thousands of Diaspora Eritreans vacationing throughout Eritrea. Any hint of starvation or famine would have made it out.

Second, Mr. Carson should be reminded that his Ethiopian ally Meles Zenawi just recently publicly announced that Ethiopia would be buying over $100 million dollars’ worth of tanks from Ukraine. This is against the backdrop of the drought/famine in Ethiopia and at a time when the Ethiopian government is appealing for nearly $400 million to feed nearly 4 million of its own citizens.

What makes this even more perverse is that recently IGAD, at the behest of the Ethiopian government and in concert with the US administration, is calling for increasing the sanctions against Eritrea, “specifically targeting Eritrea’s mining revenues and Diaspora remittances”, which would/could be used by Eritrea to not only feed itself without having to rely on aid handouts, but develop its economy.

In light of this, Mr. Carson and the US State Department’s statement ring not only hollow, but are deeply shameful and disgusting. They should stick to trying to help the people of the Horn, rather than using it as an excuse to try to shame or embarrass the Eritrea. And if Mr. Carson and the US State Department are genuinely interested in the well-being of Eritreans, as they claim they are, the US should be voting against sanctioning the country’s meager resources and compounding Eritrean’s problems.

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Filmon Tesfay

Filmon Tesfay is an Eritrean-Canadian activist. 

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  • alex

    Here is a small nation eritrea, strugling to be self reliance and free of foreign handout and influence. The hard work of Eritreans and their visionary leaders is paying off. This is why Eritrea becoming ulcer to Carson and whom he represent. See Carson want Eritrea to be hungry so he can serve his political purpose. To show the world that he, risen in somewhere in gheto, cares more about Eritreans than our beloved leaders and brothers. And once again in the name of Hunger, they want to establish their spy network and USAID and infiltrate and weaken Eritreans Unity and compromise its teritorial integrity. Mr carson,u may fool the media outlets and trash eritrea at every opportunities u get, But Eritreans knows dam well your hidden agenda. Carson thanks but no thanks to your hand out.

  • Yohannes

    The best way to settle this argument of whether there is drought in Eritrea and whether there are food shortages and even famine is simply for this most repressive and most incompetent regime in Eritrea to allow neutral third parties to enter the country and assess the situation.

    • Gabriella

      I agree. If Eritrea does have well nourished population, why not open the country for independent observers to see whether or not in is true? Why be so secretive about something to be happy about? The truth of matter is, a closed society with a command economy cannot produce enough for its people even in favorable weather conditions.

      The second point is, the regime has always made military matters a priority and will always use any available funds for military use first. This means, the well-being of the people will always be secondary.

      • john

        What a crass racist stupidity. I think the US government is hiding starvation of its people from the financial meltdown it suffered. Should the US government be humiliated by “third party intl. observers” by allowing it to open up all its dealings including its torture methods of suspected terrorists?…oops I forgot you are talking of black third world people who should submit, no parallel with the master race here, damn me!

        • Gabriel

          Please, dude, we know abour Eiraero. We know about the “helicopter”. All of those who recieved that treatment were never an existential threat to Eritrea; they even worked and fought for Eritrea. The dictator and his henchmen highjacked Eritrea away from it’s people; that’s as simple as that. If you want to confuse Eritrea with the criminal junta, you’re entitled to be as blind and dumb as you wish.

      • solomon

        i agree with u

  • Afro_Canadian

    The “repressive government” of Eritrea has a long track record of feeding its own people during emergency situations and have no qualms in asking for aid when it is needed. There is no need for third parties to come in and do that job for them when they have the best track record in food relief! They have no interest in hiding starving people or purposely starving people.

    It is a shame that Johnnie Carson did not mention the fact that Ethiopia is actually purposely starving Ethiopians in the Ogaden and Oromo region. The actual repressive regime in Ethiopia is starving its own people, hiding the facts and committed/is committing genocide in its own Country!

    The Hipocracy is sickening!!
    What a shame!

    Eritrea is calling out and screaming for justice! All over the world, Eritreans screams for justice! The calls are deafening!
    I pray the security council hears the calls and is on the right side of justice this time in Eritrea’s history.
    If not, Eritreans, like in the past, will always find a way to survive, thrive and prevail!

  • visitor

    There is no need to go farther than Asmara. People are malnourished and desperate. I suppose ever leader is a product of the society. There will come a time where all Eritreans will have enough of this oppression and fight back.

    • shanin

      I am in Asmara right now . do you think you know the situation in Eritrea more than me ? it is shame on is known that the same as many other developing countries we face economic hardships but never the word malnourishment in the Eritrean vocabulary refer for it in the Ethiopian dictionary .
      don’t try to mislead people.

  • Steve Kirkland

    Commenting as a non-partisan (Canadian) observer, I fully admire the independent stance the Eritrean people have taken in the face of adversity and vilification from much of the international community (much of it through sheer ignorance, in my humble opinion). For the last 3 months, I was in Eritrea and I can attest that there is no food shortages or food insecurities taking place. No one was saying anything as Eritrea went an entire year and half without food aid in 2010, all of a sudden, since Ethiopia starts begging the international community to feed their people, that Eritrea too must be starving? This is racist and condescending, as it assumes because Eritrea’s neighbors have failed and continue to fail that Eritrea too must fail. This is nuts and it’s politically motivated. This type of racist tones coming from Jonnie Carson is geared for ignorant readers in North America.

    If Eritrea is a “secretive” nation (as so the narrative goes to sell newspapers these days), then they do a pretty bad job with it because there are thousands of Europeans who live in Eritrea and tens of thousands of Eritrean nationals from the diaspora who visit throughout the year.

    I’m 38 years old, I’m an electrician, Canadian (caucasian) and I can attest there’s no food shortage or hunger taking place within Eritrea. In fact, after being in Eritrea 3 months and seeing what I’ve seen, I think other African nation should follow the Eritrean example and start to feed their population with their own capacity. When did feeding yourself become tantamount to unjust and a human rights abuse? This is racist to the highest degree and Jonnie Carson and his U.S. administration should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Biniam Eritrea

      Well said!

    • Angesom H.


      You are too sentimental. Do not be carried on by what some diabolic diaspora Eritreans who support tyranny inside Eritrea. You better shut up dude because you do not have the slightest clue abot the psychological make up of boastful Eritreans. Compared to other Africans and the Horn region, simply put they are liars!

      For a better understanding of what Eritrea is, just go to, — I assire you, there just there you will have the bitterest taste of Eritrea!!!

  • Willie Woldeab

    Mr Carson is an innocent man, you can tell how he is drugged and totally under the control of the deceitful minority regime in Ethiopia, he is a spokesman for this failed regime, no surprise there, generalization and guesses with no concrete facts and blaming Eritrean regime for their failed policies at any opportunity .

  • J hagerrrr

    We ERITREANs do not need help.we need to shut their wide opem mouth.Do not nock our door.You Americans and the ally Meless.

  • p
  • The world’s renowned author, Thomas Keneally, the author of “Schindler’s List”, on his other best-selling book titled “To Asmara” he observed:
    “Do you know what the emergency really is? You want to hear about the really big emergency? The emergency is that if you guys [Eritreans] succeed, you’ll be an embarrassment to Africa. Who wants a setup like yours? There aren’t many governments on this continent that do. There aren’t many governments in Europe. Colored folk who can look after themselves? It isn’t viable. It upsets the world picture. Don’t you know the West has to believe famine’s an act of God? If they believe that, they only have to make a donation. But if they believe it’s an act of bloody politics, they have to really do something, and that’s too, too complicated. So what is the story? The story is you guys will fall on your own f-ucking swords, because you’ve got this crazy idea that the world will allow you to be perfect!”

    “These guys are astounding! Running all this. And you know what? The world hates ‘em for it! The world hooked into the idea of ‘the helpless Africans!’”

    “You know what I think? They are brave to the point of folly and they’re clever to the point of being dumb. No one absolutely no one, from Washington to Moscow, wants them to succeed. No one. … God’s even taken the rain away from them, for Christ’s sake. Even he thinks they’re wrong-headed. The sin of pride … the sin of being sharp when no one wants them to be.”
    — End of Quote —

    • Angesom H.

      What a lie! Since the uttering of these ambigious statements based on dubious and extremely exaggerated narrations made by fascist PFDJ, Mr Thomas Keneally has since completely revised his position about Eritrea and its mafia rulers back in 2006!!!

      The evidence about him revising his earlier wild expectations are recorded in video in black and white. True to his integrity and intellectual reasoning, he regrets now about his naive and exaggerated opinions with regard to Eritreans.

      Eritreans suffer from a deep seated inferiority complex due to their psychological and physical suffering under the settler Italians’s Apartheid system for 50 long yers between 1890 and 1941. It is due to this non-curable colonial scar that Eritreans try in vain to prove to the world that they are smart so that they can compensate for their shameful slavery that took place in their own country.

      What a cursed people!

  • Simon M

    One thing that the State Department fails to realise is that the more they try to corner Eritrea, the more Eritreans become united to defend their nation. It is perhaps this sort of unjust defamation and aggression that makes Eritreans to be more defiant and be able to move forward.

    Eritrea proved beyond doubt that it can survive without a handout and it appears that this has caused some sleepless nights to those who wish to create crises and be in a position to manage it.

    We have heard over the years that Eritrea is about to collapse. To the contrary, Eritrea continues to make progress in food security. When the entire neighbourhood is struggling with the drought, Eritrea is managing well. Any sane person would praise this achievement, but Mr Carson and the State Department wants to destroy Eritrea’s capacity to develop further using dubious and evilest methods.

    History is repeating itself. Injustice will only breed defiance. It is this that Mr Carson and his team at the state Department fail to grasp.

    • Gabriel

      When is you dictator going to stop destabilizing the neighborhood, including abusing people under his regime’s control? Will the orisoners ever bee free? Will the youth ever go back to their homes and be with their families without having to slave for the regime?

      If this is not the work of the “evilest”, I don’t know what is.

  • Sarah

    History can tell, Eritreans never kneel down and they are always united.No one can break their bonds because it is deeply rooted.
    People like Carson, Susan Rice, Jendayi Frazer, William Ward(Afrocom commander)and many others like them will do whatever they have told to do to be accepted by their Masters.So I am know surprised by these people.
    The United States of America and Western countries, whether they send colored or white people, the people of Eritrea well aware of their hidden agenda.
    For the US and the West,it is very difficult to swallow the progress of Eritrea.But whether they like it or not Eritrea will go forward. Believe me Eritreans will never afraid of anything because they overcame the worst situation you can imagine.I think it would be productive if they change their scenario of famine.

  • kiliawta

    Jonnie carison need to educate himself, but at the same time probably he knowsthe fact but he cant say it, cause he have to keep his job.
    if there is a nation with great hope in africa that is Eritrea. All Eritrea said is leave me alone i can feed myself and beyond. America and the west should be proud of Eritrea, cause Eritrea is self sufficient nation surrounded by hand out, Eritrea is small nation but with big balls, Africans in particularly the gove of the horn are free to come to school in Eritrea learn how to feed yourself.

  • hagos

    Eritrea the war torn country in the past now emerging as victorious country in the horn. I don’t know why mr. Carson bothering him. I thought he cares about Africa. I guess I was wrong. He must be one of those corrupted African leaders who sell third own peope to the west. Shame on you Mr. Carson to be hostile to this degnfied and hard working people of Eritrea.

  • Daniel Gosham

    What is all the fuss about Eritrea is and that? It seems that most of you in these forum failed to recognize that Eritrea has only 4 mil people. Any country should be able to feed these many people. So Eritreans take it easy on the food security pride.

    • Amanuel B.

      How do explain Djibouti then? Don’t bother over exerting your self to try and answer that.
      I think you’re completely missing the point here; In a poverty, conflict, and drought stricken region like the Horn of Africa, what Eritrea has accomplished is truly revolutionary. Especially when you take into account the fact that we have the worlds biggest rogue nation breathing down your necks.
      If you Ethiopians had even an ounce of wisdom, you would have gotten off your knees and emulated our methods.

    • solomon

      Djubuti’s poplation is less than 1 million.
      Why do you think they are hungry?
      Ethiopians are amazing people instead of prasing succees why you are quick to underestimate it when it comes to Eritrea?
      In Eritrea to be dependent on someone even your relatives is shame. Everybody wants to be independent. It is all about culture, to work hard and support yourself. Learn instead of making an excuse. Let us know if you do smething worth copying. We are glad to adopt and make use of it.

  • Biniam Eritrea

    Mr. Carson criticizes Eritrea for not appealing for aid like the other countries in our region. The logical question he should have raised is ‘Why are others countries in the region asking for help while Eritrea is not?’ With little effort, he could have learned that we’ve invested a lot to conserve and manage every drop of water. Even when the rains are not good, we plant and harvest with the water we conserved. In bumper harvest, we save for lean years. If all these safeguards are not sufficient and a gap exists between the supply and demand, we buy food from abroad to fill the short fall….Should people who are determined not go hungry because of drought and not to beg when the supply is short, be condemned or praised? The sanctions on the Eritrean economy that his govenment is contemplating is also no more than an effort to undemine our achivements in food security, and development as a whole.

  • HA

    It is clear that Eritrea is trying to be self-reliant and take care of its own people without the usual handout from on foreign aid. So why not encourage them instead of punishing them for doing what we wish all other Africa countries do? Supporting and back-rolling corrupt leaders just because they, or we for that matter, claim to be our “key allies” in war on terror, will continue to recycle the endless suffering of people in Horn of Africa. What goes around may come around to haunt us…


  • WK

    The NGO Aid industry survives on crisis, and disasters that is the fact. If the aim was to help countries to survive on their own the past 60 years should have shown. On the contrary we are observing things going worse. The only exception to this rule is Eritrea, thus it became a target of NGO Aid industries and beneficiary governmental organizations. All those who are critisizing Eritea their business of loundering aid money is at stake, that simple.

  • Never to kneel down to presure to the end.

    I am not surprised to hear this house negro who have no clue where Africa is,the history of Africa,geographic and geopolitics of Africa,nations with their own way of pride with no slave mentality speak bad of Eritrea.Look back at the one before him with brain of a caw DOCTOR JENDAY FRASER (former assistant secretary for Africa)I don’t know where she got her doctorate degree from?The US universities must have made exceptions for the negros whith slave mentality to just have tittle with no intellectual value to show for it.The u.s foreign policy makers are wrong to for assighning persons who can’t be held accountability or responsibilty of any kind of their irresponsible actions could in edanger the people of Africa.

  • Amanuel B.

    I’ll tell you what, that Johnny Carson gets funnier and funnier every time he opens his mouth to speak. Truly commendable that he left the highly lucrative ‘Late Night Show’ so he can bring his humor to less fortunate people like the Eritreans.
    Seriously though, you know what we Eritreans need more than any thing in this world? TO BE LEFT ALONE. Spare us your crocodile tears, we don’t need any hand outs, and we sure in hell don’t need any of the “aid” agency’s who have an impeccable ability to make matters worse.
    I’m sure there are no shortage of countries in our region who have made kneeling and begging part of their culture.
    Ha, I got it maybe Johnny Carson can host one last benefit show and title it: NGO’s and the countries that love them.

  • TR

    We shouldn’t expect much from the Lords of Famine.
    If they are sincere about helping other nations in dire situations let them sincerly help the farmers to be independent once and for all.

    But that is not the plan, the plan is not sustainable farming it is sustainable Famine.

  • mikhael

    The problem with carson or arson what ever is his name is just he said to please his favourite puppet crime minster melese.The USA goverment has been sanction us secretly since we got our independent,but the whole world did not know that,it is just became officially recently.We do not need any help from USA,they have to keep it their aid in their socks may be they can use fro themsleve.

    • naib

      People please know that these puppet leaders of the Horn are woried that Eritrea is progressing very well. They are afraied of their own people. They have opened their country to western corporation and they have noting to show for it. Our American friends don`t want Eritrea to use her resourses on equal partnership Like the deal with the Canadian mining company. You see they want our leadership to take the usual 10% and send it to Europian Banks for SAFE keeping like mr. Meles`s wife. The American`s are worried about Eritrea`s atitude of do it yourself. They don`t want other african countries to follow. Relax eritrea will emerge victorious, the Eritrean train is already in motion NO ONE CAN STOP US EVER!!!

  • Amanuel (hadendewa)

    Carson’s negative attitude towards Eritrea was clearly not out of concern for the country or the people. He’s obviously distrubed by the achievement Eritrea made with regard to food security at a time when its neighbouring countries (foreign aid dependents) are screaming hunger and seeking for humanitarian relief. I’ve heard Ambassador Carson’s testimony, supposedly about Somalia and the threat of famine in the Horne, before Congress. You can tell the whole “drama” was politically motivated aimed at bashing Eritrea in hopes of succeeding to enlist the country with those that harbour terrorism.The ultmate goal was to slow down the economic progress Eritrea has registered by imposing further sanction.
    Whether willingly or through pressure, Mr. Carso’s inflammatory words against a country that refuses to be dependent on foreign aid and striving to become self-sufficient can not be justifiable and exposes other sinister motives that have nothing to do with helping the people.

  • denden

    I am deeply troubled with the USA’s atittude and handdling the issues regarding the Horn of Africa. USA as it claimes to be democratic state has abrogated its leading role on this and other issues which is kiling millions of people in the horn. Had there not been a wrong policy by the Horn of African countries of Ethiopia, Kenya, somalia, Djibouti and Uganda, the famine that we see today, children dieing and malnaourished would never have happend:this showed the wrong support USA is giveing to these pupet governments enriching their pockets while kidds are dieing needlessliy. Now we can wittnes USA nor for the first time nor second time but ample times pushing the wrong buttons to normalise and help the horn. It is beyond any decent human being belief that the USA for a reasons that is not helping in nay way has chosen to antagonise and turn a blind eye to the injustices and supporting leaders who are not interested on their peoples welfare. We see USA activley engaging itself to destablise and antagonise the small nation of Erittrea for no reason by pushing for sanctions and spreading wrong information about this country. As we have seen the recent USA’s adventure in Iraq by fallsifying wrong information of WMD and now again Ambasador Carson is repeating the same kind of historic error and misjugdement on this tiny and progressive Eritrea. I, as a citizen of the world and firm believer in deocracy, urge President Obama, foreing secretary Clinton, ambasador Susan and Ambassador Carson to take their responsibilty for advancing just justice and fairly treat and handle this issues with maturity to find peacefull resolution towards the horn’s issue. At the same time it is amazing the western world has turn thier back on the Ethiopian government recent purchase of armaments spending millions while children are dieying needlessly. I urge the western nations peopualtion while supporting the children of the horn and to urge their governments to do the right thing and engage in the horn in positive instead of adding more fuel to destablise the region.

  • Ahmed Mohamed

    We now know what is the US up to in Eritrea – to make Eritrea a failed State like Somalia by crippling our economy by putting additional sanctions. The previous sanction is there already to make sure that Ethiopia buy’s military hardware while Eritrea is sanctioned from buying any. At the end, Ethiopia will be pushed to invade Eritrea. In fact (surely) the UK and US must have been pushing Ethiopia to do that since long time but we are lucky that it didn’t happen, and it will not happen since that failed regime has to focus on its internal issues. Our role as Eritreans should be to support our people and Government who are fighting the evil. We should be able to frustrate them like we did during the 1998-2000 Ethiopian invasion of Eritrea.

    Long live Eritrea and its people

  • biniam

    I think it is to blame the Eritrean goverment too for not taking the step to up any loopholes for such ill concieved comments by the US officials blaming them on radio and tv will not serve any good , for Eritrea they better engage them at every apportunity what can you say that guy has no body to advise with a his office and lead poor diplomacy judgments and blame game wasting a number of chances it is not too late the Juba engagment with UN head Ban Ki Mon came late but it is ok and now sending Yemane fine to help out that poor Eritrean UN rep guy hardly explains things. We have to invite and show the reality on the ground Mr Filimon don’t just sound like a pupet be fare blame any who fail to do their home works, we cannot full no one any more and we don’t have to blame only other for what our brothers failed to do, this a comment from with in i wish i could say it open and freely now i can not.

  • Zachy

    what Mr. Carson said is not something that should amaze us. This is the stand of the State Department for more than half a century.They had this wrong policy against Eritrea then and still have it.This is a department that doesn’t learn from its past mistakes; if they were they would have learned from Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia to just name few.Eritrea is a country that has made tremendous achievements in agriculture,medicine,education,and all the necessary infrastructures for real national development without asking for any aid.Any visitor can testify this.Why then this wrong policy of the US.Is it because it is becoming a good example to the third world,but a bad example to the State Departments private interest? (corporations & aid agencies).Eritrea should have been rewarded for what it has achieved and encouraged to teach others. Why should any one be angry just because Eritrea is self reliant and doesn’t want any aid? Only the beggar minority government of Ethiopia and their masters the State Department of the US.No matter what, Eritrea is going to flourish thanks to the united and hard working people it has and more so because it has a government whose leaders are so committed to their people and country.

  • eraman

    The posting of those who against USA all seems to me like barrots talking exactly like the one I hear from TV Eritrea or from the governing click, foremost being Dictator Nsu. No fresh or new findings except cheap and foolish sentiments.

  • eraman

    What a copy and paste and recycled articles from supporters of NSU……………….. It seems that all have been written by only one person but published by different names to show broader endorsement of their views…………… contrary, the broader endorsement of the wrongs are in the number of fleeing eritreans from the country and of late big names… foot ball players, navy personel, journalists, etc Big time!!!!

  • Habtom

    For I know perfectly clear for how and why the noses from the US State department and and likes…….I am more intrigued by the views coming from the nick named above as “eraman”.
    What a sensation, but short of basic common sense and lack of any logics.
    It seems to me some sort of desperation and hopelessness exactly as the way the carson’s and state department behaves.
    Well, I do believe it is a delibrate mis-information and careless assertion from the ERAMAN’s. So, as the saying goes like, “Ena SemEa TsideQese …. NeyTsiE”. For thise who can’t speak Tigrigna, it means, ‘A person who deliberately pretending asleep, it’s not easy to make him/her wake-up’.
    If you realy mean it, well I wish you to open your eyes and GOD help you on that.
    On the comment made on the similarity of the messages opposing Mr Carlson and more like the GOE stance, I would have two very good reasons.
    1) It is too obvious for every one to see and reach the same conclusion.
    2) the GOE stance is the correct one on the issue.

  • Senai

    Mr Carson, you should praise Eritrea for its efforts in food sufficiency, economic grouth, and infrastructure development, not engage in unneccessary bashing campaign.

    Eritrea is transforming its agricultural from the unrealiable rain-fed method to modern irrigation by constructing small dams.The countries mining boom is very promising, where the income from it is expected to enhance the infrastructure.

  • eraman

    This to Sanai.

    Invite you to go and read the promising mining boom from first hand experience not from your confort of your home/country. Enjoy it!!!!!–appalling-work-conditions-at-bisha-nevsun-mining-project-eritrea

  • musie

    i don t anderstand the american instat they help the paretsit govermet

    • Abrahme

      Let’s be realistic. Do our need help at this critical moment? Did the government of Er managed to feed our people? I think what the US representative is saying is that, there are lots of untold stories about what is going on in Eritrtea and the people of Er really need help in the coming drought? Is that not true? If you believe that this is not correct, just call your family member in Eritrea, I mean if you have one, and confirm the story.


  • Mikhael

    The vast majority Americans are nice God fearing people and for this reason we respected the Americans indeed we like them, but the problem is with the minority greedy and interested group in white house who don not like peace and stability in Africa particular in horn of Africa. There is no really problem with self-reliance, but the interested group in the white house do not like that because they do not want to see black people to prosper and live in peace.

    If we go back to the 1998 war between Ethiopia and Eritrea which it costs the lives of 175000 it was the interested group who was pressurising the crime minister of Ethiopia to go to war and secretly they were financing Ethiopia and at the same time they were pretending as mediator’s remember clearly that former ambassador of united state to Ethiopia David shin said Eritrea must be punished,. That time September 11 did not happen so they did not have any accuse to punish us, indeed many people believe September 11 could have been prevented from happening but the USA had a hidden agenda to involve in some other countries internal affairs and as a result of this we became a victim of its evil wishes. Now they are using crime in partner to testify falsely against us. May we going to suffer a little bit but at the end we are going to wine because we are innocent and the world will Know the truth.
    I just also would like to thanks for Julian assange for exposing naked for these criminals worst than alqaeda.

  • Mikael

    Respond to Eraman since you said that you watch Eri tv it is easiy to find out who you are from north Ethiopia.Enjoy licking the feet of your masters.

  • Mikhael

    To Eraman
    the auther of is Tesfaldet Maharena the son of asmara sweet factory his father was killed by derg while he was spying for tigrai libertion front,so we Eritrean do not trust that website.Only tgrai like you visit that web

  • haile

    You guys are total idiots. In Eritrea there is hunger,
    there is drought, there is government repression, abuse and every ugly things that is in nthis world.
    For God sake you should look around you. Why thousands of Eritrean youngsters are streaming to neighbouring countries? In Asmera there are a lot of beggers. These are facts witnessed by me and witnessed by many other people.

    May God save the people of Eritrea. And Thanks to Mr. Carson for his comments.

  • haile

    Fat ass, big and foul mouthed pro PFDJ Diaspora Eritreans are depicting a picture of Eritrea that does not exist. In Eritrea there is misery created, basically engineered and manufactured by
    Issays and Company.

  • Berhane

    Mr. corso leave us alone, we do not want your Aid, give to those who asked you and need you ,,,,,How come those countries never get better for almost 50 years,,,Eritrea is securing its food so do not worry,

  • Jack

    if by “idiots” U intended to make me believe in your analysis, then U lost me then and there. Eritreans do not like people who do not respect them irrespective of their belief and ideology.
    PS: only an idiot calls others idiots without a reason!

  • haile


    There is no need for reasoning. You do not need any logic to comprehend the misery that the eriritrean people in the country are living in. If you cannot see that you are definitly an idiot.

  • eraman

    Thumb up Haile. This guys can tell you black is white in broad day light and if you even show a slight disagreement you will be made to disappear.

    You’re wayany, tigri is their only montra. See the logic of Mikhael involving ones father irrespective of Tesfaldet Maharena outstanding performance with meager resouces, but great will power. I wish our performance was like wayany.

    NSU/PFJD had at least 90% support when they arrived. Wayani had hardly 10% in Ethiopia. Today, it just the revese. The difference is merely between good and bad performance in general facets of nation affairs.

    As for agriculture in Senai comments, one should understand that all this fuss is to feed merely 2 million Eritrean .. others are either have either left the country to run from misrule or are well feed thanks to the funds comign from dispora who are hear praising their Gov. Do you know what the population of Addis Ababa is stupid? 3 million plus.

    • Amanuel B.

      “NSU/PFJD had at least 90% support when they arrived. Wayani had hardly 10% in Ethiopia. Today, it just the revese.”
      By far the most bizarre statements coming from you clowns on this forum. President Isaias Afwerki literally walks around Asmara with little to no security detail, but in you’re eyes he is deeply despised. Whereas meles zenawi has to shut down whole sections of Addis before he can even venture out, is loved by all??!!?
      either you’ve got a serious case of dementia, or you’re just plain stupid. either way, maybe you should start listining to those people that are telling you “black is white in broad day light” perhaps their trying to help you.

  • Awget

    The one and the only debt free Country in the World is Eritrea mr.Carson besides food security, how do you like that? very disturbing ha !

  • Abraham

    Mr Tesfay,are you talking about the people of eritrea or about one man leadership en his elite?

  • Angesom H.

    Ms Tesfay is one of the few lunatic apologists of the fascist regime of Issayas Afewerki who enjoys the liberty of free speech and the right to live in freedom in the liberal democratic west while refusing to acknowledge the same rights for the citizens of Eritrea.

    Dirt poor Eritrea has failed miserably under the tyranny of Issayas for the last 20 years since independence.

    Tiny and cursed Eritrea failed because it envisaged a parasitic developmemt agenda based on its own origin for it is created by colonialist Italy and hence Italy assumed full responsiblity in administering it with immense transfer of wealth from the Italian taxpayers for some 50 years. This is the core reason why Eritrea was apparently transformed in relative terms vis-a-vis Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan and Djibouti. Little Eritrea does not have the resources to achieve the results registered under Italian Fascism when it gained independence from resource rich Ethiopia in 1993.

    Ms Tesfay, you are a bitchy hypocrite! Rather you must have the integrity to advance the interests of our Eritrean citizens which is by and large human liberty instead of defending the mafia grop which ruthlessly rules over Eritrea. Shame on you!!!

    Gual Angesom H. from Cologne, Germany

    • Amanuel B.

      “What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this forum is now dumber for having read it.”

      -Principle from Billy Madison

      Seriously though, maybe what you were trying to say made much more sense in German.

      First off, resource wealth does not necessarily equate to development (for proof look at the southern half of the planet), good sound governance does. Second; in the 20 years that Eritrea has been independent the government and it’s people have achieved more in infrastructure, health, and education than your masters in Addis (even with their wealth in resources ;).

      All of you wretched so called ‘opposition’ groups and you’re crab in a bucket mentality who incessantly gripe about freedom of speech, should try a quick experiment; collect as much money as you can, and then open up a newspaper in your respective western countries that advocates for the violent overthrow of said government. Then let’s talk about freedom of speech…morons.

  • Ticked Off

    This is the truth no one wants to look into. Sometimes, its best to admit and accept what is rather than looking for what is not. A while ago I read a story where it says some countries in the Horn of Africa are aspiring to join the middle class nations. The truth is that is only a statement, not backed by substance. Forget to join majority middle class nations, feed yourselves first and then make the condition for a potential middle nation. The Horn of Africa has 200 million people and all these people have resources worth trillions of dollars, instead of working toward extracting these resources (minerals) and start living better, they are embroiled into a never ending war. Usually these wars are perpetrated by outside forces. If you look at Ethiopia, it has lost its compass, a poor country aspiring to join a middle class nation but WORKING TIRELESSLY TO REMAIN POOR AND GET POORER. For give my diatribe, but sometimes reality is harsh.