Egypt and Tunisia: Plutocracy Won

As for the presence of Zionist luminary Joe Lieberman in Tunisia and Egypt, will Egyptians and Tunisians now be questioning what they were revolting about and for what purposes? Probably not. Once the spectre of the atavistic mob is unleashed under the guise of “liberty, equality, fraternity,” as the revolutionaries of another era put it, it takes some time for the ramifications of their actions to be comprehended. The disquiet that was expressed regarding the toppling of regimes “friendly to the USA” and how their demise might impact negatively on Israel was smoke and mirrors. The likes of NED, IRI,, etc are not going to back any movement that endangers the Zionist entity in Palestine. Lieberman had been among the most aggressive of Senators in urging military action in the Middle East.[13] The Arab “democrats” have sold their birthright for a mess of pottage, for nothing other than the nebulous glitter of the golden calf from far off America.

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Forget what you think you know about the Israel-Palestine conflict

Kerry Bolton

Kerry R Bolton is a Fellow of the Academy of Social and Political Research (Athens), and the Institute for Higher Studies on Geopolitics and Auxiliary Sciences (Lisbon). He has doctorates in theological studies, Ph.D. h.c. and certifications in psychology and social work studies. He has been widely published by the scholarly and wider media on a variety of subjects. 

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  • Sharm

    What are this nonsense, “Stand with Israel” & “ Support Israel” mean and

    why are they printed at this page?

  • Clearly you are unfamiliar with IRI. If you were you would know that IRI does not “aim is to reshape states around the world in accordance with ‘American’…concepts of ‘democracy.’” If that were IRI’s aim then all the countries where the Institute worked would have a federal system with a president, two chambers of the legislature, etc. Clearly that is not that case. It is also false that IRI is “involved with instigating revolts and ‘regime change.’” Those tired old rumors have been shown false years ago

  • Edward

    Every night on TV I see various charities looking for donations to bring children back from the brink of death and starvation around the world. Why do I not see the political and business elite rushing to the aid of these people.
    Rather I see the political and business elite offering “aid” to the various countries whose infrastructure and economies have been destroyed by NATO and the US. Perhaps someone could explain?

  • givemeabreak

    What nonsense!

    Here is the first paragraph of the Wikipedia entry for the author.

    Kerry Raymond Bolton (born 1956) is a far-right , conservative and social credit writer in New Zealand[1] who has been active in several organisations. He has written numerous publications focused around politics, ethnicity, metaphysics, religion, and the occult, particularly Freemasonry (his 2006 doctoral dissertation was From Knights Templar to New World Order: Occult Influences in History – an examination of theories), Christianity and Catholic social doctrine (Faith of Europe), among other topics.[2]

    • Philip

      That is not the same KR Bolton. Be careful when using wiki….

  • Edward

    The truth remains forever………. No point in shooting the messenger.

  • THE

    The entire Libyan Conflict can only correctly be seen in terms of furthering America’s interests and the interests of only a few Larger NATO Countries Geo-Political interests.

    This can in no way be in the interests of the Libyan people, because if NATO had Candidates in a Libyan Election, then NATO Candidates would never be Elected.

    If the American led NATO wins in Libya, there will be no Elections, because the NATO Puppets, even though they are Libyans, are NATO Candidates.

    What would a Libya that is created by war, by NATO’s aggression going to look like, because a million People demonstrated against NATO in Tripoli just the other day.

    There will be no Elections in Libya if NATO wins, because that is why they called the Unelected Coup Plotters the National Transitional Council.

    They are really Regional and not National; NATO’s intentions are that there will only be a Transition to a NATO Puppet State, and the Council just a Euphemism for Puppets if NATO wins.

    It could be argued that any peace in Libya if NATO wins will not be a genuine peace, but a NATO peace like we have seen in Kosovo, and that cannot be described as peace.

    NATO does not have United Nations Authorization for murdering innocent Civilians, and destroying other People’s Property, or for Regime Change.

    The ICC, which should stand for International Criminal Cabal wants to justify NATO’s aggression with the use of Lies and Slanders against the Innocent.

    The International Criminal Cabal deliberately ignores the most serious charge of aggression against the peace, for which England, America, France and the Western Sponsored Coup Plotters are Guilty of Premeditatedly Scheming.

    The Libyan Government has been treated differently to other Arab Leaders like Bahrain Saudi Arabia, and we know that Bahrain has murdered its own People who were peacefully demonstrating for Democracy.

    If Bahrainis asked for NATO’s help, they would not get it, even though America has a Military base there.

    France has publicly said that they have armed the Coup Plotters, and that ensures that they can no longer be classed as unarmed civilians, but Coup Plotters.

    These armed Coup Plotters will increase the likelihood that civilians are killed, whereas the United Nations Resolution says that Civilians are to be protected.

    America and their cohorts have deliberately lied in order to commit their premeditated mass murder on innocent civilians while claiming that Muammar Gaddafi may have been planing to fight against Coup Plotters who are Puppets of the Western Fascists.

  • free as bird


    Well said. Thank you. I hope people at Zmag, US government front, who supported Libya war and destruction of Libya to expand Israel’s interest read your comment. No one trust the closet zionists at Zmag, Democracy Now, or Campaing for peace and democracy (CPD) where all try to fool the readers to expand US and zionists’ interest.
    You should add Juan Cole to this list, a CIA agent.

  • gullab baloch

    american are so sharp, they know how to rule in world. arab are uneducated they cannot deduct their fault. arab should understand their policy and take out america in arab, otherwise they will loss their homeland.