Caught Red Handed; British Assassins in the Horn of Africa

In early February of this year, 2011, a six man squad of British mercenaries were caught red handed in the midst of preparing an attempt to assassinate the top leadership of the Eritrean government in the port city of Massawa on the Red Sea.

Of the six, four were apprehended and two managed to escape, abandoning their mates while blazing out of Massawa Bay into the Red Sea in an inflatable speed boat, never to be seen again by Eritrean eyes.

A search of the vessel they arrived on uncovered a cache of tools of the assassin’s trade. Included was a small arsenal of automatic weapons, a sophisticated satellite communications system, state of the art electronic target range finders, and most damning, several sniper rifles.

All of those arrested have since been confirmed as employees of a British “security” firm akin to the notorious US company Blackwater/Xe. At least two of the four are former British Special Forces. As in the case of Raymond Davis, the CIA killer caught in the act in Pakistan, the British Foreign Office has been claiming Geneva Convention protections for these gun thugs all but confirming their being on an official mission for the British Government.

Their arrest took place just a few hundred yards from our Red Sea home in Massawa, and happened while we were there. In the weeks and months that followed, each time I have driven by that spot, I have felt a sick feeling in my stomach, for the salt embankment they were hiding behind has an unobstructed view of the site where just a few days later all the top leadership of the Eritrean government would be gathering for the annual outdoor celebration of the 1990 capture of the Port of Massawa by Eritrean liberation fighters.

These professional killers were discovered almost by accident by a woman taking a shortcut home through an adjacent out-of-service salt flat. The woman noticed, as all good Eritreans should, that sa’ada, white people, were taking photos (with telephoto lenses) somewhere they were not allowed.  These Brit “diplomats” took their sweet time scoping out their firing points and parameters of their potential killing field for their discoverer had to walk almost a mile to the nearest police station to report this and then the police had to drive the roundabout route to the spot in question.

But for the vigilance of one Eritrean woman, Eritrea might have experienced an unthinkable disaster, the loss of Eritrea’s President and only god knows how many of Eritrea’s top leaders.

This is not the first time I have written about an attempt to assassinate Eritrea’s leadership. In 2002 and 2003, I wrote of how during the western backed Ethiopian invasion of Eritrea in 2000, a series of long range artillery attacks destroyed Eritrean front line command centers within minutes of President/Commander-in-Chief Issias Aferworki departure. In one case, there is strong evidence that a missile caused the destruction, and if this is true, it is almost certain to have been launched by a U.S. Fighter aircraft at high altitude.

Again, the question must be asked, why would the west want to kill Eritrea’s leaders?

Maybe it’s because Eritrea’s economy is once again about to don the mantle of the fastest growing economy in Africa, and this without significant western aid projects or predatory loans from the IMF and World Bank.

More likely it’s the fact Eritrea has long been a thorn in the side of western attempts to dominate the Horn of Africa, one of the most strategically important regions in the world. With some 40% of the world maritime traffic passing Eritrean shores every day, including much of the world’s oil and the entire trade between China, Japan and India with the EU, the Horn of Africa may not be of concern to the average westerner, but those in power in western capitals know better.

The policy of the USA and its western allies is one of “crisis management” here in Africa. The west creates a crisis and then manages, or exploits the war and chaos that follows, to divide and conquer, the better to loot and plunder the natural and human resources of a region.

Eritrea has been the main obstacle to the western implementation of this policy in the Horn of Africa, and this explains this desperate attempt to assassinate Eritrea’s leadership.

The saying is “that all roads to peace in the Horn of Africa run through Asmara [Eritrea]” and I have witnessed firsthand its truth. Peace in Sudan was born and nurtured here in Asmara, first in Eastern Sudan, then with the South, and now the ongoing Dafur peace efforts.

A grand attempt was made here in Asmara to reconstitute a new government in Somalia, though this was sabotaged by the west and its Ethiopian enforcers.

The denizens of the intelligence offices in the west responsible for Africa remember all too well how, a short two decades ago, it was a rag tag, afro coifed army of Eritrean guerilla fighters driving captured Ethiopian tanks that smashed their way across northern Ethiopia, drove the dictator Mengistu from power, and brought peace to Ethiopia for the first time in 30 years.

This past year I have witnessed a disparate collection of leaders of far flung ethnic based Ethiopian guerilla fighters gathering here in Asmara, beginning to build a consensus on how to construct a new, national unity government to help keep the peace in Ethiopia once the Meles Zenawi regime is driven from power.

All of this is the main threat to the west’s implementing its policy of “crisis management” in the Horn of Africa.

With its empire in decline, suffering defeat after defeat, unable even to drive Muammar Gaddafi from power despite the combined airpower of most of NATO’s European members, one would be wise to expect ever more desperate measures from the western regimes.

The western elite may loudly preach about the rule of law, but reality is that international law is the law of the jungle where only the strong survive. Eritrea is not only surviving, but ever so slowly growing stronger and more influential every day, which should help explain why British mercenaries brought their assassins tools to Eritrean shores.

Note: Some of the information in this article comes from the, including the employment confirmation of the British mercenaries, their background, and the British Foreign Office claims of Geneva Convention protections for them. First hand interviews with Eritreans directly involved are the basis for the rest of the story.

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Thomas Mountain

Thomas C. Mountain, author of “Storm Clouds Over South Sudan” in 2010 and “US Plan To Destabilize Sudan” in 2012 is a life long activist, educator and cultural historian, living and writing from Eritrea since 2006. He can be reached at thomascmountain_at_yahoo_dot_com. 

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  • Truth

    You’re full of horse feathers. You seem to be very comfortable in Africa’s North Korea and its torture chambers. Why are you so in love with the fascists who are inflicting so much hardship on the people of Eritrea? Are you a S&M practitioner?

    • Aman Nithage

      you are correct TRUTH

  • Aman Nithage

    Eseyas is a dictator a criminal leader must be removed from the power he will never step dawn peacefully. He has to be pushed from his power somehow. These guys were trying to do the job many us Eritreans are hoping to take place, egerly expecting the end of the barbaric ruler who betrayed the martyers and whole Eritrean people. If at all they went with a mission to kill the killer. Thomas C. Mountain. If you are a person with a sense for Eritrean people at this time there is no logic to side with the guy who ruined our beloved country. We need change 20 years are more than enough for a person impact positively. He lost his chance turned into barbaric killer worse than mengistu now he has to leave, and for sure we will witness his dawnfall following all dictators in the region.

  • Dawit

    Aman Nithage does not speak on the behalf of all Eritreans i assure you. It is easy for a man living in a developed country to criticise a small, new, poor african country such my beloved Eritrea and our president, yet what has Aman Nithage done for Eritrea? very little to zero i bet. Aman heres my proposal to all you cowards, why not have the guts to kill this so-called ‘barbaric killer’ yourselves instead of hide behind your computer screen and wait for the British to do it. Bloody coward.

    • Aman Nithage

      Dawit: Don’t say I bet you don’t know me at all but assumed that I am like you who enjoyed all my life the democracy of westerners and claped for the dictator just for sake visiting in summer and act on streets of Asmara. I have done more than enough for my beloved nation. Worked for free for years and was just by good luck that I am alive many many friends and honest Eritreans fall infront of my eyes defending the nation and liberating the nation. I am not to shoot against my brothers the EDF however if there is any means to bring dawn the barbaric killer I think it is justice.

  • Daniel Tesfu

    Onother lefty he thinks he is more Eritrean than Eritrean Heroes who know and fought for Eritrea.The loonies stooges are happy to have a white communist suporting the mafia regime.All you commie friends are standing against your support od the crude regime butt off and let the truth be told

  • Dawit

    Well im not another lefty, I have lost my father n have lost a brother for the sake of Eritrea. I myself was a participant in 1998-200, now heres a question I ask you? who else apart from Isaias? who is there we could look forward to? opposition puppets in Addis? now think rationally, Isaias has made mistakes; he is no different to us, but the agenda he is pursuing is correct. Why should we take out loans from the IMF and World Bank only to pay them back with 5000% interest? Why should we follow orders from the west? Do you not remember these are the very same people who rejected our existence? Why would you be happy if the British was to kill him, thats worrying.. I would worry for Eritrea’s future cos there will be a power vacuum which will certainly be deadly. Stop segregating our country and try unite it cos unity is the key to our success, please stop sending hate messages about our beloved country because it will only lead to more blood. Peace


  • Erina

    Do you think that? who gave you the reports? If it was true Isayas would have spoken about it just in time because it would have been a big propaganda. We know how he exaggerates a small happening.
    Do you believe It is difficult for the US to kill him if it wants. Didn’t you see the heroic actions taken over Bin Laden? is it not easy to kill him with a single shot from a drone?
    Please awake your mind and try to tell the truth. We Eritreans know more about our Eritrea than you. I am sure you can’t even travel out of the cafes in Asmara because of the bureaucratic problems to get the permits to go out of Asmara.
    Is killing and imprisoning your citizens a developement? that is your friend Isayas doing.
    Peace and Law to our mother land ERITREA!

  • 2 Dawit

    Alemayehu you are right Meles is Eritrean, but…… only 50%. His father is 100% Ethiopian(TIGRAY).
    What about Isayas? don’t you know he is 80% Ethiopian(TIGRAY) ? Well now you know!
    Please lets stop insulting Tigray. They were and they will always be our leaders! We like it or not!
    There is no such thing as Ethiopian or Eritrean history. History =Tigray, always!
    Unfortunateley, I am not Tigrawai:(

    • mariam

      Dawit 2
      There is a history of Eritrea; a beautiful history goes to biblical time. Those of you wanted to brainwash the world that history started at your doorstop, well and good you have all the right to think that way. Nevertheless, we Eritrean had a credible history written in our blood, finding our destiny. All Eritrean family can tell their children the ancient, ancestral history from mia bela to the mountain of Metera, from metahit to fechi-merrara.from sehal to ambeset geleba, from adiqual to beleza we know our roots and we know our history. Stop propaganda that you are the oldest history. Along the Mesopotamia Eritrea was right at the umbilical cord. Even if you go to Rome, Leonardo Deviance wrote Eritrea in his art. Eat your heart we are, we know our history no more gimmicks get over it. Eritrea stands tall, alone in her own history.
      Just a reminder,

  • selam kidane

    I have just few questions for Thomas C Mountain … how many other ‘independent’ journalists were able to interview the ‘Eritreans directly involved’ whose interviews were the basis for your article? How many other independent journalists live in Eritrea? Of these how many are Eritrean?

    How many articles have you written about the many important Eritrean leaders that have been condemned to disappearance without trace on September 18, 2001?

    Please do us all a favour and stop pretending that you have the best interest of Eritrea and Eritreans at heart! If you had an ounce of decency you would advocate for fellow journalists who have been denied to live (let alone write) in their own country!!

    • TO madam Selam.

      I would like to take issue with the following, “how many other ‘independent’ journalists were able to interview the Eritrean directly involved” i thought your comments was quite amusing because recently USA killed Bin laden has any of the American media spoken to the US special forces who did the job ? Of course not because that’s classified information and in that nuanced point Eritrea is no different to the USA Eritrea has a right to keep information secret or classified.

      The issue to do with the officials who were detained in 2001 is a matter of National Security, when officials of a state commit grave crimes against the state they should be detained, how, why, for how long is not matter for discussion as this is not ordinary crime like theft, rape, fraud, white collar crime etc. Eritrea does not have a Law which explicitly spells out the terms under which such individuals can be detained however that should not mean that government should allow the country to put under danger.

      Eritrea is not the only which detains people without trial Singapore and Malaysia has something called Internal Security act (ISA) which allows the government to detain individuals who are serious threat to the national security. In Britain they had something called Defense regulation 18B which allowed the British Government to detain people without trial if they were suspected of being Nazi supporters, Sweden had internment camps for Swedish citizens, German spies the Sweden were arrested if they were thought to be communist basically anybody that was deemed subversive was detained and finally America the “Land of the free” LOL what happened to all those Japanese Americans and Japanese without US passports in World 2 ? What happened to all those people in the Southern United States who were suspected of being confederates? What did Abraham Lincoln didn’t he suspend habeas corpus? I could mention other countries but that would only mean giving continued examples of when countries have had to use special measures to stop threats to their National security but that might take to long.

      Thank you !

    • mariam

      Selam kidane
      Selam kidane professional liar, you are from Eritrea but a clown wanting to be serious about his past deeds. Go hide under erasing, blocking all the comment written against your philosophy. You have no credibility what so ever to talk about freedom of speech. Aren’t you the one who wrote and blog stating on asmarino to block any body that expose your intention and lying. In addition, you stated “I will show you, help you how to block them” get a life go build your father’s home in addis. We have refugees who came from shemelba refugee camp, could testify what you said to them, what you wanted to convert them, well, well you are caught your hand in the cook-jar. You have no say on freedom of speech.

  • Ariam

    Well done Mr Tomas and ignore those sons of weyane like Selam Kidane, who she got a lot of money form Eritrean refuges and went to spend the money in Ethiopia with her weyanes friends, everyone hate her the whole cumunty here, guess thats the rsn she married to the son of derg general who killed countless Eritreans and now she is trying to more caring about Eritrea, fake gual weyane..but like i said most eritrean ppl we love our goverment and president except those few deki weyane kedeat…so its better to ingone them…long live wedi Afom and mot nikedeat sheyti hagerom

  • The british have already admitted that their people were caught red handed. They obviously were not in Massawa illegally to handout candy. Thomas’ thesis and conjecture is as valid as any.

  • MSA


    Thank you for the organic, rare and fresh account from such desolate part of the world . It’s a shame foreign powers continue to sow seeds of resentment everywhere with bullying & intimidating defenseless nations while the BRICS win the hearts and minds of ever-conscious developing world….

  • Nigga Please!

    First: I googled “Thomas C. Mountain” and came up empty. Credible journalist???

    Second: We getting lectured whether we are Eritreans or not by a guy named “Alemayehu” if you were Eritrean, they would called you “A’lem’riye”

    Third: A British special forces discovered by a woman taking a shortcut, Nigga Please! The other two escaped using inflatable speed boat, What is this a bed time story?

    Last: For those who think the world will end after Issais, you are selling your self and the Eritrean people short. “We don’t look for one man to lead us, we rise up to lead our country” look it up, it is totally mine Nigga!

  • Yemane Johar

    Now this cheap, white-thrush is pfdj’s acting information minister. Thomas Mountain is a pathological liar, a pseudo-journalist with no track record of true journalism and as such he has no credibility what so ever!
    This sold out soul is trying hard to make the useless terrorist leader, Isaias Afewerki and his private property Eritrea aka “western union of terrorism” look important. To do that he has to come with newly brewed and fabricated nonsensical and unfounded claims right from the desperados, gangs of pfdj.
    The question is why pfdj chose this compulsive liar to disperse their 03 cheap propaganda instead of “serving the truth” using their information minister? And the timing! Why now? Only a day dreamer and an imbecile person will buy this made up and absurd story!

    • mariam

      Yeman Jehar
      Why do you think that this respected journalist a white thrash? Since when do depend on Eritrea minister of information. “hulu woyo” if they do it damn if not damn. In the past, you called and trashed the every information coming out of Asmara why now did you miss their part of info. Well are you real or illusion, we eritrean do not give a huff how information dispense, we believe the truth will come on its own. For now a fool as you insult this person since he did not tell you what you wanted to hear. Do not kill the messenger he just reported his finding.
      Just advice but you should have covered all corners before sending mercenary, thank you for alerting Eritrea…

  • My father and my husband both served in the Ethiopian army fighting against the independence of Eritrea in order to protect the people of Eritrea from living under a dictatorship. Although I’ve never been to Eritrea, and I’m not a citizen of the country, I do feel I have the duty and an obligation to join hands with the northern Ethiopians I’m closely related to, in their struggle to bring Eritrea back under the Ethiopian union to end the dictatorship once and for all. I applaud the British SEALS for their heroic attempt to reverse the 1991 wrongs done to the Eritrean people who were forced to cast vote on a referendum that separated them from Mother Ethiopia.

  • Girmay

    God is with our President so devil and his followers can say what ‘ ever they like …..again I thanks the truth GOD

  • Girmay

    God is with our President so devil and his followers can say what ‘ ever they like …..again I thanks the truth GOD

  • Real Eri

    Great work Thomas,
    It sickens me to my stomach to know that foreigners can be so arrogant as to simply walk into our country and assassinate the leadership of our poor country to plunge us into chaos … all for their own interest.

    It saddens me even more to read some eritreans on this website are so blinded by hate that they would willing accept their country that has fought for so long to simply exist to satisfy their false sense of justice / revenge irregardless of the people that will be hurt. Irregardless of the harm it will do to Eritrea future or the kinds of conflicts these foreign monsters will inflict upon our people.

    Even for Eritrea to become independent, we had to form a true government of the people, by the people for the people. We had to mobilize and organize the masses and together we scratched with our bare finger nails a place us on Earth. We didnt need foreigners to come in and do the shooting for us! We didnt need them yesterday, and we dont need them today. To think that whatever foreigners do to change the political state of our nation would be in any way shape or form a good thing for our nation is either delusional, severely mis-informed, inherently biased or dare I say it, not even an Eritrean.

  • Debish

    To “Nigga Please” (& the others on a Big-Mac & Arcade breaks),

    Obviously, you are a Googler, A.K.A, a Goog Gurgler high in spam content, a mindless zombie who relies on unfiltered online search heap to spoonfeed his/her empty brain.

    Thomas Mountain is a prominent journalist who has provided content to more independent media in a few years than you’ll ever know or do in your entire lifetime.

    Second, even the Eritrean president said much of what Thomas is saying. So stop your lazy monday morning quarterbacking.

    Thirdly, to those Eritrea-bashing loser Woyane and its barking-dogs-on-short leashes, go help your starving people and think what you can do for your country instead. Leave Eritrea alone and stop hoping on hopelessness to see Eritrean leadership go. Intead, learn how you can create 20 years of diginity without constant food aid for your country– the Eritrean way.

    • Nigga Please!

      I am sorry Debish or should I say “uncle Tom”. Did I make mad? I didn’t know you had this much love for Tom.

  • In his book ‘To Asmara’, the world famous author of the book ‘Schindler’s List’, Thomas Keneally, makes observations of the West’s hostile stand toward Eritrea’s struggle for independence.

    “……You know what I think? They are brave to the point of folly and they’re clever to the point of being dumb. No one absolutely no one, from Washington to Moscow, wants them to succeed. No one. … God’s even taken the rain away from them, for Christ’s sake. Even he thinks they’re wrong-headed. The sin of pride … the sin of being sharp when no one wants them to be. Their presumption, that organization can save them. That … that won’t easily be forgiven.”

    “…..Do you know what the emergency really is? You want to hear about the really big emergency? The emergency is that if you guys succeed, you’ll be an embarrassment to Africa. Who wants a setup like yours? There aren’t many governments on this continent that do. There aren’t many governments in Europe. Colored folk who can look after themselves? It isn’t viable. It upsets the world picture. Don’t you know the West has to believe famine’s an act of God? If they believe that, they only have to make a donation. But if they believe it’s an act of bloody politics, they have to really do something, and that’s too, too complicated. So what is the story? The story is you guys will fall on your own f-ucking swords, because you’ve got this crazy idea that the world will allow you to be perfect!”

    “….These guys are astounding! Running all this. And you know what? The world hates ‘em for it! The world hooked into the idea of ‘the helpless Africans!’”

    “No one wanted an independent Eritrea republic along the stretch of Red Sea shore.” And yet it is here. And here to stay! If anyone has a problem, super power or not, with accepting the strong, confident, conscientious and patriotic Eritrean, The New Eritrean, or the “New African” for that matter, it has to be told to “go fly a kite”. And yes! We ought to be “brave to the point of folly” and “clever to the point of being dumb.” The result of this “sin of pride” was our liberation. It worked just fine for us then and it will again and again! Confidence in our ability and Pride in being Eritreans is a formula that works.

  • tes

    this is contradictory to what the President has said, He said spies and you saying Assassins …. I have to believe the first hand information … not you … please make it formal lie ….

    • Chappa

      Tes….u r making a fool of urself……it might be rocket science for ya but to an average man, it is a no-brainer to figure out that assassins are also trained as spies…..
      How a thick pile of plonking wood you have for a brain for attempting to portray a spy & an assassin as contradictory……
      R u a puppet or it’s accessories in exile waiting to mess up Eritrea?!…..
      May you rot in exile, u scum

      • tes

        this typical pfdj narrow minded propaganda … trying to put themselves as if they have important roles to the international driving wheels. they r diminishing and … soon.

        • mariam

          To Tes
          It gets old for a person like you to label every thing black and white no gray matter. If I remember in your past blog your machine you stated you cannot express you view because you have no knowledge how to, that was your writing. That lives us how narrow-minded idiot who landed in internet does not know the application but pays a lot for other to be the brain of the source of the news. The technical school you went in Los Angles got you in web surfing but you need higher education like critical thinking. All you have to do is research deep you will find Mr. Mountain very credible than your source of information.

        • hi tes what’s wrong with u r u not
          eritrean to talk like that u need some kind phyic help because u talkl like one F#%@@ donsn’t know about the president or the Eritrean people get it to you head u f*&&^#33

      • Semhar

        Chappa. ur right, tes must be a puppet or even less relevant. love what u said. “in exile waiting to mess up Eritrea.”

    • Daniel

      The president has said assassins with sniper guns, listen to his last interview EriTV:

    • Le-bam

      Obviously your hate to the government and the ppl blinded you, please go back and listen to the interview, you may get some light.

  • Richard

    Thomas is telling the truth but the whole truth.

    CHECK THIS OUT if you want to ask more analytical questions about this detained Briton’s mission in Eritrea:


    Isaias will prevail and the people of Eritrea will support him at any cost. Those of you with hidden agenda and an axe to grind with the country Eritrea, well, you are simply wasting your time thinking the unthinkable.

    We will prevail on the Horn of Africa … you liked it or Not….

  • Erilove

    It is well known that some Ethiopian Weyane always are there where Isaias Afewerki’s name occurs and Mr Thomas C Mountain knows that better, that’s no ears to those who pretend to be Eritreans and insult the country and it’s leaders. Most Eritreans from abroad are now in time in Eritrea and celebrating independence day.
    However, no matter the worlds try and do, we Eritreans will always march like never before, since it’s all conspiracy is became clearer to us. Eritrea will always keep it’s pride and keep defame the enemies of Africa.
    Keep the good job our Honorable Proud Ertrawi Thomas!

  • omar

    To all Anti Eritrea/ Eritrean people. First we all know it is still difficult for you to live with the fact that Eritrea is a soverign Nation led by its own people for its own. But its a fact. Selam Kidane, u lost confused individual u dont know which way to go ethio ppl hate your kind eri ppl hate your kind, go rott behind your dell pc. Its woyanne who is allowing africa to be robbed especially east africa, they allow their shady dodgy white and arab boys to dictate how they live, they have ruined ethiopia and u think we wannago back another 100 years?? u think we eri ppl will tolerate hectars being sold or leased away to ppl so they grw food and ship it while the ppl get aid?? get outta here. I like how this man is a headache to you all, he does whats best for the long run and the people, look at our healthcare one of the best in east africa but u talk about freedom of some journalist as if thts important for bulding th country. U get aid and u cant even manage it but build homes with cctv on them. lol ur not even comfortable in ethiopia, u kno u will get plucked out like some annoying weed. U wont be back cause u will get rooted out soon. Keep pointing your fingers on eritrea but ask your self does that really make you good guys????? Bunch of sods go rotttt, Long live Eritrea one of the realest african countries remaining,if half the african continent know bout eritrea properly they will follow they will say no more to bullshyt africom, no more to puppets and no more to fake leaders and fake ppl like selam and many there here who mislead and lie to get their way and serve their masters. Sea water farms, dams, schools, agriculture, improved life expectancy, reduced malaria by 85% erradicated polio, fog water projects, railway, mining, tourism, fisheries, boat factories, roads and access to remote loctaions, primary health centres, etc etc etc all by the people for the people THIS IS ERITREA not aid, crack or khat addicts .. simplezz

    • Two thumbs up!

      • daniel

        i will second that!!

  • True that true that Mr. Mountain!

  • mariam

    Mr. Mountain Eritrea has an adopted son like you who does research and tell the truth. When is that acceptable in the world to send an assassin to kill. One wonders if the west and US does it is for the sake of humanity. When African tried, they are terrorist what a double standard Passage of unknown :
    The tiny east African nation, Eritrea had her share of misery for generation unknown. Our great, great grand parents, their parents, their children and grand children had been suffering of unknown disease of flights-of-hale. No cure found, and no nation is looking to find one. Eritrea has per capital 1.5 of her children are exiled, born raised and dead. In every household of Eritrea, 2 to 3 children are out in exile. Hard working, intelligent, kind society but living in the land of nowhere. Who are we the unlucky or lucky son and daughter of Eritrea. Have any one of you heard of our cry, a cry of misery. Have you heard of the news that the NATO plan in mid-day, visibility clear, the sun light over the Mediterranean ocean refugees packed in small boat crying for help were ignored by NATO ,so they do not rich to the shore of Europe at the other end. Were they conceder as human being? Why does NATO want to save the Libyan people from Kadhafi cluster bomb? In return, killing, the innocent poor migrants in high sea with hunger thirst while they were flying over the civil war of Libya. Who will be responsible for this atrocity, Mr. President Barak Obama how about condolence for our family who lost the young one. The European Union, on the behalf of your sons’ crime shows responsibility for the dead east African resident.
    Amnesty international seem being quiet about this subject. I guess we are not in the world map or the association of the united nation of crime infested millennium act. For now, let, the world body have blind eye. History will question the dirty politics of the millennium act…
    May 20, 2011 is the 20et anniversary Eritrea independent day. Happy anniversary where ever we are may be we will be wise enough to secure our destiny.

  • eritrean

    This article is a total joke. How much is he( Tomas C Mountain) by the regime in Eritrea to write this nonsense.As an Eritrea i have witnessed a lot of paranoid things said by the supporters of the PFDJ,the ruling party in Eritrea.But, this person must be rewarded greatly for making this up.No one is trying to kill the insane tyranny in Eritrea, he is only running from his own shades.

    • Chappa

      PFDJ ain’t a party for a start, you dimwit weyane boot licker…..
      Of course, u will deny that….. After all you and ur fake identity ain’t accountable to ur own damn comment….. At least, Thomas C mountain is accountable and reporting as is the news… u remember how the British establishment denied & lied thru their teeth when the former SAS Simon Mann & Mark Thatcher and a few paid unemployed black mercineries were caught red handed trying to overthrow a the government in the oil rich Equaterial guinea. They had their own puppet on standby in Lisbon, Portugal ready to be flown to assume power on behalf of the coup plotters. They denied that but later when it was beyond irreconvertible evidence, slowly engaged in damage limitation exercise…… You weyane or some idiot weyane boot licker would be no where to be seen or heard from when the crimnal UK regime admits it ….. Are u also gonna tell us that John Perkins was also lying in his block-buster book, “CONFESSION OF AN ECONOMIC HIT-MAN”….. now the US might have its afri-com base right on our door steps in Djibouti & a super-puppet on the south of our border in the form of the amorphous weyane but the assassination is outsourced to the UK who pretends to have a better face than the US but as sly as a fox……. They have done it in the past and still doing it……criminal acts is in their culture & history since slave trading, right thru colonial times & now neo-colonialism thru proxy…….. It is in their nature…..

      • daniel

        well said!

  • Mohammed Afewerki

    Thomas C. Mountain I had enough of your pro Afewerki propaganda, why are you acting foolish?? These men were detained without trial and without consulate services which is a violation of the vienna convention.

    you Thomas C Mountain are a condom for the brutal dictatorial regime of Isaias Afewerki 20 years of dictatorship and human rights violations.

    Thomas is seen here on PressTV (Iranian TV) licking the dictator Afewerki’s ass wearing a shirt with a picture of the dictator:

    • Nigga Please!

      Pathetic! Wearing DIA’s shirt, I wonder if he calls him “A’ya” as well?

    • Daniel

      You are not Eritreans and I know this, coz the word A’Ya, altho tigrinya, is not used in Eritrea. You low frequency, single digit IQ MoFo’s. When they said they killed Osama, instead of catching and bringing him to trial, and told u they did it coz its our enemy, you took it as a nice rectal serving without pain. But when Eritreans arrest people who tried to assassinate their leaders, then Vienna Convention conveniently pops into your little mind. What do you know about Vienna Convention? Before you jump to regurgitate what they fed u about it, I want you to know I am saying what do you REALLY know about the Vienna Convention?

      p.s. You know they could have shot those motheFuckers and drowned them in the water like we did Osama ;)

    • tedros

      Dear Mr Mohamad Afeworki- are you Eritrean or wolamo, I feel sorry for you, while you are doing what you doing Eritrea is heading to the right path.

  • Hagerawi

    what a piece of trash, really. Mr. C. Mountain, the fact that you always write positive things about the Eritrean regime makes you and your articles incredible and unbelievable. It´s like you only see one side of a coin. You should know better than anybody that, unless these guys are convicted in a court of law (which doesn´t exist in Eritrea), they are not guilty as charged. And It´s the Eritrean regime which has been a thorn to our people, forcing them to unending military service, illegal arrests and killings. Don´t u try to care about Eritrea more than us the Eritreans. It´s like trying to be more CATHOLIC THAN THE POPE. IT´s us and our brothers in suffering in refugee camps across the world, it´s us Eritreans dying in God knows horrible deserts and deep seas, it´s our people being forced to live on one bread per day, it´s us again being subjugated for asking to have free press and freedom of worship, so please please try to be a little bit reputable as a reporter (i.e if you have any reputation at all). For those who are blindly supporting the regime, the blood of the young Eriteans is in your hands.

    • fetawi haki

      You put it well, brother. I can´t say it better. Thanks!

    • mariam

      Do not be emotional when you try to get your point through. We all know we have Eritrean refugee all over the world so do Ethiopian, Nigerians, Sudan, Congo etc… Nevertheless, nothing to justify a mercenary killing sent by British Empire. Yes, colonization is over but it is coming under another name, in the name of democracy blow Africa to Stone Age. Time will heal a wound; let Eritrea develop with or without your help. However, I guarantee you no Eritrean will allow a foreign invader aboard in our coast land or anywhere. We all are running for economical reason not only political. If you get a chance visit with new immigrant from the refugee camp, you will learn and be humble about the true picture of Eritrea.
      By the way they are more Ethiopian are coming as refugee to America by camouflaging asEritrean. All the truth nothing than truth so help me GOD.
      So how is the free ride for you at, rating low? Tes is married to the religious freak living is biological children with no mother. Just as we, all expected no morality. Surfing to other blog, Tes may learn some thing. Stay closer to them; we are fine the truth will save Eritrea.
      Keep in touch,

      • daniel

        I’m really proud to know that there are “real” Eritreans here! like u said it’s not only political reason that’s making us leave our beloved country.

      • hagerawi

        Dear Mariam
        At least u sound true enough to admit that we are just like the others, which is rare to find since we Eritreans are full of empty pride. And for the record I didn´t condone, the invasion of our country by any foreign arm totting assasins, all I said was, how could u jump into a conclusion with out hearing the other side of a story. You can´t be the prosecutor, the jury and judge at the same time. So bring them to the court of law, then it would be fair enough to sentence them what they deserve if found guilty.

        Secondly, I am aware of the fact that Ethiopians usually claim to be Eritreans just to be accepted as asylum seekes, but the doesn´t neccessarily mean, the exodus we are witnessing is not alarming. Have u been to asmara lately? have u asked about the where abouts of your friends with whom you grew up with? If you are honest enough, I bet more than half of them are not in the country now. Do u have any idea what the streets of asmara look like these days? Full of old people or teenagers who were born in the 1990´s. And do you have any idea about the economic consequences of not having enough young people to drive the economy and get rid of poverty?

        If economic reasons are behind this exodus, don´t u ask why? We may probably have 2 million able, and physically fit work force. Why can´t our govt create jobs for the 2m citizens instead of forcing them to military camps. We are only 4-5million which is, perhaps the population of Nairobi city, What kind of govt would it be if it can´t create employment and jobs to such a population. more over we have 2 ports and a country which is big enough to accomodate us all.

        Last but not least, mariam, I don´t need asmarino to send my message. If what I said is not true, don´t hesitate to write back. But I know truth can be bitter some times, so we Eritreans,we better accept the bitter truth and try to find a solution, rather than living in a fantasy, with empty tummies.

        • mariam

          nobody denied the exodit of our citizens , me and you left a little earlier and settled in the west better than those who want to catch the “gold rash” of the 30es in the west. once we are out and serviving the storme why lie about honest report about this particular issue reported by this particular reporter. do you have another answer why the mercineries caught at our cost lane? then give us your senerio, but do not criticize the work of other when you can’t deliver a better ,true , factual issue. it is up to you to read what is written and judge what fits to your understanding, but trash him , Mountain for writting positive news.
          good day,

        • mariam

          I am responding again to the area of your question such if I had been in Eritrea. Brother I have been almost every year and stay four to 6 months each time. I do not act like the almighty tourist showing off my success escaping poverty. I walk their walks, listen, help in any way I am capable of helping. I refused to be a politician since I could not deliver the exact commitments those who are sacrificing, and bleed and dead. I am like you a coward who is hiding in the west. Do I like what I see about my country, hale no but I am optimistic those who are brave solitude all the misery, starvation and discomfort one day they will privilege with or without the catalyst who are hiding in the west. I am in the area of closing one eye and developing my country in any area whatever capable, helping building school, church remodeling so Eritrea will keep the ancient churches intact, be mentors to those who are unlucky paying a big price for our independence. That is not all I do when the refugee arrives in the west I am available for finding jobs, interpreting, guiding the parent what needed in the west a good school, over coming the fear of success.
          The only problem I see in your righting is you mix emotion with reality, get over it if you can go fight the system but if not do what you can to change the mass not with lies and deceit but with fact. So this journalist gave us his know how situation, read it if you agree be it if not just take as it is. In my view, your part of wishing your country suicide attempt and misery is deplorable act.

          about that is what you felt you need to be negative about Eritrea. it is a woiane propaganda,

    • Daniel

      Educate yourself Hagerawi, educate yourself. I used to feel like you before I educated myself :)

      Watch the Zeitgieist …

      • hagerawi

        BY education if you mean, the ordinary schooling, My degrees and course would have filled half of this page. But there is no need to do so here, so why don´t u just give us your opinion on the article above. We´ld be glad to hear from an “educated” person like you.
        thanks dani.

        • Lamba

          Hagerawi you education is a Stumbling block from Harvard we are talking the education that changes somebody’s life dude.

  • mariam

    Selam kidane; what a jock, are you for freedom of speech, asking how many journalists interviewing. What a jock, aren’t you the one who is hiding under the umbrella of if I rember well you wrote that those whom you think that are not following your flight of ideas needed to be blocked by Your exact word “ if you need I will show you, help you to block them” so when do you get to have a voice of freedom of speech, please get a life, plagiarism your poem and pray for your sins. By the way, things could not be hidden for long, now the same refugees whom you used for your stunt media are in united state and telling your misinformation. Remember shemelba camp, they are your nightmares, just chenawie to let your father build a stolen house. What a hypocrite, get another life, religion is a’nt your cup of tea, find another profession to, too much luggage you are carrying. Leave it for investigative reporter. Stay in your comfort zone for now.

  • Selam Kidane

    Selam Kidane,
    This is” not At your trash bin pro-Eritea comments are censored & deleted within 24 hours time by Meles’s webmasters while weyane apologists & sell-outs are free to write as they wish. You would not know an “Independent Journalist” if s/he came and poked your sorry ass.

    So much for your freedom of the press whining, practice what you preach, you closed-minded, brainwashed Weyane militia.

  • 2 Thomas C. Mountain


    Whenever some Ethiopian despots Meles dogs, Jihadists and sell-outs hit the roof and bark at you and your article, that is a clear sign you have hit the jack pot. Excellent article, credit goes to you and FPJ for independent thought. Those good-for-nothing Hatela-tariK brick-heads are pissing on their pants, which is the only tangible outcome from their 20-years of dog barking at the eritrean camel.



    good story
    thank you for making me laghf

    • daniel

      hahah brilliant spelling. you made me laugh..!! If this story made you laugh, clearly you r an idiot.

  • Melekot

    First Happy 20th Indepedence Celebration to all Eritreans.

    The truth at last about the apprehended British spies/sharp-shooters. Not very sharp though. they were foiled by an Eritrean lady taking a short cut to her house. The British Goverment better take these incident as a low key otherwise all thier dirty laundry will be out in display, and it will not make a good sight.

    Thankyou Tomas Mountain for spilling the goods. Eritreans have been bullied and betrayed by the western powers, especially the US and the UK and this is just a continuation of it. Even if they kill our President, Eritrea has thousands of Issayas’s who can do as a wonderful Job. We are all Issayas Afwerki.

    Happy Eritrean Independence anniversary. Awet nHafash!

    • Daniel

      these were private mercenaries like the black water. You should expect most of such people to have mental abnormalities. They are ex soldiers, prisoners, gangs and serial killers who are there for the money. With that comes foolish over confidence and dangerous adventurism.

      By the way, US has just announced that all troops will come out or Iraq and replaced by such soldiers. They will have great time playing Grand Theft Auto in real life ;)

  • Daniel

    Mr. Mountain,

    Eritrean people hit the nerve by catching the mercenaries. You also hit those same nerves by telling the truth with your article. And like carpal tunnel syndrome, the more you hit these nerves the more they hurt and expect venomous reaction from the subjects.

    Keep doing good job

  • Zeru

    I do not understand why some people have problem to believe the story. Tes ist Wedi Meharena, forget him.Selam Kidane never knew what she is talking about, but that is nothing knew, we know her. But why does the other have problem to believe the Story. Many British mercenery have tried to overthrow African leaders before. How can we forget that Mark Thatcher, the son to Prime Minister Thatcher tried to overthrow the government of Equatorial Guinea in 2004. And those who think Eritrea is not important should ask themself, why then the sanctions? Why all these intimidations? And one thing is clear no Ethiopian except woyanes is interested to protect the British. The British do not need the protection of EDA Thugs.

  • Serray

    So the British sent 6 people to kill Isaias? A sure sign of insanity is to think everybody want to kill you. I can understand this Mountain guy to believe that…he is paid to do so.

    How about the rest of the you? I have seen monkeys with better intelligence. Retards, the day the British want to kill the dummy, they will kill him. It is that easy.

  • afAbet

    Thank you Thomas for the eye opener. I can’t imagine why else an uninvited group of British special forces would come ashore with WEAPONS. It was already suspicious that we didn’t hear about it on Western media until we got dizzy; imagine if they were truly innocent Brits held captive by a black African gov’t.

    Those commenting here feigning not to believe the story are woyane (or their useless stooges) and we can smell them from a mile away.

    Happy 20th to all deqi Ere. Let’s enjoy the moment.
    Long Live our President and our Government!
    Awet N’Hafash!!!!

  • Sam

    Mr. Mountain said,…. “These professional killers were discovered almost by accident by a woman taking a shortcut home through an adjacent out-of-service salt flat. Their arrest took place just a few hundred yards from our Red Sea home in Massawa, and happened while we were there.”

    If this is true what Mr. Mountain said, then where were the Eritrean Navy or our Coast guards? Is it that easy to enter to Massawa without being spotted? Who is watching our Red Sea? I guess, while spies and Assassins are sneaking to our country, the authorities who supposed to protect Eritrea were taking a nap, right? I am suspicious, may be somebody helped these Britons to land in Massawa, don’t you all agree? We, Eritreans shouldn’t take this lightly; it seems that may be they got helpe from inside, and whoever was in charge that week to watch the port should be fired, period!

    These racist Britons will never leave alone Africa; they still think Africans should bow to them. The only solutions could be, if the whole continent of Africa united and fight back to these ruthless people….

    May God protect Africa from these greedy and evil people!

    • Tedros

      well said!!!!!

  • Wedi Ertra

    It is obvious from the beginning that Eritrea is a headache for the West. The world has to see the facts on the ground. The government and the people of ERITREA will never ever kneel down, the west knows that 100%. They better stay away with their fake democracy.
    Do they know our proverb “Werazut Kem Aybet yekededu guwal ma’emen d’ma terrat teraeyuwa”

    Happy 20th birthday Eritrea.
    Awet N’Hafash, wudket N’feshfash!!!

    Wedi Ertra

    • sami

      To wedi eritrea
      ur proverb is not that
      natka entekoynu kemti hantide gala nab goyla kedki zezbelaeo beli ela sededeta mo, abti kala seb kalie yderf nsa kea zezbelao ktbl haderet zbelwa eyu

  • sami

    To Thomas C. Mountain
    pz dnt be stupid to report with out conformation of the fact. I have observed you well you doing interview with RT_TV reporter mike. u have explane that something true about the eritrea, which is about health and eduction, but most of ur replay about the freedom is some thing very untrue and try blam people which they never been eritrea. so what i want to say you now is, pZ try to report the true fact well you are conforming the situation. the article i have read today, i now it is moniplated by master mind mr isais afwerki and its regim.

  • Wedi Ertra

    It is obvious from the beginning that Eritrea is a headache for the West. The world has to see the facts on the ground. The government and the people of ERITREA will never ever kneel down, the west knows that 100%. They better stay away with their fake democracy.
    Do they know our proverb “Werazut Kem Aybet yekededu guwal ma’emen d’ma terrat teraeyuwa”

    Good job Mr. Mountain

    Happy 20th birthday Eritrea.
    Awet N’Hafash, wudket N’feshfash!!!

    Wedi Ertra

  • Realist

    All this reaction to the people and government of Eritrea is because we’re doin’ things never done before. We are redefining everything! We are part of the much needed change to humanity in general. Our government knows how to deal with The Great Satan aka Evil Empire, (The United States Government), it’s wife, (UK=United Killers) and their adapted childrens in African Union).
    What irritates me is the home grown human bodied animals with lower IQ than the flower in my vase. You haters from your bones idiots are alive only when we respond to your out of this world stupidity. Your self-centered unhappy lonley life exists only online, you all are a click away from dying!
    Power to the People and Government of Eritrea!

  • DY

    This is well expected from the wicked. Little that these greedy power hungry thugs do know, we all are the leaders. Eritrean people is all security officers. Victory to the masses!!!

  • Daniel

    About time someone to get a lesson. they must be truly stupid to think they could get away with this with shabie’a.

  • Osman Frej

    What kind of reporter is this commie.You see the last Maoist despot is Isayas Mountain of lies is popogandist of the cruel regime.The meglomaniac and chavunistic followers think they know it all.They live in the west and enjoy what it offers to them they don’tcare about Eritreans inside slaved.They need to take their higdef behind to live the hard life inside.Their criminal activities in the west is exposed they are selling each other .

  • Gerrie Lijam

    Dear Thomas Mountain,
    I guess, now the World knows Eritrea is NOT Pakistan.
    Little did these war-lords & mercenaries know, even an Eritean mother minding her own business NEVER fails to stand against the enemies of Eritrea.
    Dear Thomas Mountain,
    Thank you for exposing the Western “democracy” & their desperate & wanton sabotage to destabilize my homeland & many third world nations all over the world.
    Your endless support for my people & in defense of my homeland, Eritrea, has earned you deep respect & honor from millions of many people around the world.
    The “sell-outs” who criticize your honorable heart, couldn’t possibly have any respect for themselves nor for their people’s suffrage, who have been victims of 50 years endless war, death & destruction, for the profit of the Western & Eastern “military industrial complex”.
    Thanks to good people of your kind, Eritrea continues to expose the wickedness of Western war-lords.
    Gerrie Lijam

  • wyclef

    what f**** u sayin Thomas C. Mountain u cant be serious i was born in eritrea n am still in eritrea belive me u tooooooooooo far from the truth

    • Luwam

      Meas dea Eritreawi koynka,,, kkkkk bogoggggggggggg

      • daniel


  • Truth

    This guy is full of crap. He could sit in Africa’s North Korea and churn-our fictitious artcles as if he has access to all the information. This is what he wrote about Libya, 3,000 miles away: .
    Now, how does this man know all that when noone else in world is claiming such a thing? Of all places, he could be in Eritrea, far removed from the rest of the world, and write sensational articles as if he is an eye witness? The man is a nutcase.

  • Awet


    There is an analytical analysis provided in website that is worth reading to understand the saga in depth and left the reader to judge it to himself about the issue.

    Some of the questions raised from this source are:

    1.Why the vessel that was guarded against the supposed “pirates” was found with ’countless amounts of arms’?

    2.Where was the destination?

    3.Is it related with acts of destabilizing the country?

    4.Knowing where the president’s new office and residence is located, and the celebration of 20th year of Fenkil operation is about to take place in that port city of Massawa in the presence of the president and other senior officials, is there any relationship between the “sniper rifles” and an assassination attempt?

    5.As any vessel while entering the territory of the host country, why the guards fail to cooperate with the host’s navy when asked about documentations?

    6.Why the shoot out and who started it?

    7.Why the escape? They were supposed to guard the vessel in the first place not to abandon it and escape!

    8.How many of the Eritrean navy has died or injured during the shoot out and who is responsible?

    9.Why the British government is trying to cover up the whole issue with a threat of ‘robust action’ and negative media campaign against Eritrea?



    Happy Reading

  • Yemane Johar

    Isaias is cornered and with each passing day , he is being further isolated from the international community. He is now a useless caged animal. And like a weak and defeated husband , he is good only at projecting and unleashing his anger and frustrated against the defenseless Eritrean people! He is not good and he is not an important person any more. practically he is dead on….So why do they have to bother killing him?
    This is another futile attempt to make him look important when he is not at all!

  • John

    I do not think this article is credible. If the British or west wanted to get rid of President Issayas, it is simple. Give Meles of Ethiopia some money, he will March to Asmara and grab the man by the jaw instantly and hand him over to the Hague.

    • bini

      u moron they try that already it did not come to fruitation..

      • daniel

        thanks for reminding him!

  • Awet

    To Yemene Johar and the likes ….

    Let me qoute you one famouse saying in Eritrea: “Fetikn Tselikn …. Ane Eye Adekn” meaning … you like it or not I am your mother says the slave.

    and in your case, you liked it or not, he is your President and our president too and unlike you who lost its confidence in 1998, we are still proud of him and his achievement. Try to look at him as an Eritrean and whatever he does is for the good of the country. ….. he never asked me or you for that matter to build his house or forced us to serve him BUT the country ….. If you are real Eritrean you would have the ear to listen the heart bit the nation. The nation needs every body’s involvement in the development … true some of us might have been in the service for the last 13 years or above and that might not seem fair but it is fair because it is all about the country. If you ever had a family that contributed for the independence of this country you would have understand their suffering.

    But you are lucky to have a family abroad that can sponsor you to sneak through the border via a smuggler and just to win your visa, you build a false case against the governemnet of Eritrea and once getting the visa you still take that fake case as true and sit behind your monitor and type trash. You and the likes are idiots, self serving sell outs, traitors and as before they will belong to the bins.

    Have you ever seen a traitor wedo geba, self serving, woyane agent, traitor wins on the Eritrean soil?????? NEVER.

    Chenawi eka …. How do you think you are better than those remain in the country and serve the nation with empty stomach??? Unless you are the woyane itself ….. you wait and see if the Hafash or the few wedo geba’s win for Eritrea???

    Awet N’Hafash …. Wudqet N’Feshafas

  • Truth


    He’s not my President. He was never elected. He is where he is because of brut force and without the consent of the people. His achievements? Well, he has managed to have the country be under sanctions: under the supervision of UN Somalia nd Eritrea Monitoring regime. That’s less independence and less sovreignty than 20 years ago.

    Admit it: he’s an idiot. He deserves to be in jail like all common criminals.

  • Thanks Thomas,

    The GoE/Shaebia although dynamic/workaholic was and still remains taciturn
    thus except the threats of the Brit we had no idea/picture of the ‘issue’ from the
    Eritrean side, now thanks to you, we know.

    Happy 20th Eritrea! Awet n’Hafash!

  • Ethiopian Posters

    A lot of the negative comments Thomas is seeing here are coming from the skinny and hungry Ethiopians of the Tigray ethnic group. Since their backs are cornered and since they face a real posablitiy of genocide and extinctions, these inferiorioty complexed Agames are flooding the comment section with negative and fictional lies in the hopes of making this popular and truthful article seem less accurate or less popular. You can see how popular this article is by the over 320 Facebook shares its already gotten (something New York Times Articles would tip their hat to, let alone any regularly news website)!

    To all the Skinny and hungry Ethiopians of the Tigray ethnic group, the countdown is own till that regime change happens in Ethiopia. You will be punished for your crimes and you will be Africa’s gypsies. Because of you, Ethiopia is considered Africa’s hell on Earth and the 80 million Ethiopians are ready to topple your minority grip on power. Remember, the Ethiopian Revolution on May 28, 2011 is coming. The end of your minority genocidal rule will come to end and dictator Meles Zenawi will be toppled, and killed.

  • Yemane Johar

    Yigermeka iyu iko DIA in his interview accused them of being spies; Thomas C is accusing them of being assassins. Thomas Mountain is a loser white dude, probably couldn’t find a job in the west. Now he is a big shot in a third world desolate place. He is an opportunist white thrush. This madman’s incongruent propaganda is meant to confuse his disciples. If he is worried about assassins, he should be expecting them to drop in his roof in helicopters at night time, not sailing to a highly secured port…. anjal sebay. Isn’t Tomahawk missile enough from far away than sending six squads? Mountain sounds Issyas himself, constantly suffering from episodes of paranoia/ hallucinating about getting assassinated. Here we go again Thomas Mountain, how much do you get paid by the regime for keep fabricating these mountains of nonsense stories? I hope at the end of the DIA era he stays there so that he can get persecuted for all these.. Thomas Mountain is a retarded cadre acting in the behalf of HGDEF. He got kicked out from Dehai because of his lying, Mountain of lies

  • Sammy

    Please Mr. Mountain,

    Don’t tell us a fairy tale. This report is a lie as big as your name (Mountain).
    Enqrob si kindi Harmaz kitkewn ela tenefiHa Moita


    To Thomas C Mountain

    The original news and releases from “family and relatives” of these individuals claimed that they were detained some time around christmas (in late dec.). Your article stated as it were happened in Feb. around the time of fenkil. Could you verify this to us.
    Secondly, the GoE is holding to “prudent” handling of the matter in response to the UK minister’s concerns. Does “prudence” extend to the issue of furnishing credible and timely information to the Eritrean people through media or press release? or is it going to be a family affair and the people would be left clueless until the bombs start to rain on them and the be informed that their government was “patient” as well as “prudent” in keeping them in the dark and that they could then bite the dust if they wish too???

  • tedros

    Thomas Mountain you are doing great job! those arrested try to assassinate the President of Eritrea they have to pay the ultimate price for their role.Long live Eritrea long live Mr President Esayas . Sammy,Wyclef,Yemane Johar you have to be ashamed of your self .

    Happy birthday Eritrea!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 2 Dermas

    You are demanding answers as if you are some Minister who needs the information for addressing the UN/UK. You have no business knowing such facts. Why not demand Gitmo’s detainees accounts on CNN, FOX channels or Navy SEALS interviews on the media or former FM Duru’s status while you are at it?

    I can imagine if you were in charge in some capacity you would have handled it “more prudently” (with daily press briefings to the media and all). Such pathecitc demand for information on such matters betrays your idiocity. Your coward remarks on bending over to UK for fear of getting “bombed” is indicative of your place in this world, a modern day slave too afraid of what his bosses will say or do.

    • DERMAS

      Dear Mr Mountain,

      I sense that I touched some row nerves there…oops. Any how the right to be informed as a citizen may come as a privilage to you but stop dolling it out to others as such since nobody buys that. The basic position of GoE is what I asked for. Stop freaking out, no one asked the PFDJ to open its dirty closet at all. Breath a little. Boss no Boss, bombs do worry me!! not for myself so much but for the poor people of ertra that you keep holding hostage…including FM Duru…

  • Yemane Johar

    Isaias is cornered and with each passing day , he is being further isolated from the international community. He is now a useless caged animal. And like a weak and defeated husband , he is good only at projecting and unleashing his anger and frustrated against the defenseless Eritrean people! This evil man is not an important person any more and at this point he is too weak to have any significance and influence in the horn. practically he is dead on….So why do they have to bother killing him? His excellency prime minister, Meles zenawi is the man, the man who defeated Isaias in all fronts of…
    This is another futile attempt to make him look important when he is really not!

    • Abeba

      You better believe he is the most person. It is not your plate to extend your arm to take a bite. We know from history what kind of human being you pretend to be. The Lion of Africa will prevail as always. His Excellency WODI AFOM will always speak his mind without lies. He never wipes any bodies bottom, instead he is very proud of his identity. What you see is what you get. Brave, courageous, someone who gives his life for his own people. I wish we had few like him, the world would have been a better place tp live. As for you and your stupid narrow minded, we Eritreans are not surprised. This is the life style you particularly live your life. Eritreans including their leader stand firm for what we believe and fought hard for.

    • Tedros

      international community needs President Esayas ,Becouse there is so much to lern from him,but Mr Esyas dont need the so called international community all he needs is his own people and he have them by his side and the proof is there for you to see.

  • Girmay

    GOD is good and I like to tanks for kipping safe our President …….to day tomorrow and for ever .

  • haile

    you are entitled to your own pinion, but you are not entitled to separate the Eritrean people. They got their independence not on a silver tray, but by sacrificing themselves through a long struggle.
    So please don’t be a web warrior, if you only care for someone but not so many please shut up your big mouth.
    It is not only duru who is in prison, we have also many other family members and friends in the same situation.
    the whole Eritrean people are praying for a peaceful solution, unlike you stupid regional separatist idea.
    God bless ERITREAN and her people and safe her from evil people like you.
    Eritrea will be prosperous and in peace for ever.

  • Abeba

    Thomas Mountain, God bless you, please keep us posted. I would love to thank you that Brave woman who was suspicious to spare our Beloved, Honest Leader. What business do they have in our land. The Eritrean People should be very Vigilant because the evil is always evil.
    Eritrea has a right to defend itself. Those who was caught to assassin our president should be brought to justice and justice should be served.
    Let Eritrea Prevail. Long live to our President Isaias Afewoki. Happy 20th. Hard Fought Independence Day. Glory to our Martyers.

    • Gnay Gnai

      Dear Abeba

      What justice are your talking about, The same justice that Petros Solomon and his wife God.

      But then again i dont think you know what i am talking about

      Hawki Gnay

  • Beyene

    yemane johar

    “geat si aleku ila titinfis”
    your chiwawa meles is the big beggar is saving Isayas? kikikiki
    Our president has the guts to lead his people to prosperity unlike yours who leaks the a…. of the west.
    bejaka bdihri eton adeka tehabae, eton int’aliyuwa bzeyka lokota.

  • Osman Frej

    HIGDEFITES do you know this commie propogandist fake journalist.He thinks Eritrea is his toy to play with.In Hawai he tries to be more Hawain than the indegenous people.He thinks he knows best for Eritrea.As for you HIGDEFITEs you are lost zombies duped by the despotic maniac leader piking fights even when the new kid in the block.Just keep dancing till you wake up.Stop fetching enemies he is agitating Eritreans from all walk of life Muslims.Catholics Tewahdo. You guys are worshiping a devil not your ancestors God almightly.

  • Almaz

    yemane ata mishmush:
    meles izi kedae !!!!!!!!!!!! go and kiss his ass.
    We Eritreans don’t hate anybody, but we love our people and our President.
    Besides, mind your own business. If we ever have a problem, we will solve it ourselves.
    Please just stay away from us.
    For Mr. thomas C. Mountain, Thank you and let them, the truth will prevail. There time for everything.

  • Dan

    WAW, Mr. Thomas mountain you are becoming more of the dictatorial party member that any ordinary Eritrea.
    You claim to be independent Journalist yet I haven’t seen any article which opposes the brutal nature of PFDJ:
    The incommunicado imprisonments and brutal mistreatment of thousand Eritreans
    The youth’s exodus to Sudan and Ethiopia the reasons behind it.
    The mass killing of Kunamas, Afars and others by PFDJ the regime’s apparatus
    The independent Journalists who have languishing in the dungeon
    The 20 years translational government and its imposed ruler upon the people of Eritrea
    The forced labour or slavery development program
    The list is endless, you have become more of the PFDJ, trying hard to silence cry for help of brutally suppressed people of Eritrea. How much do you get paid? How many green lights, to conduct your ambitions in Eritrea, you achieve each time you try to cover the PFDJ crimes against humanity.
    I am very disappointed by the Eritrean regime’s handing of this case. It doesn’t take to be a professional to journalist to call for a fair hearing of both sides of the story. It is a civilized principle to bring these hostages to an independent and free court of law to find a true or fair answer.
    After reading your article I can only deduce that we have seen evil missionaries like you who helped glorifying brutal criminals such as Mengistu Hailemariam, Mobutu and other African dictators.
    Your unbalanced report is exposing your true colours and I am happy we Eritrean have such evidence from someone who claims to be independent.

  • Mulugheta Mesfin

    I am glad these mercenaries/terrorists failed at their mission. The question now is why are the Brits trying to assasinate the legal president of Eritrea. This proves that the UK is a racist country. The UK and their masters can’t handle the sight of black folk who can look after themselves(i.e. Eritreans and their leader PIA). This must be eating them inside. The Weyane monkeys call for Western aid at any opportunity. They don’t even think about what can we do to solve our problems. PFDJ and PIA never think of begging. The first thing that comes to their mind is lets roll our sleeves and solve our problems. I am proud that I am Eritrean. Death to woyane and all enemies of Eritrea including Eritrea born haters like Twgahmo Awate midgets(bed wetters) and Tes Meharenna the disinformer(Remember his manufactured story about Saba and Gdey)
    Enemies of Eritrea will bite dust
    Happy 20th Eritrea’s Independence Day for the rest of us!!!!
    God bless the president. God protect President Isaias Afwerki.
    God bless the defence forces of Eritrea!!!!!!
    Glory to all of Eritrea’s martyrs!!!

    • Gnay Gnai

      Hi Mesafinti,

      I dont want to judge you but you sound very guilty for not been part of Eritrean Liberation struggle. Yeah you might have a cousin or a brother who died in the war, but you dont know what they died for.. So you think Isayas liberated the country and he has the right to destroy it.. 100,000 lifes were calateral damage

      By the way why Eri TV did not tell you and where did this guy got the information from.. But you are just and Fisozo remember to pick a foot ball club not people who paid their all to be free

  • Allem

    Dear Thomas,
    It’s good that you have interest in the event that took place not long ago. I do not know from where you got your resources, but it lacks accuracy in many areas.

  • Gnay Gnai

    This is serious what was the British thinking? How could they kill our Honourable Persistent in cold blood? What would we do without him? Think about it, who can manage the quagmire that we in as Eritreans Except the very person who created it. Who can give advice and in-depth analysis about the region?
    I think the woman who helped in foiling this atrocity against our country should be honoured. I am the Eritrean Government is thinking about it and we as people always love to know and honour our heroes and heroines… Remember bologna and EziOm Eyom Jeganuna..… and we all know where they are now

  • long Live Gadafi!

    I am not surprised on the news. We have seen similar mercenaries inside Libya before they turn the country into chaos. The US also admitted that they have CIA inside Libya. God/Allah is in our side – that is why those mercenaries were exposed without doing any harm. Those mercenaries should be held in definitely and should be brought to justice. It is good that they expose their plan through local media so that people exactly know what the plan was. We should all unite as usual when our country is in threat from our sworn enemies and Western puppets, the Weyanes.

    Long live Eritrea!!!
    Let’s get united against foreign enemies (the US, UK & WEyane)!!!
    Happy 20th Eritrea’s Independence Day for all Eritreans!!!
    God bless and protect President Isaias Afwerki!!!
    God bless the defense forces of Eritrea!!!
    Glory to all of Eritrea’s martyrs!!!

  • Zereom

    Well done Tomas for exposing the evil intention of the west. You are the voice of the voice less. The world have very few independent journalists who tell the truth nowadays. Those who question this facts are those who want to see Eritrea destroyed (our bloody Enemies), and traitors. It is not secret that they don’t want see Africa to progress. They want see Africa to remain their servant for ever. They want Africans to be their eternal servants. Africans must rise up to free them selves. We have seen the recent naked aggression of the the west against Libya and Ivory cost. As we clearly observed the west are not after humanitarian mission but after oil and other African natural resources. The western invasion of Africa in the name of human rights and democracy is just cover up for their evil intention. We know that they have no respect for human rights and democracy. We have seen their double standard and shameless hypocrisy about democracy. The west have no business in interfering in African affairs. Africans have the capacity to solve their own problems. Africans can not trust those who enslaved them for hundreds of years. No one with the right mind should think that this western powers will willingly give up their self-centred control of Africa. Africans don’t need western advice on how to run a government. We don’t want advice from those who enslaved as before and who intend to steal our brain and our natural resources. If the west is to be trusted they need to start with compensating Africa for the crimes they committed before, they need to see Africans as human beings, they need have respect for Africans, then we can trust them and do business with them as equal partners for mutual benefit .

    Long live Eritrean leadership!
    Long live Eritrea!
    Happy 20th independence day our beloved Eritrea!
    Eritrea- we live for you and we die for you! — From proud eritrean

  • Germay

    Wow KURKURAT HIGDEF why are you taking this little whity serious if the Brit want the Agame despot they can take him any time. Location of the place they were taken is unknown.Lies after lies propoganda by the notorous dictactor tto boost his disiapora monkeys.Stop whining agaisnst the west you hate it go sit in Isayas lap.You colour Eritrea the brightest colour from your comfort zone the west but you don’t want to live there. Your activities in the west is exposed people are exposing you with out fear watch your back higdefites you need to choose between you life here and the despot you worship

  • Tom

    I wonder how much the PFDJ pays this “independent journalist” to write such lies and fantasy!!!!

  • MR T.M

    ppl why dont we mind our business, they are poleticians and they know how to handle poletical situation which we dont. so we better shut the f**k up and our works. and plz to dont tell us wheather it is true or lie cos none of will never find out the real truth but one thing i want to say is if it is true that they tried to assasinate leaders of the country they deserve panishment. if it is a lie why were they in eritrean territory fully armed? if ur answer is to protect pirates no somalian pirates are in eritrean territory. thanx all

  • MR T.M


    that is writen by independent journalist, it might be untrue as u supposed. but it has got nothing to do with hgdef so comment on the article not higdef. thank u

  • Osman Frej

    MrT,M Everything have to do with HIGDEF Hired Communist propogandist who thinks he knows more than Eritrean.This buffon is not indipendent he is a communist and he found one the ntorous dictactor Isyas.He is no body a white trash and commie you are left with him.You can’t hide the truth if you want how paranoid is your dictactor read what Quatari ambassador to Eritrea have said about GOD.HIGDFE friends are people like Mautain of lies Gadfi the ugly and lunatics.

  • Ross

    look here mate your writing a load of rubbish about something you havent got a clue about. your doing nothing good for those involved just stirring it up and preventing those captured who have done nothing wrong at all from seeing there families again. you are nothing but a gossip and your writing isnt very capturing at all i wouldnt give up your day job, or if writing is your day job then i would find another sharpish. A high – tech gprs device? whats that a sattelite phone that most seafarers use. Go home mate your a tit

    • Ross…what is important is…if the Britons arrested are innocent, I wish them to be freed; if they really have done something wrong…I wish that they get access to court and be tried accordinlgy.

  • HakiYsEr

    Antum azabe gdam Haxur- Anbesa wedi afewerki kwanaChef kelo -lomi do xbah do atfulna’mo [goytotkum] eta betru knhza d’u ezi Kulu AFRA!

    You aint seen nothing yet. You trash ppl you are like the donky that said ‘may the grass not grow after I die’ – you don’t have what Esayas have so, at the cost of the missery Eritrean ppl, you want to satisfy your evil lust of his death.

    Blindly evil!!!!!

  • Mensura

    There is no judge court in Eritrea foregners Eritreans go to jail no one to hear from them. These barbarians fron diaspora should face real justice here.They think they can get away with their criminal activities forever detaining innocent people justice is going to knock soon in their homes

  • Real Eritrea

    Thomas Mountain is making a mountain of mole out of nothing. The Britons if they have done anything wrong should be brought to a court of justice and Mountain’s boss, the unelected supremo fascist Isaias, can bring his manufactured evidence and the accused can defend themselves. Alas, Eritrea has no such system. The fascistics Isaias is the persecutor, the law, and the executioner. At least he got away when he was doing it against Eritreans because of Eritreans culpability. I think he is fighting with fire as the British government has indicated it will take a strong measure against him. May be they can rent a predator for from the Americans and Isaias can join his mentors: Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Sadam Hussein. In conclusion the Maoist Mountain stop meddling in poor Africans’ affair go to Hawai where home is.

  • The Boss

    This is simple.bring a guillotine,chop their head off,put it in a jar of whisky and send if to her majesty the queen,so they will learn they will not mess with us again.Done !!

  • wow

    I don’t understand why people are blaming the UK government, when we know how evil and self serving Blackwater/Xe is. Those thugs and war mongering people in backwater some how needs to be brought to justice. Regardless of your stand/opinion on the government of Eritrea, I can not imagine the chaos this would have brought to our beloved country. UK has the right to defend their citizens regardless of their intentions, but at the same time the least they could have done is distance them selves, and denounce their illegal presence in the country. And Mr. Thomas thank you for given us a different view of the incident.

    • k.lebasi

      26/ 05/ 2011
      One has no clue why you people spew venom against Isaias or Thomas. The four people in question were certainly not having picnic with rifles and snipers there.

      • Frodo baggins

        the wilful ignorance is just astounding is it not ?

        “There is nothing more frightful than ignorance
        in action.”
        Wolfgang von Goethe

  • Mail

    I don’t think they were there for fishing.

  • Tom

    Thank you for sharing this Thomas. These bastards should be sentenced to death for putting a nation and the people of Eritrea at risk!

  • While I am not an expert on Africa, I do know the mentality of the powers-that-be. They control the UK and the USA, etc and nothing and no one gets in their way of their agenda which is the One World Government.

    God bless the woman who found these assassins lurking and getting ready to strike the legitimate government of Eritrea. It’s too bad that the Rothschilds and their ilk were not the lurkers as they are the real murderers behind this attempt. They murdered my leader in Washington D.C. in Dallas one sunny day, and they will murder every leader who tries to prevent their One World Government scheme now. I can give you names.

  • alfie

    Thomas C Mountain is a disgrace.To publish such a storyis reckless and irresponsible. The men went to Massawa for fuel and for no other purpose. They meant no harm to any Eritrean and are niether assasins or spies. There was no gun battle with the Eritrean navy infact no weapons were aboard the sea scorpion, ask why no photographic evidence has been produced for such an arsenal of weapons?. These men will co-operate with the Eritrean investigation and should be allowed access to lawyers. In the meantime all that the British government have asked for is consular access to confirm their identities nad welfare. Surely their families should be told of their wherabouts and welfare. To do so can only increase the esteem of the Eritrean authorities in the eyes of the world in dealing justly with their own internal affairs. Families of the men who search the internet for the smallest pieces of information should not have to read moronic articles about mercenaries and spies and the ill informed calling for the death penalty.

  • Keren

    The British must send their commandos and free their citizens. The Eritrean president must be punished like Emperor Tewodros

    • martha

      did they took Guantanamo prisoners to court ,neither we ‘ll do take them to court,they ‘ll rotten in the Nakura islands

  • Mary

    So much venom, from both sides. It would seem that eye witness accounts do not matter much any more and arm chair “justice” is considered good enough. If htese men were there to assassinate the leader of Eritrea, and there is a possibility that that was their intent, they need to be dealt with in accordance with Eritrean law. If these men were not there to assassinate the leader of Eritrea, and since I did not personally witness any of the events, they must be dealt with in accordance with Eritrean law. UK be damned: this happened on Eritrean soil. Having said that, anyone who does not understand the strategic significance of this nation in the midst of the rest of the Soros/Rothschild instigated chaos is a fool. Anyone who believes the UN is a “peacekeeping” force, is also foolilsh. The US, UK, and our “allies” assassinate or dispel leaders unwilling to bend to our will all the time. Arlene is correct in her assertion that they killed the US President John F. Kennedy. The world no longer believes in UK and US justice or morality. They have become what they proclaim to hate.

  • Kibrenegest

    Thomas C. Mountain knows what the Eritrean leadership the their foolish followers want to hear! That’s why he is surviving Eritrea while most Eritreans can’t!

  • meskerem

    It is being said,
    “Thomas C. Mountain is an independent western journalist based in the Horn of Africa, and has been living and reporting from Eritrea since 2006. ………….”

    The truth is:
    Thomas C. Moutain was married to Eritrean Freedom Fighter (former EPLF and now PFDJ party, The brutal and corrupted party in Eritrea). So what can be expected from this guy. It is foolishness to expect other than total fabrication of story. He has to live in Eritrean because he wife forced him to abandon Hawaii move to Eritrea.

    Thomas C. Moutain is an American-Eritrean individual with no official job. He is member of the PFDJ party. He is just writing for sake of writing. Whatever he writes it is nothing to do with Journalism;

    I have read many articles of this guy and I always say, how on earth, Mr. Moutain claims himself as journalist, when he does not have any clue of journalism.

    For several years he had been visiting Asian countries like India and Far East for reasons not known. Once he had known his wife somewhere in Europe, then he started to focus in Eritrea-Ethiopia politics. He has taken side with his new country (Eritrea) and attacked Ethiopia using fictitious report and information.

    Please Editors of this site, any article from such individuals should be given a proper assessment before publishing. The story of Mr. Moutain is a mountain of false and 100% fabricated stories. Eritrean leaders use Mr. Moutain as tool to fabricate stories so that people would not be able to identify the truth from the false.

    • Sahel

      First of all for you information Eritrea wouldn’t be exist as nation without a hero EPLF, secondly who gave you right to judge a journalist as your web site full of craps from so many bulshit ethio funded journalists. I have never even found one credible stories except nonsense ifo from agame funded awate and asmarino better called agamino.

    • mariam


      Marrying an Eritrean became excruciating issue for you. Nevertheless, if he was marring an Ethiopian then he will be credible. That alone discredits you on your values of judgment. You biased on the subject when it comes about Eritrea always bogus. Let us go back in your report about Eritrea, how about Adegrat was bombed and many fatality reported AP reporter based in Addis Ababa…it was found a false alarm. You are right to judge Mountain other wise not true because you do it all the time that you cannot believe there is honest reporter in the world. Only one knows that he who lies all the time, and that is you, the bias, fraud, deceitful, cynical media elite of unknown background of education.
      Your position as news media, if you even qualified as one, as far as Eritrea concern we are at war with you as an Ethiopian. So you are the parties to be dispute is likely to be biased, and almost certainly perceived by Eritrean as biased… Actual bias requires that you be suspicious of your own perceptions and strive to empathized with Eritrea, that limit your ability to intervene credibly until the perception dealt with Eritrea’s party.

    • Frodo baggins

      you babble irrelvant, insignificant, ad hom based bullshit. Do you really think people are this stupid, or are you just this stupid ?

      What he wrote, is based in fact. Easily obtainable fact.

      shut up dimwit.

  • Mail

    How ever accurate you may seem to be this is entirely an Eritrean issue and have nothing to do with your country (ethiopea)
    So don’t bother to pour your ill-equipped comment or I,as a proud Eritrean will disrespect you by reminding where you from.

  • Erina

    Thomas, did you watch Eri tv? This is a little evidence how a lier and poor you are.
    Use your head for a good things. Eritrea has enough liers including ISAYAS, and what it needs is that people who fight for rights. So keep your mouth shut. No more lies.

  • martha

    Down with the Imperialists invaders ,long live Eritrea

  • Erik

    Looking in the past gives me hope for a better future: I just remind in David and Goliath…

  • Western mercenaries are everywhere in Africa, killing at will those that stand against their interest.





    • Domski Cameron

      usa and europe will do anything to keep the mighty dollar and euro ahead of every .all trouble in middle east the past 7 years has been started by usa im beginning to really hate usa

  • John

    It is apparently not enough that the British years ago looted most of the infrastructure built by the Italians, now they return to try and re-shape modern Eritrean politics.

  • Martin

    Scumbags send scumbags to kill a dictator and various other scumbags. My heart weeps for them all