A Plague Upon The World: The USA is a “Failed State”

This interview was originally published at Global Research. It has been republished here with permission from Dr. Roberts.

Interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary U.S. Treasury, Associate Editor Wall Street Journal, Professor of Political Economy Center for Strategic and International Studies Georgetown University Washington DC.

Question:  Dr. Roberts, the United States is regarded as the most successful state in the world today. What is responsible for American success?

Federal Reserve
The Marriner S. Eccles Federal Reserve Board Building

Dr. Roberts:  Propaganda. If truth be known, the U.S. is a failed state. More about that later. The U.S. owes its image of success to: (1) the vast lands and mineral resources that the U.S. “liberated” with violence from the native inhabitants, (2) Europe’s, especially Great Britain’s, self-destruction in World War I and World War II, and (3) the economic destruction of Russia and most of Asia by communism or socialism.

After World War II, the U.S. took the reserve currency role from Great Britain. This made the U.S. dollar the world money and permitted the U.S. to pay its import bills in its own currency. World War II’s destruction of the other industrialized countries left the U.S. as the only country capable of supplying products to world markets. This historical happenstance created among Americans the impression that they were a favored people. Today the militarist neoconservatives speak of the United States as “the indispensable nation.”  In other words, Americans are above all others, except, of course, Israelis.

To American eyes a vague “terrorist threat,” a creation of their own government, is sufficient justification for naked aggression against Muslim peoples and for an agenda of world hegemony.

This hubristic attitude explains why among most Americans there is no remorse over the one million Iraqis killed and the four million Iraqis displaced by a U.S. invasion and occupation that were based entirely on lies and deception. It explains why there is no remorse among most Americans for the countless numbers of Afghans who have been cavalierly murdered by the U.S. military, or for the Pakistani civilians murdered by U.S. drones and “soldiers” sitting in front of video screens. It explains why there is no outrage among Americans when the Israelis bomb Lebanese civilians and Gazan civilians.  No one in the world will believe that Israel’s latest act of barbarity, the murderous attack on the international aid flotilla to Gaza, was not cleared with Israel’s American enabler.

Question:  You said that the U.S. is a failed state. How can that be? What do you mean?

Roberts:  The war on terror, invented by the George W. Bush/Dick Cheney regime, destroyed the U.S. Constitution and the civil liberties that the Constitution embodies. The Bill of Rights has been eviscerated. The Obama regime has institutionalized the Bush/Cheney assault on American liberty. Today, no American has any rights if he or she is accused of “terrorist” activity. The Obama regime has expanded the vague definition of “terrorist activity” to include “domestic extremist,” another undefined and vague category subject to the government’s discretion.  In short, a “terrorist” or a “domestic extremist” is anyone who dissents from a policy or a practice that the U.S. government regards as necessary for its agenda of world hegemony.

Unlike some countries, the U.S. is not an ethic group. It is a collection of diverse peoples united under the Constitution. When the Constitution was destroyed, the U.S. ceased to exist. What exists today are power centers that are unaccountable. Elections mean nothing, as both parties are dependent on the same powerful interest groups for campaign funds. The most powerful interest groups are the military/security complex, which includes the Pentagon, the CIA, and the corporations that service them, the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee, the oil industry that is destroying the Gulf of Mexico, Wall Street (investment banks and hedge funds), the insurance companies, the pharmaceutical companies, and the agri-companies that produce food of questionable content.

These corporate powers comprise an oligarchy that cannot be dislodged by voting. Ever since “globalism” was enacted into law, the Democrats have been dependent on the same corporate sources of income as the Republicans, because globalism destroyed the labor unions. Consequently, there is no difference between the Republicans and Democrats, or no meaningful difference.

The “war on terror” completed the constitutional/legal failure of the U.S. The U.S. has also failed economically. Under Wall Street pressure for short-term profits, U.S. corporations have moved offshore their production for U.S. consumer markets. The result has been to move U.S. GDP and millions of well-paid U.S. jobs to countries, such as China and India, where labor and professional expertise are cheap. This practice has been going on since about 1990.

After 20 years of offshoring U.S. production, which destroyed American jobs and federal, state and local tax base, the U.S. unemployment rate, as measured by U.S. government methodology in 1980, is over 20 percent. The ladders of upward mobility have been dismantled. Millions of young Americans with university degrees are employed as waitresses and bartenders. Foreign enrollment comprises a larger and larger percentage of U.S. universities as the American population finds that a university degree has been negated by the offshoring of the jobs that the graduates expected.

When U.S. offshored production re-enters the U.S. as imports, the trade balance deteriorates. Foreigners use their surplus dollars to purchase existing U.S. assets.

Consequently, dividends, interest, capital gains, tolls from toll roads, rents, and profits, now flow abroad to foreign owners, thus increasing the pressure on the U.S. dollar. The U.S. has been able to survive the mounting claims of foreigners against U.S. GDP because the U.S. dollar is the reserve currency. However, the large U.S. budget and trade deficits will put pressures on the dollar that will become too extreme to be able to sustain this role. When the dollar fails, the U.S. population will be impoverished.

The U.S. is heavily indebted, both the government and the citizens. Over the last decade there has been no growth in family income. The U.S. economy was kept going through the expansion of consumer debt. Now consumers are so heavily indebted that they cannot borrow more. This means that the main driving force of the U.S. economy, consumer demand, cannot increase. As consumer demand comprises 70% of the economy, when consumer demand cannot increase, there can be no economic recovery.

The U.S. is a failed state also because there is no accountability to the people by corporations or by government at any level, whether state, local, or federal. British Petroleum is destroying the Gulf of Mexico. The U.S. government has done nothing. The Obama regime’s response to the crisis is more irresponsible than the Bush regime’s response to Hurricane Katrina. Wetlands and fisheries are being destroyed by unregulated capitalist greed and by a government that treats the environment with contempt. The tourist economy of Florida is being destroyed. The external costs of drilling in deep waters exceeds the net worth of the oil industry. As a result of the failure of the American state, the oil industry is destroying one of the world’s most valuable ecological systems.

Question:  What can be done?

Roberts:  The American people are lost in la-la land. They have no idea that their civil liberties have been forfeited. They are only gradually learning that their economic future is compromised. They have little idea of the world’s growing hatred of Americans for their destruction of other peoples. In short, Americans are full of themselves. They have no idea of the disasters that their ignorance and inhumanity have brought upon themselves and upon the world.

Much of the world, looking at a country that appears both stupid and inhumane, wonders at Americans’ fine opinion of themselves. Is America the virtuous “indispensable nation” of neoconservative propaganda, or is America a plague upon the world?

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Paul Craig Roberts

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts attended four of the finest universities, studied under two Nobel Prize-winners in economics, authored 20 peer-reviewed articles in journals of scholarship, and published four academic press peer-reviewed books, including Harvard and Oxford Universities, and seven commercially published books. His most recent book is The Neoconservative Threat to World Order: Washington's Perilous War for Hegemony

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  • Ponderer

    Pnderer agrees with Craig. Here are some comments
    The ‘failed state’ as a term is not accurate enough, it denotes a recent phenomenon rather than the histroical dimension crucial to understanding the substance of the US. The ‘psychology, the crux of this substance,’ of the ruling American plutocracy, english speaking Anglos mainly, is two-fold: first, Americans long ago trespassed the fragile boundaries of conscience, like a Greek tragedy ‘choice’, once made,, inexorably leads to the destructive path of ‘fear-and-pity’ to doom the ‘protagonist;’ second, the American plutocracy has never paid for its fatal choices & staggering crimes, its extermination of the native nations of N. America, its enslavement of millions of Africans, its crimes against the people of the Philippines, nuclear bombing of Japanese civilians, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan on and on . American playwright referred to his nation as ‘soulless’. Like a terrible zombie it moves across temporal and spatial boundaries and wreaks parasitic havoc. Yet this soulless nation has mastered the mendacity to portray itsself as the paragon of uprightness, or what Craig terms as ‘the indispensable nation’, a mendacity which Francis Jennings calls the ‘cant of conquest’. the mendacity of the settlers claiming to bring ‘civilization’ to the savages,; or the Southern slave-holder claiming divinity in the pernicious institution of slavery; or , Jefferson arrogating the language of the enlightenment although he traded in and profited from slaves and slavery , a mendacity, zombie-like, to demonize now the natives, now the Africans, now, the Japanese, and now (does anyone comprehend the enormity of this?) an entire religion and its worshipers, namely 1.2 billion Moslems. America failed in its gestation and failed when it was born and failed when it grew up and failed in its senile state. Not untill it has brought ruin and perdition to the whole planet do the nations of the world can finally come to grips with the nature of this mostrosity, called America.

    • ehswan

      Name me a country which given the power has not done the same? I do not dispute your criticisms, but it does seem to me that these flaws are inherent in our natures, what ever culture we come out of. I have often marveled at our abillity to create works of great beauty and beastiallity. Are each nessessary for the other?

      • eugend66

        Under N.Mandela`s presidency, South Africa`s gov`t scraped ALL
        their nuclear missles (BY CHOICE). Still, they export uranium.

        • Deb

          ehswan-just because ‘it’s always been done that way” doesn’t mean we shouldn’t and we couldn’t learn from the gross misconduct. The answer is no simply because, to your point, we can do whatever we choose to do. We are capable of anything if we make it a priority.

      • the-spear

        I would love to name you a country, which given the power, the money and the history of the United States would not have done the same. Unfortunately there is actually no such country except for the United States. It may be human nature to ultimately succumb to what the US has become, however you will admit that if this is the case then the United States is an example of the extreme. It is unrivaled in this respect.

        If it is our human nature to be able to create such beastial things then perhaps it is time for OUR higher functions to regain lordship over OUR human nature.

    • frank moreale

      now which country do you think is a country of high morals and does more in the world than the USA?

      • frank, are you asking which country commits more violence and aggression and is more exploitative on a global scale than the U.S.? Because if so, the U.S. has no real competition.

      • Wilbeford

        “HIGH MORALS” ???!!! You must be joking.

    • hucka hucka

      America will prevail, and you, sir, are a mussulman

  • Dr K R Bolton

    Enlightening. I get the impression that there was an inhouse struggle during the Reagan years between palaeconservatives – of whom the general public seems to have been kept oblivious – and the neocons?

  • Adam Brown

    Dr. Roberts. Thank you for not going away. As usual your statements regarding the wretched state of the USA are blunt and to the point and of course the worst is still to come. But in answer to the question at the end of the interview “what can be done?” your reply was interesting as a description of the current level of ignorance among Americans with regard to the inevitable consequencies which they will experience as a result of the actions and policies of their recent successive governments including of course the present one. So the question remains to be answered.

    • hucka hucka

      you are a disgrace. USA! USA!

  • Bulov

    Dr. Roberts,

    I shall be concise and to the point. You Sir, are simply brilliant. This interview is superb…


    and Thank you for being

    Cc. Vladimir Putin

  • Falesteeni

    Dr. Roberts, wow that’s EXACTLY the words I have been describing the US for many years thoughts and all its like you peered into my thoughts!!! I was one of the few people that always described Amerikkka as a plague on HUMANITY…

    • John

      Amerikkka? Looks like someone must have had someone hanged once upon a time. You are a joke.

  • TheDirector

    Roberts is nuts!! His view is Marxist in orientation: failing to discern the difference between a statist opression and a government by the people. It is not the state that is failed, it is the People who have lost their moral compass and have rejected the heritage of their forebears. As we act to find solutions to our problems, the solution will not inolve a corrected state, but rather a repentant People.

    • Truthandconsequences

      Your views on statist oppression sound like a Glenn Beck delusion. As Roberts so succinctly points out, we live in an oligarchy. A marriage of corporation and government with both having a disregard for the public good. The only moral compass, which was lost, was by conservatives who preach the gospel of sacrificing freedom for security. The Rovian pipe dream of having a permanent majority was shattered and they have handed the Imperial Presidency, and the power which they created, to their sworn enemies, that are ironically using it to more effect than they did.

    • M. Jones

      The ¨Invincible Ignorance¨ displayed by ¨The Director¨ and his ilk is the real problem. It is quite obvious that ¨The Director¨ passed ¨Obedience School¨ (government education and/or the military) with flying colors and is more than likely receiving a government paycheck. ¨The Director¨ has no concept of ¨Marxism¨, but is actually using a Marxist tactic of ¨name calling¨ in an attempt to discredit the author, because he/she has no facts upon which to logically refute Paul Craig Roberts.
      The Republic (No, it never was a ¨Democracy¨) is dead.

    • To the Director: A slight correction, you mean most Americans have lost their moral compasses. There are pockets of us who gave a shit about the status of the global community and ideally would love a “one world community” where everyone is treasured. There are pockets of us who cry out against the war crimes, and ask for peace. There are pockets of us of lobby or elected officials, on our own time asking them to increase humanitarian efforts and abandon the corporations who have entrapped the people in their web of lies. As for the founding fathers, I m sure they were doushebags like the rest of us, accept they won the war so they got to write history. On that note why the hell isn’t Thomas Pain in American history books when he did so such good shit?

  • Muff

    Well done Paul, well done!

  • C.C.

    This piece is a schizophrenic rant that wildly weaves back & forth from elements of truth, to complete conjecture, bordering on the clinically insane.

    The first – and most Glaring clue is this sentence from the beginning of the article:

    “…The U.S. owes its image of success to: (1) the vast lands and mineral resources that the U.S. “liberated” with violence from the native inhabitants,”

    This type of argument is no different than the Mexican nationals who favor ‘Re-Conquista’ of the lands that were ‘taken’ from them by the ‘Evil White Colonialists’ (EWC) It’s one of the most juvenile and ridiculous arguments ever presented, because if you open that door, by logic, you must go all the way back to when woolly mammoths roamed the earth – perhaps even further… Utter Nonsense.

    Notice also, there is no mention of the period of time between 1992 – 2000. It is as if the all of the Domestic and Foreign policy debacles began their history at the year 2000 – mid January of that year to be precise…

    Paul Craig Roberts is a smart man – and to some degree, a wise man. This piece is neither wise nor smart.

    The United States has been more or less on a steady decline since the mid-late 1960’s (socially) and since the early 1980’s (economically).

    ‘Free-love’ and loose morals from the 1960’s.

    ‘Deficit-spending’ and ‘easy-credit’ from the early 1980’s.

    The bills from both of those ‘vices’ are coming due right about now…

    • cz0840


      You are a wise person!!! You sumed it up correctly!!!

    • “…The U.S. owes its image of success to: (1) the vast lands and mineral resources that the U.S. “liberated” with violence from the native inhabitants,”

      100% accurate. Denial is willful ignorance of history.

    • hucka hucka

      THANK YOU! C.C.

      I’ll see all the rest of you communist swine in hell.

      • Marcelo Marques da Silva

        Cannot believe some Americans still live in the Cold War era !!!

  • Michael Lewinski

    I have heard the long list of sins the United States has visited upon the world many times. It will be interesting when the support Pax American afforded the world is removed from the international environment and the ways of the world are retuned to the brutishly evil actors anxious to fill the vacuum. We will see if man’s material wellbeing is greater and we are freer and kinder to each other.

  • Barack Obama

    This article stinks to the high heavens.

  • Les Ismore

    What a load of self abusing crap. I guess the world would have been better off with people like Lenin, Stalin, Mao, etc. These wonderful human beings only killed off 100s of millions of the own kind, and millions of others in an attempt to “level the playing field” by making everyone “equal”. Equal in squalor, except them and their overlord buddies, who had all the perks they wanted. Go talk to people that lived in Eastern Germany before the wall came down. I personally know several. They were “allowed” to visit relatives in America, as long as they left their spouses back home so they would have to go back, or their family would suffer. They said they had not seen an apple, banana, pear, etc in a store since before WWII. They could not believe how the middle class lives here. Not anything like their propaganda machine had shown. All you haters of personal freedom can kiss my ___

    • IndianaJohn

      I’m sure that you will have to kiss yer own, if you have the freedom to do so.

    • “haters of personal freedom”?

      Where did you get that from?

  • Cecil Bruner

    A primary ideal that founded this nation was “individual liberty”. People have an inherent right to manage their own affairs.
    It is true that we have strayed far from this ideal.
    The adoption of a debt based currency and a credit based economy, in the early 20th century, has allowed money and political centers to accumulate vast powers.
    These centers strip us of our liberty.
    The solution is to decentralize:
    – Do not allow banks to cross state lines(BofA used to exist only in California).
    – Eliminate influence of lobby’s at federal, state and local levels.
    – Restrict the federal government’s powers to those enumerated in our Constitution. Influence pedelling (corruption) by US congressmen is reduced/eliminated when they don’t have the power to affect policy.
    – Eliminate the Federal Reserve
    – Close all foreign military bases and disband the army. We should not maintain an occupying force.
    – ….

    America can be that ideal where individual liberty is placed above political/monetary power.

  • whitewater

    Dr. Roberts is 100% correct.
    I especially commend him for seeing that Obama is merely “President Blackbush”.
    Dr Roberts is one of the rare Americans to take a moral stand against basic injustice and immorality.
    His facts are straight and the historical context of exploitation is accurate. The truth about our history is as he says: the 1st 100years were built upon the resources taken from the genocide of up to 30 million Native people, and the enslavement of Africans (human beings, by the way). The next 100 years have been based on the exploitation of the 3rd world’s resources, and the extent to which we could neutralize our European competitors (which WWII did quite nicely).
    Here’s the good news.: it’s “End Game” time now. Economic collapse is inevitable. Good, because ONLY when the USGovt runs out of money will they stop killing innocent people around the world, and enslaving their own citizens.
    Yes, the world’s ecosystems and its more moral inhabitants (such as wildlife) will breathe a HUGE sigh of relief.
    God BLESS America? Hello!? This continent has already been blessed – it was a Paradise when us Euros stumbled upon it. Our history is one of screwing up Paradise and despoiling Eden itself, and leaving mountains of corpses in our wake. The fact that we are clever enough to build ipods and Lamborginis won’t redeem our moral failures.
    God BLESS America?
    And until every Indian Treaty is honored by the USGovt, please spare me all the crap about our great values of truth, justice, rule of law, rights……….
    Is there any other nation on Earth with this many hypocrites?
    I would be happy to renounce my citizenship. I comply to US law only because there’s a gun at my head.
    The criminally insane organization which is the USGovt today is now staggering in its death throes; as he falls he’s sure to lash out. Take cover.
    Once upon a time we at least pretended that we had righteous values – I remember that America and I still love it. I just can’t find that America anymore; not inside the boundaries of the United States.

  • tangotommy

    I agree with some of the responders that there is some truth to what the Dr has put forth. This country has carried the world on its back in technological advancement and finance & industry from 1935 to 2000. That is the same period that communisim and socialism thrawted the creativity and freedom and personal initiative of much of the world. Unfortunately I’m afraid that this spirit of productivness and achievement is being lost by the younger generation who have been lulled into a false sense of security by political correctness and poor education.


    CC, you nailed it precisely. The ‘Ponderer’ is the typical uninformed, white guilt, propagandized, half educated nit wit who thinks he espouses wisdom when in fact he only wants revenge on himself.

    Simple fact is; success, as always, brings comfort, comfort induces sloth, sloth begets ignorance, ignorance allows injustice, injustice sponsors criminality and greed, both of which lead to war and end of that which brought success.

    Paul Roberts is a true hero as he willingly sacrificed himself on the alter of truth. In the circles he used to run in ‘truth’ was to be avoided at all cost as the political class used ‘untruth’ to fleece the people. We may not agree with everything Paul says but, we must defend unto death his and our right to say it. The time is now that this saying will come to really mean something. We will see who has the courage to stand on principle as Paul has and those who are ‘fair weather’ friends of freedom.

  • It is plain for me and the rest of the free thinking world to see that ”THE TRUTH HURTS ” americans when spoken by the likes of Dr Roberts.

    YES america is a failed bankrupt ,immoral nation and if you think it isn;t try travelling around the world and get the opinions of others and NOT the bullshit you are dished up by your bigoted press and media at large.

    Whatever was thought of south africa at its darkest hour then multiply that by a billion to get your rating.

    Wake up america you have painted yourselves into a politacal corner from which there is NO escape unless you rid yourselves of the scum you have voted into power.

  • Bandini Bob

    There’s enough truth in the article to make it readable, but more than enough
    poppycock to make it forgettable. I would be interesting in hearing from the good professor his suggested remedies to get us back on the “right track”.
    It’s rel;atively easy to relate the problems and point fingers at the villains, but it takes some real smarts to figure out the cures.

    In the meanwhile, we’ll just have to suffer along as the worst nation on earth…………except for all the rest.

  • RR

    Anti semite

  • I am stunned to read such an honest, direct and accurate assessment of state of the country…and the consciousness of the overly entertained and distracted citizens. Of course this was long ago predicted, as well as the worse that’s yet to come, by Billy Meier in the Henoch Prophecies. Indeed, that and so much more, especially pertaining to the environmental destruction that is also now – increasingly – upon us, due largely to human ignorance, arrogance and greed.

  • Douglas Reid

    Ok lets get this straight – I am scottish and BP is NOT known as BRITISH petroleum and hasnt been for 10 years – 40% of shareholders are US citizens and do more work over in the states than anywhere else.
    I work on the oil rigs and does anyone remember Occidental petroleum – Piper Alpha?
    USA is a bankrupt country as it Britain.
    If you hire a car and the brakes fail is it your responsibility?

  • Ron C

    Dr. Roberts is right on as usual.

    • hucka hucka

      quiet butt-head

  • lek

    he makes a lot of good points but is off the mark on islam as a threat the us invented. one need only look at a political map of the world today vs 1400 years ago to see that the islamic threat predates the formation of the us.

    • Yet the Christian threat predates the Islamic threat.

    • Bill

      Let’s just say it plainly; 9-11 was a Mossad/Mossad asset/rogue CIA false-flag terror op…7/7 London Tube bombing? MI-6…German disco-tech bombing? Operation Trojan-Mossad as disclosed by Victor Ostrofsky…Madrid train bombing? Mossad w/neo-con Spanish elements…Go to http://www.maskofzion.com or http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk or http://www.rediscover911.com The Muslims didn’t turn off the four transponders-it takes multiple classified access codes for that…They didn’t control demo 3 towers or make Flt 77 disappear…or shoot down flt 93…And they probably never even flew the planes…Go find out..

  • Dave

    We are like every other empire in that we got fat,ignorant,wasteful,apathetic.
    We allowed huge influxes (legal and illegal) of foreigners who have no similarities to the Europeans who formed this nation,nor an allegiance to it.
    To cap it all off,we allowed Jews to infest every major avenue of information creation,distribution and debate.

    We are now starting to understand why that tribe has been evicted on about 40 different occasions from multiple countrie in Europe.
    When,not if, Kagan is sent to the supreme court,the court will be comprised of 40% Jewish members of a nation that has 2% Jewish citizenry,almost a 20 fold imbalance.
    If you think that isn’t proof of something more sinister,I have BP stock I’d like to sell you.

  • Craig asks what can be done? The answer is clear; ignore weak minded psuedo intellectuals who are removed from reality and get a grip on the fact that the USA is now and always has been the greatest most generous and concerned country this world has ever known..

  • SeanS

    The US has in fact been in economic decline in one form or another since the 1980s (as a consequence of national policies) whilst competing economies in Asia have just grown, often at a very rapid rate.

    There is a lot of truth in that article – and some opinion – but there are very few Americans who really want to hear the truth. They prefer to live in the imaginary hollywood land the author refers to.

    That’s why the Politicians in power will generally avoid telling the electorate how it really is and that is what is happening right now.

  • Doc – You sure are educated, but that’s not the same thing as being smart. You might want to consider the possibility that folks like you are the real problem.

    There’s an old saying that goes “America – Love it or leave it”

    Perhaps you would like to volunteer to depart our soiled shores…

  • Ron Lawford

    Paul Craig Roberts is, and has been an anti-American, and especially, an anti-semetic rat. Pure and simple. All his erudite language and half-true thoughts, are nothing more than a veneer covering the real feelings I’ve cited. If he were alive in the 1930’s he would have been shilling for Hitler. Let him rot in his intellectual hell.

  • Daniel Felzer

    I am 69 years old American and I have never lived in a Republic. America started its Constitutional decline with Woodrow Wilson and FDR. I have never killed anyone or bombed anyone but the country I live in has. Some argue that we allowed it because we were asleep at the wheel. Mr. Roberts article seem to say we Americans are guilty (B. S,s. view aka Obama) but there is nothing we can do to change it now since he didn’t answer the “What can be done” question. His view seems to be hopeless since he offers no solution. The corporatocarcy oligarchs are in charge and if I speak out I am deemed a domestic extremist and done away with. So let,s all be sheep and wait for our sheering. How depressing!

    Mr. Roberts contends America’s greatness is based on stolen land and resource from the Native Americans. Ridiculous. American was great because we had a Constitution the allowed men to be free to invent, compete and grow without government intervention and excess regulation. Its was a government that followed the Constitutional principle of the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Its was 1913 that the Federal Reserve was created and handed the power to control us because they controlled the money supply. This was the major turning away from the Constitution giving power over us to the foreign bankers who started and financed the world wars and all the wars since. So don;t blame us for being asleep blame our parents and grandparents if you want to place the guilt. That being said we certainly could had done more if we were aware of what was going on but the propaganda machine was already rolling and it has taken the current endgame crises to make us realize we have been lied to all those years. People still can’t accept that 911 was an inside job with all the overwhelming evidence because they believe in America and the government they think they elected. They don’t want to destroy that belief so the don’t look at the evidence. We have to change our mindset from it is all true to it is all lies until proven otherwise.

    To answer the question” What can be done?’ I would say there is a lot that can be done. Everyday we vote with our money. Do we keep money in banks that took a bailout. Do we invest with the Wall Street Investment houses. Do we buy a Walmart where 95% of he good are made in China. Do we look for ask for and buy American. Are we willing to pay a little more for for food that is not processed with GMOs and pesticides and packaged in plastic leeching containers. Do we identify and boycott corporations that are destroying us through their products and practices. Research them and you will fine firms like Monsanto that wants to control our food supply. Pharmaceutical companies like Bayer and others that have been caught dumping known harmful drugs on people all over the world. How about the Cigarette companies? Do you still buy smokes? Or the Aluminum companies that convinced or local governments to dump their toxic fluoride in our drinking water. They use to pay to have it disposed as toxic waste but now the sell it.

    • Daniel, if you think “the vast lands and mineral resources that the U.S. “liberated” with violence from the native inhabitants” was not a factor in the U.S.’s image of greatness, I suggest you read Jared Diamond’s “Guns, Germs, and Steel”. It’s fairly elementary that great civilizations rise precisely because they have access to a wealth of resources. This is hardly a controversial observation on Roberts’ part.

      • Daniel Felzer

        I don’t argue the fact that the resources were a factor but there are many countries who have abundant resources but haven’t developed like the United States. Or to put it another way if we left the resources with the native inhabitants would the country have developed as it has. It takes ingenuity and creativeness of a people to develop those resources for useful purposes. I don’t think American would have grown the way it did if we didn’t have a Republic built on the principle of free markets and a free people. I readily admit what our ancestors did to the native people was wrong but let’s not overlook all the things America has done right .

        • Daniel, I think you’re making a valid point, but it’s one I suspect Dr. Roberts would not disagree with. His frequent criticism, after all, is that we’ve gotten away from constitutional government.

          I don’t argue the fact that the resources were a factor but there are many countries who have abundant resources but haven’t developed like the United States.

          A valid point. But his point was the converse, that without those resources, the U.S. never would have developed as it did — an equally valid point.

  • dan

    this is the angriest America hating guy around .

    there is NOTHING the U.S. or Israel could do that he wouldn’t attack and consider evil.

    That we are in dire economic straits is fodder for his hate.

    As if he can quote a time when a major world power was not militarily embroiled.

    As one commenter stated , it is simple human nature at play.

    A true American – Newt comes to mind – would point out how we are going astray and overspending and have taken our strength for granted , and for us to change these errors.

    Not spit out hate at every nuance of our leaders and policies.

    This man is not just anti American , he is mentally sick in a venomous way.

    • Or perhaps he cares about his country very much and is sick about the state of affairs in which he finds that nation which he loves so much.

      Perhaps he loves his country so much he’s just not willing to stick his head in the sand and pretend everything is okay, everything is fine. Perhaps he just chooses knowledge over ignorance, because he loves his country to much to decide on self-delusion.

      Readers may decide.

  • Mihail

    America has become a fail state,because the Khazar jews from SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN(REVELATION 2:9,3:9)IS IN CONTROL.
    Just for a moment, I want you to consider the possibility that maybe 99% of the terrorists in the world are manufactured fakes, a bloody theater to serve the interests not of fringe groups, but of entire nation-states(ISRAEL).


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    Just for a moment, I want you to consider the possibility that maybe 99% of the terrorists in the world are manufactured fakes, a bloody theater to serve the interests not of fringe groups, but of entire nation-states?

    Now before you laugh and head off to get a coffee, just stop and think for a moment. Would any real group of oppressed people needing the support of world opinion to affect change intentionally set out to commit such an horrific atrocity that it destroys that very support?

    Let us say that Nation A is being cruelly oppressed by Nation B. Nation A has succeeded in winning world sympathy and support for the harsh and cruel treatment they suffer at the hand of Nation B. Then all of a sudden, there is a “terror” attack, and it look like Nation A has struck out at Nation B, killing a lot of innocent people. World sympathy for Nation A vanishes in an instant and shifts over to Nation B, the perceived victim.

    Why would Nation A do such a stupid thing?

    The truth is, nation A would not do such a thing. The benefit of the terror attack points to the real culprit, which is Nation B engaging in what is called a “False Flag: attack; committing an act of atrocity in order to blame it on the enemy. Examples of false-flag attacks would include the bombing of the King David Hotel in 1946, carried out by members of Irgun dressed as Arabs, the Lavon Affair in 1954, carried out by Israeli agents but blamed on Egypt, and the attack on the USS Liberty in 1967, which had it succeeded, was also to be blamed on Egypt.

    Nation A is, of course, Palestine, and Nation B is Israel, and it began to be obvious that there was a pattern in the so-called “terrorist” attacks which always seemed to occur just when public opinion was starting to favor the Palestinians, just in time to thwart the Palestinians’ desire for a nation of their own, always just in time to swing world opinion back to Israel’s continuing theft of Palestinian lands.

    So who are the terrorists really working for?

    Israeli Mossad Role in Turkey Coup Plot Revealed

    Israel funded “terrorist” groups through BCCI

    AMIA was Mossad False-flag Operation

    Mossad Agent killing Oz Tourists to steal their identity to use in fake Al-Qaeda operations

    ‘Mossad capable of US attack’: US Army officials

    Iran hangs “terrorist” linked to Mossad

    Montreal Averts Israeli Mossad Terrorist Attack

    Israeli Mossad = al Qaeda?

    Judiciary starts work on case of Mossad-linked terror group

    Assassins caught on video reveals possible Mossad-Fatah link

    Mossad funded Abu Nidal through BCCI

    Mumbai: The Mossad Angle

    Hamas Was Founded by Mossad

    Israeli officer sells weapons to terrorists in Iraq


    Revealing information on Mossad terrorist acts worries Europeans

    Mossad and Moving Companies: Masterminds of Global Terrorism?

    Group that took credit for “Bandini Bomber” linked to Mossad.

    MARRIOTT BOMB:Mossad pulls off another false-flag operation

    Mossad Exposed in Phony`Palestinian Al-Qaeda’ Caper

    Mossad orchestrated Christmas Day bomb plot

    British Broadsheet Links Mossad to 9/11

    How Mossad Deceived the U.S. Military on 9/11

    A Look at the Mossad’s Assassination Squads

    Army Captures ‘Terrorist Ring’ Working for Mossad

    Lebanon’s Army captures Israeli Mossad ‘Terrorist Ring’

    A bumbling Mossad hand suspected in Dubai assassination

    Mossad stealing passports in Australia and NZ

    Mossad supporting “Radical Muslim” groups.

    Mossad-Linked Cell Arrested in South Lebanon

    Mossad links to 1986 Berlin disco bombing


    Mossad-backed terror network in Lebanon

    Mossad was found to be propping up ‘Islamic terrorist’ groups in mid-east.

    Mossad implicated in a coup plot in Turkey, a NATO country

    Mumbai Terror Attacks: The Mossad Angle

    Mossad linked to “Jundollah” attacks, and kidnapping of Iranian border guards

    Mossad behind Hindu terror group

    Israeli Mossad Links To World Trade Center Attack

    Abu Nidal – Mossad terrorist

    ‘Terror’ group in Iran linked to Mossad, CIA

    Attack On US Embassy In Yemen Linked To Mossad

    Mossad Black Ops and False Flags

    Mossad linked to “Crotch Bomber”

    Mossad linked to 9/11 attacks: Report

    9-11 Mossad Agents Admit Mission: “Our Purpose Was To Document The Event”

    Only people actually arrested on 9-11 were Israelis

    Mossad Link Found to One of Key 9-11 Hijackers

    Bush Administration Ignores Mossad-Al Qaeda Terrorist Link

    Al Qaeda are really Mossad

    Mossad linked to Ergenekon plot

    Hezbollah infiltrated by Mossad, does Israel’s bidding. Attacks when Israel needs excuse to invade Lebanon

    Is Hizbullah a Mossad front?

    Israel tricked the US into attacking Libya

    When Israel attacked the USS Liberty they tried to frame Egypt for it.

    The Lavon Affair: Israel has a history of faking terror attacks.

    Israel creates and aids terror groups.

    If HAMAS is so bad why did Israel create it? To demonize Palestinians?

    Israel stages all these “terror” attacks to trick America into hating Israel’s enemies.

  • Mark

    Whatever action the US has done it has been decided by jewish-americans whose only loyalty is for Israel. The US is occupied territory just like Gaza is.
    The US is not the US but a colony of Israel.
    Is Israel who is causing all the destruction and suffering.

    It is clear who is to blame and who should be stopped.

  • Cruzr

    C.C. holds the award for the most intelligent appraisal herein yet. Roberts serves up the typical liberal pap: Present your opinions as though they were fact, throw in SOME germain accuracies, and arrive at ridiculous conclusions. My mantra ever since Obama bested Clinton in the primaries was “Roosevelt, New Deal, Strike 1; Johnson, Great Society, Strike 2; Obama, if elected, Strike 3”. It has come to pass. It is the liberalism of the country that is ruining it, the apathy of the voting class that enables that.
    To those of you cheering for Roberts’ condemning America’s doing what needed to be done in WW1 and WW2, may I remind you that it was Nazi Germany and Japan who were the bad guys … NOT the USA. Whining about Hiroshima and Nagasaki marks Ponderer as being so lunatic fringe as to be irrelevant.
    Yeah, this country is messed up, to the point that a blood revolution to return to the Constitution and Bill of Rights and starting over is the only hope for it’s future. Yeah, the Constitution has been trashed by removing it’s restraints on the federal government and stomping on states’ rights. Yeah, more Americans can tell you who’s on American Idol than can name ONE Supreme Court justice. Yeah things are not good now, but lets keep the debate on how to fix them, rather than jawing on history and distorting it in the process. This HAS been the greatest country on Earth for two centuries. Let’s just knock off the bull crap and get it back.

    • The way to fix them, Cruzr, is to acknowledge the problems, educate people on the problems, and get people to DO something about it.

      Which is precisely what Paul Craig Roberts is doing. So the only question is, are you going to part of the problem or the solution? If the latter, I suggest you spend more time doing something about the problems Roberts addresses that you don’t even deny, but in fact acknowledge, than criticizing him for pointing them out.

  • Greg

    Wow, could this article be a little more bitter? It’s also full of faults. It read uncategorically that the American people do not care about the innocents deaths our country’s wars have created. That is undeniably false.

    The economic collapse certainly happened but, if I look around, it happened to all industrialized countries.

    Is US not the country that saved France? Who’s technology ended WWII? Has many more immigrants than emigrants?

    When more people come to the US then leave, the proof is in the pudding. This writer just got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

  • Bert

    I’m wondering whether you are a true American.
    Your injection of thoughts has a mixture of some half-truths
    and some distorted facts influenced by some marxist ideology.
    Some people in this blog regard you as “brilliant” and “wise”
    but little do they realise your cunning, deceptive theory that
    you have masterfully crafted. You are indeed a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

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