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Moign Khawaja

Moign Khawaja specializes in politics, current affairs and world conflicts. He also takes deep interest in society especially religious and cultural festivals. He has MA degrees in Journalism and International Affairs.

Pirate, Who?

Somalia is in the news, once again, for all the wrong reasons. And thanks to the ‘Pirates of the Horn of Africa’ there is a flurry of activity everywhere. Take international maritime powers for instance. They are busy drawing plans to beef up security in the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean to ward off further attempts of commercial ships getting hijacked despite their heavy presence.

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An Elusive Victory in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country that nature has bestowed many favours upon, yet the people of the country remain under-privileged. An island that can simply be labeled as a tropical paradise, yet burns like hell fuelled by years of bloodshed, infighting and injustices.

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Who will save Israel from itself?

The humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza is entering its third week. Israel says it has managed to destroy most of the Hamas targets, an ‘achievement’ that came with a price tag of more than 1,000 human lives. Countless other people have sustained minor or serious injuries and thousands of other civilians are without any food, water or shelter.

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