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Until the laws are changed or the power runs out, Mickey Z. can be found on this crazy new website called Facebook. His eleventh book (and third novel), A Darker Shade of Green, can be pre-ordered now (http://www.rawdogscreaming.com/darker.html).

Planet of Lost Souls

If we were to look upon all living things as part—along with ourselves—of one collective soul, it becomes impossible to live in denial about war, global poverty and disease, oppression, the destruction of our eco-system, etc.

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Obama Nation Upholds US Terror

Let’s start with two facts: 1. The United States of America is a rogue state built on and maintained by terror. 2. Barack Obama will do absolutely nothing to change or challenge the realities behind fact #1.

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Waves of hope and change

The homeless vet sees a Wall Street type—still proudly wearing his Obama button—approaching him. “Hey buddy,” the vet tries, “how about a bailout?” The Wall Street type doesn’t laugh. The Wall Street type doesn’t even see the homeless vet.

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If Obama coached the Knicks

While there may be some winning, some losing, some new plays, some old plays, some trades, some free agent signings, and yes, some new coaches hired—to expect dramatic change under such fixed conditions is both illogical and delusional.

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Obama Conspiracy

The power elite, especially in the United States, share remarkably common interests and background. Corporate America is concerned solely with profits…period. Therefore, America’s foreign and domestic policy is logically geared towards that financial end—without any real accountability. That includes President elect Barack Obama.

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Woody Guthrie: A little recession music, please

If you were to open your mouth and belt out the words “this land is your land,” you could rest assured that someone nearby would add: “this land is my land.” The chorus to Woody Guthrie’s 1940 classic is common knowledge…as are the first couple of verses. But it ain’t until you get to the later verses—those often omitted from official versions—that you start comprehendin’ what good ol’ Woody had in mind.

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Obama Exploits Liberal Denial

Why is anyone still trusting the entrenched Left on anything? Thanks to their archaic tactics and dogma, we now face four years of genuflecting before the Pope of Hope as he blatantly spits on every effort toward peace, justice, and solidarity.

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Obama preserves our way of life

Awakened by the muffled, distant howls of slaughtered Indians, Uncle Sam rises from his bed and hits the light switch…blissfully, purposefully unaware of how valley fills enable him to gain access to that electricity day after day…

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News Flash: Obama hypnotizes Zinn

The tens of thousands of readers who look to Zinn as a trusted voice of wisdom and reason are being dangerously misled by an article that omits the reality that every indication points to Barack Obama doing the exact opposite of what Zinn writes.

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Some things are bigger than any of us

Some things in life are bigger than any of us. The anti-slavery movement recognized this. Today, the entire planet is enslaved…to profit-seeking corporations and the corrupt politicians they own. Are this generation’s abolitionists ready to step up and create change?

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