Occupation of the American Mind documents how the US major media present Americans with the Zionist propaganda version of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

The Occupation of the American Mind: Israel’s Public Relations War in the United States is an excellent documentary showing how the characterizations of the Israel-Palestine conflict that Americans are familiar with is essentially equivalent to the false narratives presented by Zionist propagandists.

Here’s a note from the filmmakers:

Despite receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from those who have actually seen it, The Occupation of the American Mind has been repeatedly attacked and misrepresented by right-wing pressure groups and outright ignored by virtually all mainstream media outlets and North American film festivals. To bypass this campaign of misrepresentation and suppression, we’ve decided to make the film available for FREE online so that people can make up their own minds about its analysis of U.S. media coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Please watch and share widely!

To learn more about the film, visit OccupationMovie.org. If you’d like to support the filmmakers in their mission, you can make a donation on their website or purchase the film on DVD.

For even more details both about how the US supports Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians and how the US media serve to manufacture consent for that US government policy, read my book Obstacle to Peace: The US Role in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

(If you’ve already read Obstacle to Peace, you’ll already be familiar with the realities presented in Occupation of the American Mind, in contrast to the Zionist propaganda narratives presented by the US government and mainstream media. But it’s definitely still worth watching! Also please share this important film with others.)

This post was originally published at JeremyRHammond.com.