Scott Horton interviews me about how the US government is the greatest obstacle to peace between Israelis and Palestinians and how to realize a just peace.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Scott Horton on September 19 about how the greatest obstacle to peace between Israelis and Palestinians is the US government.

We started out talking about the origins of the conflict, establishment a proper framework for understanding the present day situation.

Then I explained how the US has long blocked peace and how the US-led so-called “peace process” is really the means by which Israel and its superpower benefactor have long blocked the two-state solution.

I also explained what the two-state solution actually is in terms of international law, including the true significance of UN Security Council Resolution 242 passed in the wake of the June 1967 Israeli-Arab war, and how it differs entirely from the goal of the peace process.

We also talked about how the US mainstream media serve the role of manufacturing consent for the US government policy of supporting Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians by systematically deceiving the public about the nature of the conflict.

Furthermore, we talked about how the Palestinian Authority was created under the Oslo Accords to serve as Israel’s collaborator in enforcing its occupation regime, what must be done to overcome the major obstacles to peace, how the anti-Palestinian policies of Donald Trump actually open up an opportunity for the Palestinians to seek remedy for their legitimate grievances through the UN, International Court of Justice, and the International Criminal Court.

You’ll learn more listening to this one-hour and forty-five minute interview than you could spending years researching and reading books and articles about this topic.

Listen to the show now.

And if you want to deepen your knowledge even further after listening, be sure to read my book Obstacle to Peace: The US Role in the Israeli-Palestinian ConflictHere’s what Scott says about it:

So let me start off by telling you just what a great job you did on this thing. It’s such an important book, as you have Noam Chomsky and others saying in the endorsements here. And, you know, talk about a meticulous researcher, he knows one when he sees one.

And this is really the book I’ve been waiting for a long time to read…. In fact, it taught me all the things I knew it was going to, all the stuff I really wanted to understand about the UN resolutions surrounding the creation of Israel and that early history, and, as the subtitle has it here, the US role in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

And it’s just really something else. I learned a million things. I started learning things, you know, just a few pages into the thing, I’d already learned a dozen things. So it’s just a great work, and I really hope everyone will look at it, and I really congratulate you for it. It’s really something else.

Scott’s guest for the show just before my interview was Sheldon Richman, the Executive Editor of the Libertarian Institute, and Scott also brought up my book, which he was still in the process of reading at the time. Here are some excerpts of what these two great libertarian thinks said about Obstacle to Peace:

Scott: “By the way, everybody’s gotta read Obstacle to Peace: The US Role in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict by Jeremy Hammond. It’s great! … It’s just the most meticulous thing in the world…. It’s got the most severe rundown of [Operation] Cast Lead in 2008-09 and the Mavi Marmara attack.”

Sheldon: “He’s an indefatigable researcher on this subject. His stuff is great.”

Scott: “He has a great treatment in Obstacle to Peace; he talks about when the UN eventually recognized the state of Israel and all the politics behind that, too, is there. It’s great. I’ve learned so much already.”

Sheldon: “He’s got it. He’s got it down. He does very good work, and yeah, I like his stuff.”

Click here to learn more about Obstacle to Peace and order your copy.

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