Welcome to Capital Account. Now that the Fed has announced QE3 and Japan announced QE 8, Brazil is threatening defensive measures and bringing talk of Currency wars back, according to multiple press reports. Brazil’s finance minister coined the term ‘Currency Wars’ two years ago as governments battled to lower exchange rates to boost competiveness. We talk to David Stockman, former director of the Office for Management and Budget during the Reagan administration, about the malignant effects of Federal Reserve policy and the lack of market-set interest rates!

Our guest, David Stockman, author of “The Triumph of Politics,” recently had some choice words Federal Reserve, stating:”The Fed (and the lunatics that run it) are telling the whole world untruths about the cost of money and the price of risk.” We talk to him about monetary policy, taxes, sound money, and more.

Plus, the U.S. Senate panel probing JP Morgan’s multibillion dollar ‘Whale Trade’ loss plans to unveil its findings to press regulators to tighten the Volcker Rule. We ask David Stockman if this would be enough to rein in too big to fail bank risk.