Welcome to Capital Account. Germany’s Constitutional Court ruled the Eurozone’s permanent bailout fund, also known as the ESM, does not violate the country’s laws. Reportedly, there is some ambiguity in the ruling that could beget more political wrangling. Lauren speaks with Godfrey Bloom, Member of the European Parliament and the UK Independence Party, about what motivated the court’s decision and the problems that lie ahead for the European Union.

Meanwhile, the European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso, in his State of the Union address, called for a federation of nation states (a European Superstate) and unveiled plans for the ECB to supervise all Eurozone banks. But was it the lack of a centralized banking regulations that contributed to the debt crisis or is this really about something else? We ask Godfrey Bloom if integration is really the solution to the EU’s problems.

And despite attempts at integration and consolidation in the EU, there are more signs of fracture. While Spanish leaders delay decisions on seeking an ECB bond bailout, the crisis fuels the independence movement in the Spanish region of Catalonia. Could this be one of the ironies of integration?