— Lecture presented by Robert Higgs at the Mises Circle in Houston: “Great Economic Myths,” Saturday 29 January 2008; Sponsored by Jeremy S. Davis.

Robert Higgs, Ph.D. is an American economist of the Austrian School and a libertarian anarchist. He currently serves as a Senior Fellow in Political Economy at the Independent Institute and is an adjunct faculty member of the Ludwig von Mises Institute and is an adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute. Dr. Higgs is also a regular contributor to LewRockwell.com.

His writings in economics and economic history have most often focused on the causes, means, and effects of government growth. Some of the books he has authored include, Crisis and Leviathan: Critical Episodes in the Growth of American Government; Resurgence of the Warfare State: The Crisis Since 9/11, and Depression, War and Cold War: Studies in Political Economy. He is also the editor of the collections, Re-Thinking Green: Alternatives to Environmental Bureaucracy; The Challenge of Liberty: Classical Liberalism Today; and Opposing the Crusader State: Alternatives to Global Interventionism.

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